Leg of Lamb with Obsession Sauce

Submitted by Paulene Christie

Leg of Lamb with Obsession Sauce

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Serving: 6
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 7 hours
Total Time 7 hours 5 minutes


  • -1.5kg lamb roast
  • -1 can Campbell's condensed cream of mushroom soup (no water added)
  • -1 pkt dry french onion soup mix
  • -1 onion chopped
  • - 2 tbsp worcestireshire sauce
  • - 2 tbsp mint sauce


  • Place roast and onions in slow cooker bowl
  • Combine all other ingredients and pour over
  • Cook on high for 2hrs then low for 4-6hrs
  • This is the Lamb Obsession recipe just done using a roast ?

73 thoughts on “Leg of Lamb with Obsession Sauce”

  1. Did this with a rolled Lamb Shoulder Roast and smashed it out of the park. Will get a bigger cut next time and double up.

    Paulene, you’re a genius!

  2. Ngaire stewart

    Am about to find some lamb roasts in freezer and thaw out for cooking tomorrow!! I must check that I have Mushroom soup, Im going to add some fresh mushrooms too just because I love them.

  3. Tried this tonight…absolutely scrumptious! A definite winner in this household! Thankyou to the creative person who came up with the recipe!

  4. I really want to try this but EVERY time I cook lamb for my family they say “It’s too fatty” or “It’s too greasy” Does this turn out fatty / greasy?

  5. Omg this is amazing!!! The lamb was so tender and the sauce was absolutely delicious. This will be a regular in my house I am making it again next week

  6. This is absolutely delicious and is now a regular in our house hold. Just need to get my portion sizes under control as it is hard to stop

  7. This is a favorite in our house although my 6 year old calls it fireman lamb. No idea why but happy for him to call it whatever he wants if it ends in a clean plate (which it always does)

  8. First time obsessor here! How will I know if my lamb will need 4, 5 or 6 hrs on low ? I’d like the meat to melt in my mouth and be easy to cut. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. OMG Family loved it. My 7yr old son even commented “the meat is so nice and soft, it melts in your mouth”.

  10. I made this with roast veg and some steamed veg for visitors and they raved about it. Really delicious the flavours were just beautiful together.

  11. Ok so I have just put this in on, my first time making it (I’m not lover of lamb) but the people I’m making this for are. I’m using a lamb shoulder roast.
    My question: will this fall f the bone & do I just use forks to seperate it ( like I do for the pulled pork?
    Please & thank you

  12. Made this up with a leg of lamb before we went out to the footy today and 8 hours later when we arrived home it was ready. The meat fell apart and was SO succulent. Thankyou for a super easy and delish meal x

  13. I made this with a lamb shoulder. It was amazing! My favourite slow cooker meal so far. The meat easily shredded, plenty of sauce, so easy to do.
    I ate it with fresh bread.

  14. Tried this for the first time tonight and was so happy with the result! This is absolutely beautiful, so yummy and devoured by my family! Itโ€™s so easy too which is an added bonus! This will become a regular for us! ?

  15. Did this with chops last night. Husband said I can cook it every night only there was one problem. NO Leftovers bloody beautiful. Will certainly be having this again. Might try small lamb roast next time.

  16. We had this for dinner tonight. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Everyone enjoyed it. Will definitely be having this again. ??

  17. Iโ€™m going to try lamb roast do I have to cook on high for 2 hours first or can I cook for 8 hours on low as I work

  18. Love the sound of this but hubby wonโ€™t touch mushrooms. Any suggestions for replacement soup flavours? Thinking tomato perhaps?

  19. OMGEEE!!This was the most amazing Leg of lamb I have ever had..cooked a 2kilo leg using the “lamb Obsession”recipe..how something so easy an quick to prepare with minimal ingrediants can taste that good is just AMAZING!!!
    LOVED this..LOVED everything about this.
    10 out of 10???

  20. Love it. ????
    I use roast lamb, trimming most of the fat off. Remove any bones and shred meat , and mix through the sauce, serve with mashed potato and veggies. Yummy. ?

    Oh and if any left overs, it makes amazing toasties/jaffles.

  21. HUGE FAMILY FAVE!! Meat literally falls apart. The leftovers (if any!) are the most devine pie filling for the next nights dinner.

  22. It’s not often I rave about a recipe but this one deserves all of the 5***** reviews it has been given. I used a lean leg of lamb and it fell off the bone it was so tender. The Obsession Sauce is to die for. I carved the meat and put it back in the sauce for the last 30 minutes and served it with new potatoes, runner beans and carrots. Abolutely gorgeous!

