Why use your slow cooker for that!?

When I tell people what we cook in slow cookers I often get looks of confusion, wonder and even disbelief!

So many people think slow cookers are for soups, stews and the occasional corned beef/silverside only.
So when I tell them that we do anything from soups, casseroles and roasts to even lasagna, cakes, fudge, pavlova, scones, rice and even breads and scrolls they often look at my like I’ve completely lost my marbles >.<

So here is what members of  our Facebook group ‘Slow Cooker Recipes 4 Families‘ gave as reason why they choose to use their slow cooker for dishes that are traditionally cooked in other appliances:

  • – Less time standing in the kitchen cooking – great for people with pain and disability limitations
  • – Less chance of burning the meal
  • – Saving money on cheaper cuts of meat for slow cooking and the end result is still tender
  • – Saving money on buying less take away/impulse/convenience meals
  • – More free time for family during the busy dinner time hours
  • – Handy for people who don’t have the option of a traditional oven
  • – Less oil needed in cooking so a healthier cooking option
  • – Less dishes/clean up
  • – Less heat in the kitchen
  • – More intense flavours
  • – Less risk in the kitchen for little ones around boiling water and spitting fat etc
  • – More delicious smells throughout the house and all day long at that
  • – Because they enjoy the challenge of making a traditional dish a non traditional way
  • – Because they enjoy slow cooking
  • – Because they can!So what about you?

    Why do you do it?
    Use our comments section below to tell us your reasons 🙂

50 thoughts on “Why use your slow cooker for that!?”

    1. So I can have a meal ready for my husband to finish and then wake me up to eat before I go to work, do night duty.

  1. Because I have a 4 month old who craves constant attention. Cooking in the slow cooker makes meals easier this way. A happy baby is a happy mumma

  2. I work full time and am away from home 12hrs a day. It’s nice to come home to a cooked meal (and my partner is loving the variety) 🙂

  3. Versatile,Simple,Yummy meals that make your house smell amazing ,and all your delicious meals you love to share with us Thankyou:)

  4. Because my partner works afternoon shift 1pm-1am and has to have dinner at work….so I get two or three cookers on the go and make him delish meals that can be frozen and taken to work that way he doesnt miss out on amazing dinners

  5. There is also the slow cooker is cheaper to run then the oven, I remember the cost charts going around the facebook page a little while back.

  6. So I can spend time with my husband when he comes home from work, and talk about our day, rather then me be stuck in the kitchen cooking dinner, our dinner is already cooked

  7. Have loved discovering new things to cook all the time. Am currently enjoying making cakes and new meat dishes

  8. My daughter and I have alot of fun preparing & making our meals. She helps every step of the way and learns all of the different ingredients aswell.

  9. I work full time. I find it easier to prepare in the mornings and have something cooked when I get home tired I know there’s a healthy meal waiting for me 🙂

    1. I used my slow cooker a lot pre kids for this reason… also on the night before when prepping a meal, like steak & salad, I would continue to chop & prep the sc meal and dump it all in the pot, put the pot in the fridge ready to pop into the sc next morning. Then I’d have 1 round of clean up for 2 meal preps – time management ahoy!

  10. I love the beautiful tender and moist food from my slow cooker. I’m also looking forward to being able to cook nutritious meals in summer without sweltering in a hot kitchen.

  11. The slow cooker uses less energy than the oven to cook your meal… and in my circumstances, it is running all day while my solar panels are powering the house for FREE, instead of turning the oven on closer to dinner time when the panels are making less or no free power!

  12. Stephanie Wilmen

    One of the biggest things Ive noticed since cooking with the slow cookers is the reduction of the oil film left on my kitchen surfaces when cooking on the stovetop. Even less clean up!

  13. Kelly Puckeridge

    I wish I had of found this page many years ago when my husband and I started our business, we would of saved a mint on take aways. Now I enjoy the recipes put up, hubby has retired now due to illness and his a member as well. He scrolls through looking for dinner. I am looking forward to this summer, instead of slaving in my kitchen, the slow cooker while I can actually go swimming in the backyard pool instead of watching through the window. Thank you

  14. I use mine for several of the reasons stated above and also to be able to often double the recipe which I can then save for a “leftover” meal for another night off from cooking.

  15. Working full time and running around after family members when l am not this gives me some…me time….my family also love all the different dishes l try out…and l have lost 10kg in the past 4 months since l started consistently slow cooking

  16. After working all day & then picking up kids from school there is the homework to help with the washing to be done etc etc & then there’s the days where I play sport from 6pm. So to not have to worry about rushing home to try & get something on the table is great.

  17. I joined this group, but don’t know why I did at the time as my only sc was packed. I couldn’t believe what people were cooking in their sc, it was quite intriguing, so I kept looking, the rest they say is history. That sc is still packed away but I now have 3 more. I still have many recipes to try but am very impressed. I had given up making cakes etc but they are just so easy, sc are WoNdErFuL!!!!

