Gingerbeer Silverside

Submitted by Roslyn Potter

Gingerbeer Silverside

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Serving: 4
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 7 hours
Total Time 7 hours 2 minutes


  • 1 x 1.25Ltr Ginger Beer
  • 1 x Piece of Silverside


  • Wash the piece of Silverside in cold water
  • Place Silverside in the Slow Cooker
  • Pour in the bottle of Ginger Beer
  • Cook on Low 6 - 8 hours
  • ** Ginger Beer can be substituted for Dry Ginger Ale

101 thoughts on “Gingerbeer Silverside”

  1. Krista Hurrell

    *i used dry ginger ale* This is a nice recipe. However i found it a bit bland tasting compared to my usual recipe i use. It is still a good recipe and it doesn’t have a strong ginger taste (i would say it is very subtle). It cooked well and i like that it just has 2 ingredients.

  2. I have tried it once with Ginger Beer didnt really like the taste but i have made it few times with Ginger Ale. I prefer the ginger ale it gives it nice flavour. I have it on now in my slowcooker for dinner tonight in Ginger Ale. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for sharing this awesome recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have a 6L slow cooker so would I have to add extra ginger beer/ale or anything to cover the meat or is it ok to only have it partly submerged in liquid?

  4. I rub fat side (facing up) with some brown sugar as well and place some orange slices on top of that. Adds extra flavour. Even if using ginger ale I still add a bay leaf and a dash or either brown or apple cider vinegar. Old habits die hard. Delicious. Also, if you wish, you can place on a bed of onion, celery and carrots for extra flavour. I usually discard the vegetables…but you don’t have to.

  5. Michelle Moran

    Ok, so I was a little worried about making this. I am not a ginger beer or ginger ale fan and thought that it all I was going to taste. However, I did go ahead and make it. Now I have grown up with my mum cooking silverside but with vinegar, mustard, herbs and a few extra special ingredients. I have tried to make hers but have always failed and my husband would never eat it. So I thought I would give a new recipe a try and OH MY… not only was it yummy (no ginger ale taste, just a small sweetness taste) my husband ate it and request I make another one!! WINNING! Will defiantly keep cooking it this way and it is so easy.

  6. Wow. First mouthful at the table, and it got a thumbs up all round. Safe to say I will be making this again as the family gave it a 9/10! (I used Ginger Ale.) A member on the FB page also provided me with a mustard sauce recipe to go with it. I don’t like mustard but oh my word, it was delicious. Leftovers went in the lunchbox sandwiches too.

  7. Tried this and loved it my wife loved it as well and very little left for next day in sandwich’s. If you have not tried this do your self a favour and try it

  8. I made this and I was sceptical , I will be making it like this from now on. Awesome taste and so easy. Full of flavour ,it is cooked when you insert a metal skewer and skewer comes out easy , great with white parsley sauce. Yummy. Mine was cooked in less time than the recipe states.

  9. Amazing Roslyn. The meat fell apart and I made a Cheesy Mustard Bรฉchamel for the first time to accompany it. Served with boiled potatoes, Pumpkin and peas. None left for sandwiches lol.

  10. Really easy & 2 ingredients even better! I opted for ginger ale. The silverside was heavenly โ›คโ›งโ›ฆ
    Do yourself a favour – make this you won’t be disappointed!!

  11. Cooking a 3kg silverside in slow cooker with only dry ginger ale, will it still only take 8 hours on low. have cooked before in pan using water vinegar cloves and mustard seeds was awesome

  12. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I only have small sc 1.5l can you cut silverside in half to make it fit or is this unadvisable? And do you cover the meat with ginger beer. Just don’t want it to dry out.

  13. WOW……. Thank you Paulene ?
    This recipe came out beautifully. I cut the silverside to fit my cooker (1.5l). Regularly added ginger beer to keep it covered. 4 hours later. YUMMO, told NEVER to cook it any other way. And that is from a tribe of fussy eaters.

  14. I’ve cooked silverside in a slow cooker for years but never used this method before. Definitely my go to recipe from now on. So quick and easy and tastes amazing

  15. Tried this today for the first time, and all I can say is delicious. I used diet ginger ale. Will be doing this again for sure. Leftovers will be great in sandwiches ?

  16. This was an absolute hit!!! As beef cattle producers corn meat is something we cook all the time. I decided to give this a go, much to my families disgust & it was perfect! Everyone commented on how good it was & it is definitely the way Iโ€™ll be cooking it in the slow cooker from now on.
    Thanks for the recipe!!!

  17. My husband absolutely loves ginger beer silverside! I’ve just put mine on for tea, and will cook on High for 2 hours then 3 hours on Low, because I’m running a bit late. Going to experiment with putting in carrots, onion and garlic for the last 3 hours.

  18. After years of doing the whole vinegar, onions etc thing I cooked this today in my slow cooker. It was so easy and tender and delicious. I used ginger ale and couldnโ€™t taste it. And so easy with only just two ingredients. My husband is fussy and he really enjoyed it.

  19. Simple no fuss recipe! Delivers tasty tender meat with subtle hit of ginger. I used ginger ale option.

  20. Delicious! I usually use ginger beer and flip it over halfway through.
    Goes well with a honey mustard white sauce

  21. Katrina Attard

    The only way to do Silverside in my opinion. I also add garlic cloves and bay leaves to it and if I’m feeling extra special a tin of Beets.

  22. Wasn’t sure how this would turn out as I’m not a big fan of Ginger Beer but…. OMG this meat was amazing&so easy to prepare. Definitely doing this again

  23. First time doing this dish and ….wow, soo yummy. Added some of the cooking liquid to the white sauce and put veggies in for the last 1.5 hours, so easy and not โ€œgingeryโ€ if you thought it would be (I used ginger ale, not ginger beer though)

  24. I was a little unsure of using ginger beer but wow this is a really great twist on silverside. Very delicious. I’ll be using this again.

