Slow cooked ROAST DINNERS!

Your one stop guide to everything you need to know to slow cook an amazing roast dinner of every kind for your family.

A roast dinner is something many people think they need an oven to cook.
Instead, we will show you how to put a fabulous roast dinner on the table using your slow cooker!
Slow cooked roast meats are so juicy and tender, never dried out or overcooked.
Less effort, less heat in the kitchen, and less energy costs are an added bonus!
So let’s talk roasts!
What’s your favourite kind …

Roast Beef

A slow cooked roast beef is a beautiful roast beef.
You can use any cut eg. bolar blade, brisket, rolled roast, topside and rump cap (my favourite!) to name a few.
It’s ok to work with whatever is on special or can fit in your budget 🙂
The top tip though is to avoid anything super lean and it won’t be as moist and tender end result as something with a little marbling or fat.
Times vary but as a very general guide cook for 6hrs low minimum for anything around 1kg in size, then up to 8hrs for 2kg and more for heavier
You might like to start the first 1hr HIGH to reach a hotter temp faster than turn it back down to low to finish the job!
We have so many amazing ROAST BEEF RECIPES HERE. Scroll through the many pages to find the flavour variety that appeals best to you 🙂

Roast Lamb

If I had to name my favourite slow cooked roast, it would be lamb.
Interestingly I went through my whole life believing I didn’t like lamb. Until one day I made the Lamb Obsession recipe and everything changed.
Soon after that I tried my first slow cooked roast lamb and it immediately became my most favourite of all roast dinners!!
ps and of course I also had to then make the Roast Lamb Obsession version to combine the two!
Slow cookers for the win 🙂 🙂
Lamb thrives on low and slow, so take the time to not rush it and enjoy those beautiful aromas filling your home throughout the day.
As a general guide I start at 6hrs low for a thinner butterflied style lamb then 8-10hrs for the regular larger roast cuts.
Bone-in or boneless are both totally ok to slow cook and won’t make a significant difference to the cooking times.
Just like with beef, we have so many ROAST LAMB RECIPES here for you to explore and choose from the many variations and flavours to find your new favourite 🙂

Roast Pork

We all love roast pork – but who doesn’t love roast pork crackle #yummmmmmmm
Slow cook your roast pork in the slow cooker then using an oven or airfryer for a few minutes just at the end you still get the crackle you love! Step by step instructions on pork crackle can be found HERE.
Like the other roasts, choose any cut of roast pork you prefer. Leg, rolled, boneless on bone in – it’ll all taste amazing!
Pork bellies can be done in around 6hrs and the larger roasts all cook on low for 8hrs or more depending on their size.
Check out our many ROAST PORK RECIPES right here and start cooking 🙂

Roast Chicken

You can’t talk roast dinners without including the humble roast chicken – oh so yummy and often the most budget friendly options of all the roasts!
We have so many flavours to choose from 🙂
The average whole chicken will cook in 6hrs low. Up to 7-8hrs low for a large bird.
Cook it breast down and basting with cooking juices during cooking will help it finish with a rich tasty colour to feast the eyes on too!
Explore our many ROAST CHICKEN RECIPES here.

Roast Vegetables

No roast dinner is complete without a rich colourful variety of vegetables!
Yet again, we can do these amazingly in your slow cooker too.
There are a few ways to do this:

– Add cut vegetables around your existing roast. Add them from the start to make sure they cook to tender. Expect though that by the end of the cooking time they will be sitting in the cooking juices, full of flavour, but also very tender and soft (not crispy). One way to avoid this is to wrap them like THIS. You may also choose instead to blast them in a super-hot oven at the end of slow cooking them for a few minutes to crisp them up fast.

– Another option is to use a second slow cooker to make some amazing slow cooked roast vegetables all on their own!
Eg these Roast Vegetables, these Mixed Roast Vegetables or these Baked Vegetables.

– Another option is to slow cook a tasty a Vegetable Bake like this or a lush Cheese & Bacon Vegetable Bake

One more tip before we go!
Do I have to brown/seal my roast before I slow cook it?

The quick answer is no, you don’t have to.
The longer answer is some of you may like to for several reasons.
Go HERE to read all the pros and cons and decide for yourself.
Personally, I don’t ever brown mine – but yours is totally up to you!

So that’s it!
That’s everything you need to slow cook an amazing roast dinner.
Sunday roast, mid-week roast, or every day of the week roast!
Once you go slow cooked, you’ll never go back 🙂 🙂

Happy Slow Cooking
xx P

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