Lamb Shanks with Obsession sauce

Submitted by Paulene Christie

Lamb Shanks with Obsession sauce

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Serving: 6
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 7 hours
Total Time 7 hours 5 minutes


  • - 3-4 lamb shanks
  • - 1 diced onion
  • - 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • - 1 pkt french onion soup mix
  • - 1 can Campbell's condensed cream of mushroom soup (no water added)
  • - 1 tbsp mint sauce


  • Place lamb shanks and onion on base of slow cooker.
  • Mix all other ingredients and pour over.
  • Cook on high for 1hr then low for 6hrs.
  • This is the Lamb Obsession recipe just done using shanks ?

49 thoughts on “Lamb Shanks with Obsession sauce”

  1. I tried this however it ended up becoming a casserole because the lamb fell off the bones before I could even pick them up! I also added diced carrot and potatoes to the sc before covering the shanks and vegies in the sauce 🙂

  2. I accidentally added cream of chicken soup…… but it turned out beautiful anyway. I added whole small mushrooms in also.

  3. This was delicious! I cooked on high for the first 2 hours and again for the last hour and the shanks were perfect. I didn’t add mint as I can’t stand it. This is a favourite of ours, sooooo good!

  4. Not one I would do again, fat from the shanks made the sauce greasy and ruined the taste. After doing this recipe with Lamb chops which turned out awesome was quite dissapointed with this version.

  5. I am planning on doing this but wonders if anyone knew what the U.K. Alternative to French onion soup powder was as I have looked everywhere possible for this and can’t find it. I can find French onion soup in a cab ready made or powder for onion sauce. Thanks in advance e for your help!!!

  6. Spelling error : Worcestershire sauce or shortened to Worcester Sauce
    Trivia : A high court decided on 26 July 1876 that Lea & Perrins did not have the rights to the term Worcestershire sauce, and so the name is not trademarked. Lea & Perrins claims to be The Original & Genuine Worcestershire Sauce[ and may be the leading global brand of Worcestershire sauce, but other brands offer similar recipes. Some may be vegetarian or vegan, and may add other spices.

  7. I made this last week and followed the recipe exactly as was. It was really yummy, even my husband liked it who usually doesn’t care for slow cooked meals. I’ll definitely make this again soon.

  8. Delphine Griffith

    My Son won’t eat anything with mushrooms, he doesn’t know the ingredients and really likes this, we have it at least once a month.
    I was thinking about trying it with diced beef for something different.

  9. I found with the whole packet of french onion pkt that it is too salty and over takes the flavour. I have since made it numerous times with about a 1/4 of the soup packet and it had been delicious. The mint jelly really makes this dish pop and brings it all together. It doesn’t taste like mushrooms but we love mushies so I always add fresh mushrooms to the mix. At times I put root vegetables in with the meat (works great with chicken, beef, lamb, goat, and kangaroo).

    Once I reduced the salt from the soup, this had become a real favourite here.


  10. Totally delicious
    We love mushrooms too and I sliced about half a punned into it – it was gorgeous!

    Note to Laura, looking for an equivalent for UK, try looking for a South African shop, there are loads, you should find packet brown onion soup (same thing) there, or if there isn’t a SA shop near you, search online for “st marcus south african shop” – the brand will be either Royco or Maggie

  11. Best ever!! My second try I substituted the mint sauce for cranberry jelly and it was so delicious. Probably one of my top 5.

  12. Literally my favourite meal ever, i absolutely hate mushrooms and am an extremely fussy eater so I didn’t try this recipe for so so long.. it’s now pretty much a weekly meal in our house. And having it with shanks is 100x better! Thanks for the delicious recipe Paulene

  13. Was a very simple recipe, and the flavors were really tasty. My mere male didn’t even know it had a mushroom soup base, winning!

  14. Made lamb shanks with obsession sauce tonight, instead of the condensed mushrooms I used chicken as the husband is allergic to them and added in potatoes and carrots at the bottom and it turned out perfectly,the meat just fell off the bone and the sauce was delicious I did add in some cornflour to thicken sauce a little bit and my husband absolutely loved it and had it with fresh bread and butter. It was not salty at all and has now become a favourite for my husband as he would like me to make it again ?

