Converting oven/stove recipes to slow cooking recipes!

Now that we have you hooked on slow cooking I bet there are heaps of your old family favourite recipes that are traditionally cooked in the oven or on the stove top that you now want to have a go at in the slow cooker

And there is no reason you can’t for almost all of them!

Here’s some simple pointers to remember:

  1. Reduce the amount of liquid in your original recipe when slow cooking
    Due to the condensation that forms in your slow cooker during cooking, recipes cooked in slow cookers need much less liquid then their traditional stove top or oven counterparts.  As a general rule try reducing the total recipe liquid by approximately 1/3.
  2. Use cheaper cuts of meat
    Remember that almost any cut of meat is sure to be tender after slow cooking so if your recipe has a more expensive cut of meat feel free to substitute it for a cheaper cut for your slow cooker version
  3. Adjust the amount of herbs/spices
    Many recommend that when converting a regular recipe to slow cooker that fresh/dried herbs be reduced by half.
  4. Adjust the time
    See the chart below to convert your stove time & oven times to slow cooker times for your recipe
  5. Arrange the ingredients
    When filling your slow cooker place hard/root vegetables around the bottom/side of your slow cooker then place your meat on top
  6. Take notes and experiment
    It may take some trial and error to tweak your old favourite recipe to get it just right but by adjusting liquids and cooking times until you have it just right you’ll soon have a recipe you can use anywhere!  Adjust liquids as you go along (adding or removing) and keep an eye on cooking times the first time.  Take notes as you try new things so you’ll always know just what worked the best for you.

Further Conversions Here

Stove Top & Oven
Cooking Times

Slow Cooking on LOW
Cooking times

Slow Cooking on HIGH
Cooking Times

15 – 30 Minutes
4 – 6 Hours
1.5 – 2.5 Hours
45min – 1 Hours
6.5 – 8 Hours
3 – 4 Hours
1.5 – 2.5 Hours
9 – 12 Hours
4.5 – 6 Hours
3 – 5 Hours
12.5 – 18 Hours
5 – 7 Hours

28 thoughts on “Converting oven/stove recipes to slow cooking recipes!”

  1. need help: beef spareribs recipe 2.5 hours in oven 180 deg.
    I have west bend slow cooker.
    settings 1-5

    What setting and how long. Will brown first

  2. Hi,

    I want to convert a oven slow cooked Christmas pudding to slow cooker.
    it calls for 160c/140c fan for 6 hours.
    what am I looking at for a slow cooker please?
    also how far up the pudding bowl do I pour the water?

    Thanks Bek

  3. Help! I’m making a 2 ingredient cake with packet cake and tin of fruit, on high for 1.5 to 2 hours. It has been an hour and it’s burning on the outside and mush on inside. How do I stop this happening in future?

  4. If I halve a recipe do I need to change the cooking time please. As most recipes are for 4 or more I am only wanting to cook for one. Thank you ?

  5. Hi,

    This is really great but can you tell me if these same principles would apply to milky puddings such as Rice Pudding?

  6. Talking about ovens, is it possible to use a oven just like a slow cooker? My oven lets me set the temperature as low as 30 ºC, so I could use a closed recipient and set a “standard” slow cooking temperature. Would that work, or I am missing something?

  7. Hey how would I do a recipe the other way around. A slow cooker recipe in the oven if it’s 3-4 hrs on high
    How long and what temp in the oven
    And do I
    Need to double ingredients

      1. ok so I guess its up to the recipe you do that may be adjusted between high and low try and see first if it can be changed

  8. Hello

    I want to do some soy chicken wings that usually takes about 1- 1/12 hours in the oven on 180 deg .. how long do I put it in slow cooker for please ? And if it already has the sauce on it , do I add water or not ?
    Thank you

  9. Marilyn Macdonald

    Hi Paulene, I will be slow cooking a curry beef casserole , it calls for 2 cups of coconut cream, not sure how much I should reduce it down too .Thank you Paulene in advance.

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