Cheesy-Mite Pie

Nothing says Aussie like meat pies and Vegemite right?
So what’s even more Aussie then combining the two in the same pie!

Cowboy Balls

Chicken Korma

Honey mustard hotdogs

Osso Bucco

Tender melt in your mouth Osso Bucco in a rich gravy and fresh vegetables

Chicken Pasta

The kind of meal you dig into with a spoon and no one talks - it’s just yummy sounds all round!

Mississippi Pot Roast

A classic dish - perfect for your slow cooker!

Sweet Potato Shanks

This healthy lamb shank recipe is full of vegetable goodness! Perfect served with potato and a hearty appetite 😊

Pumpkin and bacon soup

Philly Cheesesteak

Easy Philly cheesesteak recipe without breaking the budget! Cooked entirely in a slow cooker, no oven or grill required.

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