  15. This recipe is amazing, so easy, I dont use the mint sauce as neither of us like it, my partner loves loves it as do I.

  16. Really impressed with this one. I loved the flavour and we are not big lamb eaters in our house. I didn add the mint as we don’t stock / like it. I also only had 2 steaks so I added sausages for the kids and they enjoyed it.

  17. Super easy and very flavourful!
    I’m not a mint sauce lover so the next time I make it, it will be minus the mint sauce.

  18. THIS DOES NOT TASTE LIKE MUSHROOMS!!!!!!!! My husband and I are both AVID mushroom haters and I don’t love mint sauce, in fact I sat on this recipe for over a year to scared to try it haha I bit the bullet and today was the day my family tried it and WE ALL LOVED IT <3 I did it with 6 lamb shanks and doubled all the ingredients but the French onion soup and the cooking time above was spot on…..served with creamy mash DELISH

  19. Made this yesterday. Beautiful dish and so easy. I used the salt reduced French onion soup mix and added 250g sliced mushrooms. Yummy

  20. I have made this several times and at times needed to substitute the mushroom soup, no problem each and every time it has been delicious, HEADS UP FOR THOSE WHO HESITATE WITH THE MINT SAUCE, THREE THREES 333 MAKE A WONDERFUL MINT JELLY that goes very well with this dish and with other meats. Tonight we are using Country Ladle Bone Broth Creamy Chicken & White Bean and we add carrot and finely diced potato but follow the rest of the recipe, it is also a delicious version and child friendly.

  21. made this for our dinner tonight. It was so scrummy! I used the salt reduced F.O.S. and threw in a couple of sprigs of rosemary as well. Going to make it again

  22. I use another onion and sauté first and brown the shanks to add flavour, although its perfectly nice if you don’t. also omit the packet of soup to avoid additives and excess salt etc, season with salt and white pepper the amounts required.

  23. Paulene Christie did this one and can see why it was your top pick! Added 3 or 4 rosemary stalks as well and served with carrots (added last hour)and Brussel sprouts for the last 30 mins or so but down to warm only. Very happy birthday girl

  24. Just made this absolute deliciousness for the first time! What a great flavour and my 2 year old devoured it and he is fussy!
    Didn’t alter anything.

  25. Sssssh, I have a secret ? I lied to my husband! I finally jumped on the ‘Obsession’ bandwagon and used the recipe to do ‘the best lamb shanks we’ve ever had’ husbands words!
    4 shanks on low for 7 hours ?????
    Fell off the bone at serving! Lots of leftovers!
    Hubby asked what I put in it because they were amazing!
    The lie………….o, just a tin of soup and a few other things! You see neither of us eat mushrooms. But after reading the reviews I trusted those that said you don’t even know! YOU ARE SO RIGHT! So glad I took the chance.

  26. So first go today at the Lamb Obsession and it was just beautiful. I used the shank meat from Coles and was just so tender and tasty. One small adjustment as I am coeliac – swapped the French onion soup mix to maggi chicken chasseur mix. Will definitely make this again.

  27. First time making this recipie after being a lurking negative nancy (thinking surely they cant be that good sounds wierd) and im a convert!!!
    I made these with condensed cream of chicken as my shop didn’t have the mushroom – hubby’s comments “best lamb shanks we’ve ever had!!” – even my 2 fussy boys ate thier whole plate full! ?

  28. Parsons Jennifer

    5 stars
    Gotta LLLOOVVEE a good obsession. This sure is an easy throw together recipe. A big hit with hubby giving it a 10/10. Full of deliciousness he said.
    NOTE: I did add 1 teaspoon each dried thyme & rosemary. Along with 4 sprigs fresh rosemary. And a sprinkling of lamb seasoning.
    Thanks ? Jenny P

  29. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious. Made it to the recipe but added fresh mushrooms half way through.
    Hubby actually licked his plate!!!!!!!!! Winner, winner. Thanks Pauline.

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