A Slow Cooked Christmas

It comes around so fast every year doesn't it? Here we are back at December again and rapidly approaching another ...
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~Top 5 Recipes~

**Top 5 Most Visited Recipes** This list has been compiled using official site statistics so it can change at any ...
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Adding Pasta To Your Slow Cooking

I often get asked about adding pasta to slow cooker recipes. Can you add raw pasta to your dish, or ...
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Please don’t use delay timers in slow cooking!

 DON'T USE A DELAY TIMER WITH YOUR SLOW COOKER  A lot of people think it's a good way to get longer ...
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Caramel Questions Answered!

Each year at Christmas, and many other times through the year, we see a lot of people cooking Slow Cooker ...
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Russell Hobbs 6L Midnight Slow Cooker

RUSSELL HOBBS 6L MIDNIGHT SLOW COOKER I'm all about functionality of a slow cooker - but let's take a moment ...
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Browning meats prior to slow cooking – to do or not to do??

It's a debate that has no right or wrong answer 🙂 Some are fierce advocates of browning meat prior to ...
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Help – I accidentally cooked the absorbent pad from under my meat!?

That awful moment when you first spot it... You have made a lovely slow cooker meal and you are just ...
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*All New* 14 Day Slow Cooker Dump Bag Freezer Meals (Shopping Lists Included)

As avid slow cookers we are all aware of how convenient they are in our busy, busy lives. But is ...
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Are you wanting to try chicken in your slow cooker? Here's everything you need to know to get started 🙂 ...
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Help! My cream has split

In our slow cooking community we see members posting their concern over split cream in their slow cooked dishes. What ...
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Healthy Options in your Slow Cooker

Looking for ways to include slow cooking into your healthy eating or diet plan? Almost every recipe can be adapted ...
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