~Pantry Staples for Slow Cooking~

So you are now cooking lots of new thing with your slow cooker and wondering what else you can cook next?

One of the easiest ways to make trying new recipes easy is to have a great supply of staple items in your pantry that are on hand and at the ready for your next kitchen session 🙂

These may include:

– Stock: powder, cubes or long life liquid (especially beef, chicken and vegetable)
– Herbs & Spices: fresh in your garden, frozen or dried in  jar/packet, as many as you can gather!
– Canned soups: condensed cream of soups in various flavours (especially cream of mushroom and cream of chicken)
– Dry packet soup like French Onion and chicken noodle
– Salt and cracked pepper
– Garlic: fresh or minced in jar
– Ginger: fresh or minced in jar
– Sauces: sweet chili, BBQ, tomato, worcestershire, soy, mint, oyster, hoisin
– Tomato paste
– Canned tomatoes
– Coconut cream/milk
– Cooking cream
– Cornflour
– Plain flour and SR flour
– Canned or dried vegetables
– Canned or dried fruits
– Gravy powder/granules
– Pasta
– Rice
– Basic red and white wine
– Balsamic vinegar
– Curry powder
– Mustard powder
– Sugar – brown and white
– Vinegar
– Yeast
– Powdered milk or UHT milk
– Sweetened Condensed Milk
– Lentils
– Couscous
– Can tuna
– Dried parmesan
– Baking powder
– Honey/syrups

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it’s a great start!

Feel free to comment below with any other items you recommend and I can add them for you 🙂

Cheers Paulene

8 thoughts on “~Pantry Staples for Slow Cooking~”

  1. Tinned or dry chickpeas, evaporated milk, tinned black beans, salsa, self saucing puddings, gravy powder, deb potato(this helps to thicken runny sauces and removes excess salt from a meal, oatmeal as this can also be used as a thickener, curry pastes, pasta and rice

  2. Have most of them after following your recipes for the last few years. Dried Parmesan I haven’t. Will look out for it next time I’m shopping.

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