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Low Carb Turkey Meatballs

A creamy meatball delight that hits all the boxes for a LOW CARB slow cooker option 🙂

French Cream Chicken – 4 Ingredients!

An ahhhh-mazing tasting creamy chicken dish that's LOW CARB!

Vanilla Slice

Cheesy chicken garlic balls

Garlic Bread, Bacon & Egg Delight

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Slow Cooker Central – Book 3

After the success of our books 'Slow Cooker Central' and 'Slow Cooker Central 2', which went straight to the top ...
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The Slow Cooker Central Mobile Phone App!

Exciting news!!! You asked for it ... we delivered it 🙂 We are thrilled to announce the launch of the ...
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Sunbeam Aviva Multi Cooker

We love slow cooking here at Slow Cooker Central! Admittedly we like to slow cook pretty much everything 🙂 However ...
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Browning meats prior to slow cooking – to do or not to do??

It's a debate that has no right or wrong answer 🙂 Some are fierce advocates of browning meat prior to ...
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Recipes by Paulene

Because I'm often asked for my recipes I decided to collect them all in one easy to find location. I ...
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