  23. So I’ve made this several times and thought I’d better leave a review. WOW! What a super easy yet super tasty dish..we love it! Made with both a roast and chops. Make the juice into a gravy. Mmm. Husband calls it Lamb Delicious! Even got my mum onto it!

  24. I made this for the family for the 1st time it was so delicious the meat was super tender and just fell off the bone. So easy to prepare I did leave the mint sauce out though as we donโ€™t like it .
    Definitely a winner for our house

  25. Cooked this today with rump and it was amazing. Didn’t add the mint sauce because I didn’t have any. I have prepared this as a dump bag and just added veggies and it was amazing. Definitely lived up to the all the reviews and will be doing this again

  26. This has been a big winner in this house for years now ๐Ÿ™‚ my children and I absolutely love it as well as other family and friends itโ€™s amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish lamb was cheaper to have more often haha we usually cook roast veggies to go with it and we even had it for Christmas one time and was a massive hit

  27. Alison Armstrong

    Love this recipe, so tasty, works so well with a leg of lamb. Iโ€™ll never cook a leg of lamb any other way! Big hit with the family. Leftovers great on toast or sandwiches the next day.

  28. Patricia Sauer

    I must be the only person that doesnโ€™t like this recipe. Meat was lovely but I did not like the sauce. Think it may have been the french onion soup. ?

  29. Tried for first time today and sauce was absolutely delicious, I didn’t make any amendments.
    My lamb leg was a bit fatty so would use different cut next time.
    Will definitely make again.

    1. If you are worried it will taste like mushrooms – don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚ Every day I see adamant mushroom HATERS assure me they never tasted it and even feed it to unsuspecting mushroom hating partners and they never guess hahaha
      If it’s allergy related you can swap to cream of chicken but it’s not as good

  30. I made this for my family. We only had a small roast so I added some more chops. Omg will be definitely cooking it again.

  31. wow, this was amazing. didn’t change anything, did as recipe states. the sauce poured over my mash and veg, beautiful

  32. I tried this same recipe with 6 lamb forequarter chops it was absolutely delicious!

    I also doubled the amount of liquid (not the mint sauce I left that the same) so there was lots of gravy to go over the mash and vegies I was serving with it.
    No complaints and got told I can make it anytime ? it’s definitely a winner here ?

  33. I have an all in one cooker that only does โ€œhighโ€ on the slow cooking function. I usually do lamb for around 4 hours high with great success. Any idea if I can cook this obsession dish on just on high or will the sauce be bad?

    1. I’m assuming that’s a mulitcooker and not an actual slow cooker?
      Sadly these are the many downfalls of these machines.
      This should be ok on high but I’d expect a leg will need longer than 4hrs usually. However again, because it’s not a slow cooker I’m not certain on those times ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. I’ve done this recipe with shanks before but I think the Leg of Lamb is my favourite <3 doesn't taste like mushrooms as my husband and I can't stand them but we love the Gravy you get using this recipe. The leg of lamb fell apart so good served with roast spuds…

  35. Made this a couple of days ago, for the first time, and it was a winner. Took the bones out before serving. The meat fell apart and the sauce was delish. I dislike mushrooms with a passion, but could not taste any mushroom flavour in this recipe. I added minced garlic to this as well, just because I pretty much throw garlic into most of my cooking. You can taste the mint though, so if you don’t like mint with your lamb, you could halve the amount and it would still taste awesome. Will be definitely making this dish again.

  36. I made this last night and OMG ?? will definitely make it again , my daughter Hates mushrooms and will throw tantrums over them , but reckons was the best gravy she has ever had so definitely a winner for me ,( I didn’t have the heart to tell her it has mushrooms as I would love to eat it again )

  37. Absolutely love this recipe. Even hubby who is meat and 3, no just 2, veggies man loves it. I use Lamb Forequarter Cutlets/Chops which I usually buy on special and keep in the freezer until ready to use. All the ingredients go so well together and if you donโ€™t like mint, mushrooms or Worcestershire Sauce it doesnโ€™t matter as none of these flavours are dominant and I would be hard pressed to detect the flavours. Such a great recipe, thanks Paulene.

  38. 5 stars
    Loved this recipe! So easy and super tasty. Even my fussy child wanted seconds, seriously! Will add this recipe to the regular week night dinners ?

  39. 5 stars
    I finally got around to making this and NOW understand what the “obsession” is!
    Lamb was “fall off bone” tender and the sauce was so flavoursome.
    I would suggest using the reduced salt French onion soup mix though, as it was a tad salty for my taste.
    Easy as to get an awesome meal – which is lick the plate, no leftovers!

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