Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks – 45 ways!!

Lamb shanks love slow cooking!
At Slow Cooker Central we will show you 45 different, delicious ways to cook yours!

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What is a lamb shank?
Shanks are cut from the leg of sheep. They are the meaty area above the knee and below the shoulder.
You can purchase the smaller forequarter front shanks, or the meatier hind shanks from the back of the animal.
The lamb shank is covered by a thin layer of fat and has a lot of connective tissues and would otherwise be a tough cut of meat from those hard-working legs.
This is why it really benefits from slow cooking.
The long slow nature of slow cooking gives the end results of super tender lamb that just melts under your fork and on your tongue!
After slow cooking, the one large bone inside each shank will simply slip out away from the meat with one easy pull – it’s that tender!

Why do I keep hearing about lamb shanks lately?
Lamb shanks have of course been around for many, many years.
They used to be considered more of a pet food years ago and were always super cheap to purchase at butchers, often left for the dogs when portioning up a lamb.
These days they have had a bit of trendy resurgence and now cost a lot more than they once did.
People realised how delicious they really are and with skyrocketing demand comes skyrocketing prices!
However, you only need to taste one or two amazing lamb shank recipes and you KNOW they are worth every cent still!

How many do they serve?
Generally speaking, one lamb shank per person is more than enough.
Children and small eaters may be able to share one.
Likewise, anyone with a hearty appetite may enjoy two!
You’ll find that almost any recipe on our website that accounts for eg 2-4 shanks can easily have the number of lamb shanks increased by a few more without having to double other ingredients as there is always plenty of liquid to go around in the final dish.

Where do I start!?
Don’t worry – you won’t be short of inspiration!
So scroll through and see which one you like best!
Remember too, below each recipe is feedback and suggestions left by others who have cooked it, so be sure to scroll down the page to read them too!
If you cook any we’d love love love for you to come back to the recipe again after and leave a comment of feedback yourself at the bottom of each recipe page telling us what you think too!

Visit all our lamb shank recipes HERE!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment box below 🙂
Happy Slow Cooking!!

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