GreenPan 6L Slow Cooker

Take a moment to really appreciate the beauty of this stunning 6L slow cooker from the team at GreenPan.
We all want our slow cookers to be high functioning and reliable, but let’s face it, being this gorgeous on your kitchen counter sure helps too!
It can complement your kitchen in a variety of colours and the functionality will definitely impress.
Let’s look at all the important information now in more detail 🙂

What’s included:

  • A beautiful base unit with integrated heating element means you can sear/brown right in your actual slow cooker. No stove top required.
    You can choose this unit in colours of Blue Haze (pictured), Cloud Cream, Black or Stainless Steel
  • A 6L capacity removeable aluminum hard anodized inner cooking pan, with Thermolon Volt PFAS-free ceramic non-stick coating that’s metal utensil safe.
    In describing their Thermolon Volt healthy ceramic non-stick coating, Greenpan explain that they specially designed this to withstand strain without breaking down the way traditional non-stick coatings do. It’s extra tough, cleans easily and makes every meal healthier.
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Plastic handles with stainless steel covers
  • LCD display and control panel
  • Steam rack included
  • Attached power cord with cord wrap area behind the unit for tidy storage
  • Silicone non-slip feet
  • Measures L 49.8 x W 34.1 x H 28.7cm
  • Voltage: 220-240 volt/ 50-60Hz
  • Power: 1350 Watts


Slow Cooker Modes:

  • LO – 95˚C – This is what you’d do most slow cooking on for any recipe that states simple slow cook, or slow cook on low
  • HI – 99˚C – The equivalent of slow cooking on HIGH for faster slow cooking
  • REHEAT – 100˚C – This mode is to QUICKLY reheat cooked food. Designed for short use only due to high heat
  • SIMMER/BUFFET – 85˚C – This mode is for keeping food warm at an elevated temperature during serving
  • WARM – 74˚C – Only for use with already cooked food, to keep it warm longer. This mode can be selected manually or will automatically commence after your set cooking time has elapsed

Other Modes:

  • BROWN/SAUTE – To brown meats or sauté vegetables or other ingredients before slow cooking.
    Preset browning time is 15mins but can be set from 10mins to 1hr maximum
  • STEAM – Using the included steaming rack, add 2.5cm of water then steam food on the rack, adjusting your time setting as required.
    Preset steam time is 15mins but can be set from 10mins to 2hr maximum

Extra Notes for Slow Cooking:

You select your slow cooking time using the +/- buttons on your display
Time and temperature can both be adjusted during the cooking time using the same +/- buttons
You can begin in brown/sauté mode initially then switch over to slow cooking mode
If the start/stop button is pressed during cooking it will first go automatically into keep warm mode. Pressing it a second time will stop it completely.
Lo is preset to 8hrs (adjustable) but can be set anywhere between 2 – 24hrs + 8hr keep warm after this
Hi is preset to 8hrs (adjustable) but can be set anywhere between 1 – 8hrs + 8hr keep warm after this
Reheat is preset to 1hr (adjustable) but can be set anywhere between 30mins – 4hrs + 8hr keep warm after this
Simmer/Buffet is preset to 4hrs (adjustable) but can be set anywhere between 1-24hrs + 8hr keep warm after this
Warm can be set for a maximum of 8hrs

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The inner pot and the lid are both safe for dishwasher use – always a great feature to make our time in the kitchen easier!
If you prefer though, you can handwash both items instead. Then rinse and pat dry with dish towel.
The outside unit can be wiped over gently with a damp sponge or cloth.

Currently priced for $255.20 HERE

4 thoughts on “GreenPan 6L Slow Cooker”

  1. I recently purchased this cooker to replace my similar Sunbeam which “died” after many years of use. I was so disappointed when I found this Sunbeam model had been discontinued…… but not for long ….. I feel that the Greenpan is far superior to the Sunbeam, has more features and I absolutely love the non stick surface, way better than any other non stick surface I have used . The steamer tray is an added bonus. 😊

  2. This slow cooker sounds fantastic, I had a chef mate for a long time and loved it but when the new ones that came out with pressure cooking as well bought one of those gave my chef mate away then found I didn’t like slow cook with pressure cook so gave that away and tried to get another chef mate but they were a gone by era , have now got the small Russel Hobs ,but having to brown meat before you put it the cooker makes more work so will have to look into one of these but quite expensive

  3. I love this slowcooker. I love that the bowl is so easy to clean you don’t need to stick it in the dishwasher. A quick soak and you can wipe it out. with the size of it you can cook big batches. It’s my favourite slowcooker.

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