  18. I use it as a way of ensuring we eat a healthy meal at dinner time as I can prepare it all during babies nap time and pop it on to cook. That way I can concentrate on the kids after school and do homework etc without stressing about cooking. It also is perfect when we get home from swimming at tea time that us ready. Also I’ve found after just a month of weaning my now 7 month old he can eat the same dinner as us as the food is so tender he can eat it without any teeth with no need to puree.

  19. As I grow older I become more and more tired by 5pm. Using a slow cooker allows me to cook when I have the energy. It means I eat something healthy rather than something not.

  20. That pretty much covers it for us lol. We don’t have a traditional oven and love our kitchen gadgets 🙂 We have a young family and it just works for us (plus the smell of stuff cooking….mmmmm yummy). I also really enjoy learning new ways to cook from scratch (healthy and so tasty 🙂 ).

  21. I work night shift, my husband works days so very convenient . On in the morning as my husband goes out the door and ready when I wake up early evening. Win win situation

  22. I enjoy the sc as it makes the toasties meals.
    So simple to use..
    Everyone eats there whole meal— no mess no fuss.
    Everyone is happy.

  23. Because i am a working parent with health issues. At times I can barely make it thru the day. Slow cooking is easier on me, saves me time and effort… and food comes out great!
    My teenage son loves it

  24. As people have said, the timing benefits are great with a young family. It’s easier for me to do get dinner started in the middle of day when the youngest are sleeping and the eldest is at school. Trying to do even a 20 minute dinner at 5pm night is nearly impossible. I’m just now starting to get into the premade frozen meals to take to work for lunch, which will save us $$$$ on buying lunch

  25. Michelle Roberts Pfeiffer

    Due to suffering a stroke and not having the strength to stand for long periods and can’t bend down to put things in and out of oven with the use of only right arm and my family get to eat healthy home cooked meals instead of takeaway every night . Husband can help do a majority of prep night before so all I have to do is throw everything in and turn it on the next day. So it’s cooked when he gets home from work.

  26. Why use a slow cooker, I say why wouldn’t you ! Cheaper to run, turn it on and you can then get on with your day instead of being tied to the kitchen . Allows you to spend more quality time with your family and friends. And of course the beautiful aromas floating through your house all day and less washing up to do. Really it’s a no brainer.

  27. With TMJ ( jaw issues ) and arthritis slow cooking means I can dump it all in one pot and let it cook without having to stand there, it comes out nice and soft ( tmj issues )

  28. Because I’m getting older, usually I need a rest in the afternoon. If I get our evening meal going in the slow cooker after lunch time, I can rest without panicking if I’ve slept a little too long!

  29. I simple love slow cooking. I use my slow cookers around 5-6 times a week. It saves me money on power & cheaper cuts of meat. I found it quick and easy to throw together very tasty meals. And I use less time in the kitchen to boot. Can never have enough slow cookers.
    Jenny ?

  30. I love that come dinner time there is nothing to do but serve up. I slow cook pretty much every day and the food is always amazing , I never have to think about what I am going to make because slow cooker central has so many recipes with really helpful reviews/comments. I plan the meals a week out now which I’ve found is really good for the pocket as I know exactly what I need to buy when food shopping and there is nothing going to waste.

  31. Slow Cooking for me is the best thing since sliced bread (as the saying goes). I have bad knees so can’t stand for long periods of time. I have Di e the usual soups, stews, silverside in SC but have also done fried rice, Chinese main courses, cakes, puddings, fudge & the list goes on……. I’d be lost without my cookers – I have 5 & was given our very first cooker for Christmas 1975 & it is still going strong. This one has also done so much chocolate for Easter Eggs & treats for Christmas – it has been worth it’s weight in gold.

  32. Maria Mihailidis

    today I went to hospital for transplant assessment check up and was told that peritoneal dialysis is no longer working for me, so now after a course of antibiotics I will get a call as to when I go back under the the knife to have a permacath in my neck for haemodialysis. I can’t stand at the sink cooking daily meals any more. I am back in the moon boot as my broken 5th metartasil, my foot, is healing slow because of my rejection medication. I need to get organised for Thursday to start big meals and freeze them for the time I go in hospital. I was slow cooking every day before I spent 5 days in the hospital. The food is so healthy, very little if any oil, loads of vegetables to chose and cook, amazing recipes too,from breakfast, snacks, baby food, meat. sausages, chicken. vegetarian recipes. desserts…especially fruit cakes for Christmas, cakes throughout the whole year. Such a convenience, prep. set dump and go about your day.

  33. Raeleen Whiteley

    I have more energy in the morning. Not much needs doing when time for dinner,
    Winner, winner ??

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