  25. Leslee Twemlow

    I was hesitant to try because i hate ginger beer. But this was amazing! Going to only make it this way from now on.

  26. Just a question but do I use corned silverside or silverside roast for this? Or it doesnโ€™t matter?

  27. As I don’t eat sugar, will I get the same results from diet ginger ale or does the sugar component do something special to the meat?

  28. I made this yesterday and it was amazing, just a little hint of ginger.. ?

    I love this website and now Iโ€™m trying SC lasagne.

  29. this recipe is awesome we have it once a fortnight with mashed potatoes , pan fried beans in butter and cracked pepper corn and white cheese sauce ( don’t use to much cheese in sauce )

  30. My first ever sc silverside. I used sugar free ginger ale and the salty taste I remember from my youth was not there at all. I liked the meal but would have preferred a little of the salty taste. It went well with mash and veg, and a white sauce. Will try it again with sugar free lemonade.

  31. This is our new favourite way of cooking corned beef. So simple. We cook all day so it starts to fall apart.

  32. I used ginger ale, I have tried both sugar-free and normal and prefer the version with sugar. Converted my fussy “only eats a tiny bit of silverside on Xmas day” partner into ‘silverside is a regular dinner’. Love it.

  33. Made this tonight with diet ginger beer, was amazing, so tender and tasty, not over sweet at all, cooked on low for 8 hours and sliced beautifully but melted in your mouth, will be doing again

  34. OMG wat an amazing dish i will not cook my silverside any other way everyone loved it not salty at all cant wait to make it again

  35. Family favourite! When told it’s what we are having for dinner hubby says “life just doesn’t get any better” !

  36. I cooked my corned silverside in ginger ale for the first time last week and was a little worried as Iโ€™ve done it in the stovetop for over forty years, but it was delicious. I wonโ€™t bother doing it any other way from now on. Iโ€™m only sorry it took me so long to try it!

  37. I was a bit sceptical at first but after failing miserably cooking silverside the old stove top way on so many occassions I just had to give this a go. Worked perfect and so, so tender and moist. I’m the only person in the household who likes it so…its all mine ?

  38. After a few failed attempts Iโ€™ve mastered the ginger beer silverside recipe. Itโ€™s easy , tastes amazing . Iโ€™ve learnt the different cuts of meat needed to do this( there lies my precious fails) well worth it . Serve with cauliflower in white sauce mash and veggies . Devine

  39. After reading all the positive comments in the Group about cooking corned silverside in ginger ale I tried this for the first time yesterday.
    Very happy to say the results were excellent.
    I followed the recommended cooking time, the taste of the ginger ale was subtle which suited us fine and the meat was beautiful and soft and tender. Definitely a winner.

  40. cooked my first sliverside/corned beef the other day with dry ginger ale. instead of veg and mash potato i cut it and added to my pasta with homemade tomatoe pasta sauce, it was tasty and great as quick reheated meal after a bike ride. and gave me around 5 meals.

  41. This was so nice and easy. Made a white sauce to go with it and served with steamed veg. The family enjoyed it.

  42. I tried this tonight and while there was nothing wrong with the way it cooked, no one in our house was over keen on the flavour. No one likes Ginger beer so why I thought we’d like this recipe is beyond me!

  43. I don’t like ginger beer myself so used 4 x 375ml cans of Kirks Dry Ginger Ale in a 3.5L slow cooker and it came out perfectly when I finally turned it off at about 8.5hrs. First time doing it this way but will do it again for my partner when he comes over as I think he will love it too. We are eating it on sandwiches with sliced tomato and home made butter.

  44. Does the liquid need to cover the meat? I cooked this the other week with liquid coming halfway up the meat and the meat was dry and fell apart. Not pleasant at all.

  45. 5 stars
    I cooked this the other night and it was delicious. I had about a kilogram piece of silverside and used a 1.25 Lt bottle of Kirk’s ginger beer. I have the Kmart slow cooker and I cooked it on low for 7 hours. Served with mashed potatoes, carrots, peas and corn. So good and you couldn’t taste the ginger beer. If you’re thinking about making it, do it, you won’t be disappointed.

  46. I had never eaten nor cooked silverside before. I saw this recipe on a Facebook post and l knew my husband liked Silverside, so I thought I’d try it. He was very sceptical when he heard it was just ginger ale. It was delicious.

  47. Ruvae Harrison

    5 stars
    Wow Did the silverside with ginger beer tonight. Absolutely amazing so yummy. Couldnโ€™t even tell it was ginger beer. Loved it. Thank you Paulene. 5Stars

  48. Ruvae Harrison

    5 stars
    We had the silverside in Ginger Beer. Served with potatoes, carrots peas. So easy. No tAste of the ginger beer. Absolutely amazing. Hank you Pauline. Yummy. .

  49. 5 stars
    Tried this recipe and it didn’t disappoint. Definitely be doing it again. I used ginger ale and hubby and my 3 year old boy enjoyed it. Thank you for the recipe.

  50. 5 stars
    Great recipe – the family loved it! Used ginger ale and it had a lovely subtle flavour. Served with a mustard sauce and vege.

  51. Mandy Wildenberg

    5 stars
    Wow I just cooked this today was amazing I used dry ginger ale ,just melted in my mouth,highly recommend and super easy ๐Ÿ˜Š

  52. I tried this recipe fpr the first time. It was so beautiful tender!
    I couldnt help but put in Bay Leaf and a couple of slugs of apple cider vinegar.
    Old habits die hard, lol.

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