Creamy Kranski


June 8, 2016

A creamy creation for the yummy sausage known as Kranski/Kransky 🙂

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 3 hrs
  • Yields: 6 large serves


5x kranski's (cheese sausage)

6x short crust bacon (chopped)

1x handful diced BBQ chicken

600mls cream

1x block Philly cheese

1x pkt French onion soup

Desired amount of sun dried tomatoes

Penne pasta (raw)


1Chop kranski's bacon and Philly cheese...

2Add to slow cooker...

3Mix together the French onion soup with the cream then pour over contents in slow cooker...

4Cook on low for approx 2 hours stirring acasionally to blend the cream with the Philly cheese... After about 2 hours on low add al2 handfuls of raw penne pasta and cook for a further hour... Once pasta is soft the dish is ready to serve...

5If a little thick towards the end of cooking (due to being a chunky dish) add 1/2 of milk and this will balance out the dish...

6I added the sun dried tomatoes to each individual serve as I think adding them to the dish while cooking will over power the amazing smokey flavour from the Kranski's

7Absolutely delish dish and hope u enjoy as much as we did

Submitted by Amy Blore


2 Reviews

Yes just the powdered soup
I used cooking cream which resists splitting … our UK members liken that mostly to Creme fraiche


October 2, 2016

This sounds delicious, really want to try it!
Is the French onion soup powdered soup? And which cream is it best to use in the slow cooker? (I’m in the UK)

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