Let’s talk PULLED PORK!

Nothing has had the ‘glow up’ quite like pulled pork has in recent years!
Everything is so much trendier with pulled pork these days 😉
Subways, and burgers are filled with them, pub schnitzels are topped with them, I’ve even had eggs benny served on pulled pork!
Everywhere you look it’s ‘slow cooked pulled pork’ on the menu
So let’s slow cook some pulled pork!

Tips and tricks for slow cooking pulled pork:

Take the net/string off at start:
While many roast pork are sold with a netting around them holding them together, in the case of pulled pork we don’t need them to stay ‘together’.
It’s a lot easier to remove that netting before it’s cooked then when it’s hot and sticky!

Fat left on:
Fat brings flavour. While you don’t want that fat in your end dish, it’s great to cook with it still in place.
Then BEFORE you shred it simply remove and discard it. Once cooked it comes off quite easily with just a knife and some tongs.

Fat side down to cook:
For those same flavour reasons discussed above, we want the fat facing down in the slow cooker bowl, right in those cooking juices as it cooks.
Likewise this leaves the fat-free meat side exposed on top, to soak up whatever sauces, spices or flavours you add to your pulled pork.

Remove and discard fat then pulling/shredding:
When it’s time to shred your pulled pork I like to lift it out of the cooker onto a large cutting board.
There I can easily removed that fat/rind layer and discard that.
Then I simply use a knife and a fork to shred apart the meat easily. If it’s not practically melting apart under your fork it’s not done enough.
Then return this shredded meat to the juices in the pot. Don’t worry that there seems a lot of liquid. When you added the shredded meat back into those liquids it soaks it all up and thickens it beautifully 🙂

Cooking times/temps
I usually prefer HIGH when cooking anything pulled, like pork (or beef or lamb), to ensure I get that super soft outcome.
Then only once I can easily pull some apart with a fork do I turn it down low for the rest of the cooking time.
That’s not to say you can’t cook on low, in fact if you have all day to leave it then low is fine too!
Start early and let it’s do it’s thing for maximum time if cooking on low (often can be 8-10hrs)

Any roast style cut works, leg or shoulder etc:
I generally use whatever pork roast type piece or pork is on special.
Pork shoulder, leg, rolled roast, collar butt etc.
Boneless or bone in, either works, I just prefer boneless where I can

Any flavour works!
While BBQ and smoky BBQ are by far the most common pulled pork flavours they aren’t the only ones!
I love satay pulled pork, Mexican style pulled pork, pulled pork in gravy, balsamic pulled pork, honey BBQ pulled pork, Asian style pulled pork and many more!
SO. Many. To. Choose. From!!

What do you serve it with:
While the most popular serving suggestion for pulled pork in on a burger with slaw that’s not the only option!
Add some crisps chips to that burger too.
Serve it on hot chips and top with melted cheese as a delish poutine.
Top your crumbed chicken schnitzel will pulled pork.
Serve it on a wrap or in tacos with salad.
Serve with an array of steamed vegetables and mash or chips.
Great on pizzas too!
The best part is leftovers usually freeze great to so you can use it in a different way on a second night so nothing gets wasted 🙂

I’m ready for the recipes!!!

Here you go …. follow THIS LINK for over 30 ways to slow cook your pulled pork at Slow Cooker Central

Here’s just a few of them to get you inspired!

For the full collection go HERE

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  1. Some delicious pulled pork recipes, going to try quite a few over the summer months. Thanks for putting them all together Paulene.

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