Silverside in Foil – Nothing added

Cheap and Easy!

Submitted by Katrina

Silverside in Foil - Nothing added

Cheap and Easy!
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Serving: 4
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 6 hrs
Total Time 6 hrs 5 mins
Servings 4 adults (with leftovers)


  • 1.5 kg corned silverside


  • Wash the silverside with water
  • Wrap in baking paper and then foil so it's sealed
  • Place in cooker for 6hours on LOW
  • Turn off and rest while plating up vegetables
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8 thoughts on “Silverside in Foil – Nothing added”

  1. For such a simple way of doing this silverside – The flavour was magnificent.
    I had read on the facebook page slow cooker recipes for the family (SCC)about this way and decided to try it, so glad I did, the flavour just explodes and the meat is so tender..
    Recommend this way for sure a rare mark from me of 10/10.

  2. Terrible. Dry, dry, dry!
    Was hesitant to try this recipe but did so upon the previous reviews.
    Not happy at all. About to order pizza!

  3. Rosemary Allie

    Have done this a few times now. Delicious. So soft and tender and juicy. Flavour just explodes.

  4. I’ve just put my corned silverside in the slow cooker. It took me 5 minutes to rinse it and wrap it in foil. I know that it’ll be perfect in 7 hours time – it always is Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.

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