Loaded Pumpkin Soup


June 9, 2017

Loaded Pumpkin Soup

  • Prep: 40 mins
  • Cook: 6 hrs
  • Yields: Approx 8 bowls.


1.2 kg Kent pumpkin

400g potato

250g bacon (short cut)

200g sweet potato

200g brown onion

1 tbs crushed garlic

2 tsp curry powder

3 tbs vegeta

1 ltr hot water

Light sprinkle of nutmeg

250ml Philadelphia Cream


1Peel and dice all vegetables.

2Add all ingredients (except cream) to SC.

3Blitz when soft and add

4250ml Philadelphia cream for cooking and cook for a further hour.

5Cook on high for approx 6 hrs.

6Cooked in 6 litre SC.

7Serve topped with a little crispy bacon and warm crusty bread.

Submitted by Sharon King


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June 22, 2022

Fabulous soup! I will definitely be making this one again.

Kelly Wishart

May 14, 2020

Just made this for the second time today (haven’t tried this batch yet but sure it’s great!) It was delicious and we (family of 4) ate it for a couple of days and then I made pumpkin soup scones in the SC too with the remainder. Perfect. Today we made one full batch and then a half size in the smaller SC.

Abbi Willis

July 8, 2018

Such a delicious soup! My new favourite 😄 I had tried my own recipe previous to this and didn’t quite like the outcome. Was very nervous doing another pumpkin soup but I was very, very pleasantly surprised! Thankyou for a great recipe! Sooo yummy

Lee Featherstone

June 24, 2018

Made this last night. Absolutely awesome. Big hit in my family. Didn’t take the full 6 hours to cook. Probably blitzed at 4 hour mark then added cream. In the morning going to use some of leftovers for pumpkin soup scones. Will keep updated on that.

Colleen Marslen

May 28, 2018

Just .. Amazing!

Jessica Doensen

May 27, 2018

Really loved this! I used coconut cream rather than cooking cream as we are dairy free, which still left a lovely texture. Lots stored up in my freezer for work lunches. Great recipe!

I believe it’s all added as the method says to add all but the cream
But then I think a little is reserved, or a little extra is cooked to crisp as a garnish – but that step could be optional if you rather 🙂

Sandra Pearson

May 13, 2018

Has everyone been putting the bacon into the soup or just been using it for the garnish sorry just a little bit confused

Glenda Baggs

April 14, 2018

Just made this for second time and best I have tasted a bit of work in preparation but just lovely. We use Philadelphia cream cheese un it.

Sharon King

July 13, 2017

Hi ladies, all up its cooked for approx 6 hrs, so blitz and add the cream around the 5 hr mark then cook for a further hour.
The cream I used is Philadelphia Cooking Cream (not the cream cheese variety but found in the same cold section with the cream cheeses at woolies).
Any vegetable (or chicken) stock would be fine to use.


July 9, 2017

Im confused by whats written, do you cook all together for 6 hours on low than blitz it than add cooking cream then cook it for another hour ??


You should be able to get the Vegeta in Woolies as we can here in Qld. But you could substitute another vege one if not 🙂
I’ll check with Sharon regarding the Philadelphia in her recipe and ask her to pop by and answer to be sure

Stephen Raffaele

July 5, 2017

Is Philadelphia Cream the same as Philadelphia Cream Cheese? And I Googled Vegeta and it seems to be vegie stock powder. Is this true and is it worth trying a different stock powder, as I am not sure if I can get Vegeta in Western Australia.

Sharon King

June 22, 2017

So sorry Darren, I just saw your comment. Only difference would be added sweetness. Let me know how you go!

Amanda Morgan

June 19, 2017

Easy and delicious. Thankyou so much!

Darren Comley

June 11, 2017

That sound lovely Sharon, thanks for posting it and I will try this in my next pumpkin soup batch.. Can you see any difference in flavour/texture/outcome if I was use a butternut p instead

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