Slow Cooked Corned Beef/Silverside/Brisket

It’s a question I hear many times, every single day on 0ur Facebook group.
‘How do I cook corned beef?’  ‘What do I put with it?’  ‘What is silverside vs corned beef’ etc etc
So today my goal is to give you the run down on ALL things corned beef right here in one place for easy reference 🙂

First thing to do is to clarify exactly what is corned beef vs silverside vs brisket and are they the same:


Corned Beef is is a cut of meat (brisket) that has been cured (or pickled) in a seasoned brine.
Silverside is also a cut of beef (hindquarter just above the leg).  Silverside gets it’s name because of the silver appearance on the side of cut.
In Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, silverside is the cut of choice for making corned beef, so much so that the name “silverside” is often used to refer to corned beef rather than any other.
Silverside is much less fatty than a brisket.

For the purposes of this blog we will just use the term corned beef to describe either cut of the brined meat to avoid confusion.

Can I slow cook it?


Can you ever!  In fact it’s one of the recipes that some people own a slow cooker just to do in it.
Corned beef LOVES slow cooking.

Tips for slow cooking corned beef:


  • NEVER cook from frozen.  Ignore people who tell you it’s safe to do.  It’s not!  They’ve just been lucky.  Chose your families safety over your convenience.  Here’s why.
  • Removed your corned beef from it’s bag you buy it in before cooking.
  • I like to rinse my corned beef off under tap water when I take it out of the bag before cooking.
  • Serve with a white sauce or mustard sauce for a beautiful finish alongside vegetables of your choice.
  • Corned beef is also great sliced cold for sandwiches and school lunches.

How can I cook my corned beef?  What do I put with it?


Whether you like the traditional methods or the newer ideas for cooking your corned beef we have you covered here at Slow Cooker Central!
I was a traditional cooker to begin with but now I LOVE the ginger ale version.
Try these recipes to find your new favourite!

Traditional Corned beef/Silverside
Ginger Ale/Ginger Beer Corned beef

Citrus Silverside 

Corned Silverside with Golden Syrup 

Orange Corned Silverside 

Sweet and Sour Silverside 

Cheats Honey Mustard Silverside 

Honey Mustard Silverside From Scratch

Dijon Silverside

Sweet & Sour Silverside 

Dad’s Old Fashioned, Army Style Corned Beef
Dad’s Old Fashioned, Army Style Corned Beef
Lemonade Silverside
Satisfying Silverside
Slow cooker silverside & veg
Slow cooker silverside & veg
Sweet and Sour Corned Beef
Sweet and Sour Corned Beef

This is gold silverside

                                                                             Super Tender Coca-Cola Silverside

Silverside Stovies

Lots more too!!
Complete list of all our silverside recipes HERE

Do you have another way you like to cook your corned beef/silverside?
Why not submit your recipe today!

Thanks for reading!
I hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions today but if we’ve missed anything you need to know… just use the comment box below this article and we’ll do our best to answer you asap!

Cheers P



23 thoughts on “Slow Cooked Corned Beef/Silverside/Brisket”

  1. Use egg rings on the bottom and put any vegies around the side of the beef. Stops them from getting squishy. Also, wrap beef in alfoil for ten minutes before serving. Easier to slice.

  2. Heather MacGregor

    Thank you so much for you help, I need all the help I can get, I will be down loading the recipes for my file, once again, Thank You very much.HeHh

  3. I want to cook the gingerbeer one for dinner tonight and was wondering if i am able to cook it for 4 hours on high instead of 8 on low or would it make it go tough

  4. I always did traditional. Then I tried ginger ale. NOW it’s only Ginger Beer. My hubby just loves it. If I’m home, I cook 4 hrs hot, then drop back to slow for however long I want. Just about becomes shredded. Yum.

  5. I recently got half a cow so the cut of silverside has not been cured. Can I still cook it these ways or would you suggest another way? Thanks

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