SUNBEAM SecretChef Electronic Slow Cooker 5.5L

SUNBEAM SecretChef Electronic Slow Cooker 5.5L


I’m not going to lie … any day I get to test out and review a new slow cooker is a great day!
I love exploring what features each machine has and what it does compared to others, and there is just something so beautiful about sliding that shiny new slow cooker out of it’s box!
This slow cooker from Sunbeam did not disappoint 🙂

First lets take a moment to appreciate that shiny brushed stainless steel surface, clean lines, and compact simple digital control panel, all holding its deep ceramic cooking bowl and glass lid …. did you take a moment? … good!
Now let’s explore its every feature in more detail 🙂




  • Stainless steel finish with cool touch handles to allow you to lift and carry the slow cooker to the table when hot
  • Removable deep oval shaped ceramic crock cooking bowl in a 5.5L capacity for family-sized meals.
  • Lead free glaze on cooking pot
  • Dishwasher safe cooking bowl and glass lid for extra convenience!
  • Glass lid with cool touch knob to allow you to see what’s going on inside during cooking
  • Removable power cord
  • Wrap around element to ensure even cooking, eliminates need to stir and prevents food sticking to the bottom of your bowl
  • Electronic control dial with 3 heat settings LOW, HIGH and WARM.  This allows you to set your desired heat and cooking time, see the remaining time on the dial as it cooks, then have it automatically switch over to keep warm after your set time has elapsed giving you even more freedom to cook longer but safer.
  • Net weight 6.7kgs
  • 30 recipes to try included in instruction/recipe booklet
  • 12 month replacement warranty



My favourite features: 

  • I love the convenience of a slow cooker that is dishwasher proof.  One of the biggest draw cards for slow cooking is convenience and what’s more convenient than letting it wash itself!
  • The removable cord deserves special mention.  It’s a feature not often included in slow cookers but one I love.  It’s great for serving direct from the slow cooker on the table or at a party without worrying about leads being a tripping or serving hazard.  It’s also great for storage – you can remove the lead, store it inside the clean cooker and this allows you to push the unit right back on a shelf or cupboard without the cord getting in the way!
  • Some digital control panels can be complex but this one certainly isn’t!  I tested it by trying to use it first without reading instructions and honestly it’s so easy.  Choose temp setting, set cooking time by pressing the timer button in 1hr increments, then press start – it’s that easy!

Digital Control Panel: 

  • High and Low can be set for  a maximum of 12hrs and Keep Warm can be set for a maximum of 6hrs
  • Cooking time can be increased or decreased DURING cooking time by pressing the timer button until the desired time is achieved
  • Cooking can be stopped at any time by pressing the start button
  • When cooking time has completed it will switch automatically to keep warm and a new countdown of 6hrs will commence.  At the completion of this time your slow cooker will turn off completely.
  • Keep warm should never be used to cook food!  Only to keep already cooked food warm for serving.
  • NOTE: If at any time you choose to switch back from warm before your cooking time would have finished the timer will remember the amount of cooking time it had remaining (how clever is that!)



I decided to test mine out on a recipe that’s a firm family favourite – OBSESSION LAMB SHANKS
It’s one that we cook a lot so we know it well, but it also is one that can need space and this Sunbeam 5.5L slow cooker delivered just that!
As you can see even with 6 meaty shanks inside there was plenty of room to spare – I think it could easily have fit 10 shanks and would certainly comfortably fit a large roast or family sized soup, curry or casserole 🙂


You can purchase this slow cooker for the RRP of $79.95


22 thoughts on “SUNBEAM SecretChef Electronic Slow Cooker 5.5L”

  1. I have a Sunbeam slow cooker, but it’s nearly 10 years old and only has the functions Low/ High /Auto. I love it, but have read mixed reviews about this one, so I’m glad to see that your experience was so positive. I also bought the Aldi one, on your recommendation and it has proved to be so versatile!

  2. Sunbeam is a quality product that I have been using for 50+ years, my first Sunbeam was an iron and it lasted many years, has proven that Sunbeam is a stayer.

    1. I’ve learned not to buy appliances when they’re new on the market though. I had one of the first of a Sunbeam toaster in the eighties and that had to go back and a Sunbeam Selectronic iron that leaked.

  3. This is the slow cooker I have. I found that it tends to make things really dry unless there is a lot of liquid in the pot. Maybe it’s cooking settings are just hotter than most other slow cookers. Other than that, I really like all the features it has.

  4. Wow if I won this beautiful Sunbeam Slow Cooker I would be cooking Lamb Shank and Lentil Casserole with a hint of garlic and rosemary and simmer in canned organic Italian tomatoes. In this dream I just might add a few stalks of celery and and a few carrots from our garden….chopped fine. Then a dash of soy sauce, salt and pepper and a bay leaf or two. Set to cook on slow for 8 hours . Return and watch the meat just fall off the bone…….delicious.

  5. This looks fab,. I was just washing up my nearly 20yr old slow cooker and I asked it “ how long are you going to keep going, I will definitely miss you when you decide not work anymore. Lol

  6. Love to start cooking with this amazing new cooker Makes meal planning a lot easier. When you have the grandchildren around & that’s most days & boy can they eat. Lol ?

  7. Very stylish. Removable cord is a great idea and the timer going automatically to warm is also. I can see beef ribs being the first meal I’d cook in this beauty.

  8. I had one of these for 10 years before the display died. I have a cheap Kmart one that has rusted just don’t have the money for a new one right now. I love how you could choose low, high and the keep warm function.

    1. I was wondering how long other displays lasted, ours started dying after one year but have still been able to set the slow cooker successfully from memory and counting, just can’t read the display. Works fine.

  9. I loaned my slow cooker a while ago it was never returned miss it so much miss making all sorts of Currie,roasts,soups, am saving for a new one hopefully by new year l’ll b able to afford one love all the great recipes that are being shared thku all

  10. We are nomads live in a fifth wheeler put a meal on in the morning go out for the day come home meal is ready .

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