Dulche De Leche (Caramel) Fudge


June 9, 2016

Dulce de leche is the South American name for caramelised milk. This fudge has that same delicious flavour.

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 1 hr 30 mins
  • Yields: 36 pieces


600g white chocolate melts

1 400g can Nestle Top n Fill (caramelised condensed milk)

1 T butter

1 T brown sugar

1 T golden syrup (optional)


1Add all ingredients into slow cooker.

2Heat on Low with no lid, stirring every 15 minutes for 90 minutes.

3Pour into square tray and refrigerate until set.

4Cut into pieces to serve, store in fridge.


1The golden syrup gives a very strong flavour to the fudge and can be omitted if you prefer.

Submitted by Sara Beckett


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Paulene @ Slow Cooker Central

November 27, 2020

A larger slow cooker will cook hotter – so faster
You could use another container inside yours though if you wish to keep it more contained so to speak


November 19, 2020

I have a 5l slow cooker. Will this work in that or should I put it in a container in the slow cooker?

It may solve the grainy issue πŸ™‚ If not it will only be a few sugary crystals in the fudge which wont be bad πŸ™‚


May 3, 2020

I have a tin of caramel I made in slow cooker but it has a grainy texture if I use it in this fudge recipe, do you think the fudge will turn out grainy or smooth?

Claire Bennett

April 12, 2020

First time making fudge in the slow cooker. Actually first time making anything sweet in the SC! This was so easy and I’m planning on making more. These set very well and recieved thumbs up from both Miss 20 and 17. (I didn’t use the Golden Syrup).

Jae Halden

April 11, 2020

Sickly sweet and didn’t set properly.

Yes this top’n’fill is already caramel. So if you used regular condensed milk yes you’d have to caramelise it first πŸ™‚


December 27, 2018

Hi. Just wondering if you have to pre caramelise the milk? Or can you just throw it in runny as with all the other fudge recipes?


December 20, 2018

Creamy luscious texture! So easy! Recommend this one for a simple fudge everyone will like.

Rebecca Drake

December 18, 2018

Am i able to add rock salt to make this a salted caramel

You can remelt it, add the chocolate and reset it πŸ™‚


June 23, 2018

Hi mine won’t set, is it because I didn’t add full amount of chocolate or something else and can I fix it. Thank you

Sue Collins

January 17, 2018

Made this at Christmas and used the caramel made by cooking the condensed milk in slow cooker.
It was amazing 😁


January 15, 2018

This mixture split – maybe because my slow cooker is too hot and it was a super hot day? I followed what a previous commenter did – added a splash of milk and then used hand beaters to mix and the result was perfect! I used caramel made in the slow cooker from condensed milk – YUM!

Paulene @ Slow Cooker Central

December 27, 2017

Yes any regular white chocolate will work, get a block πŸ™‚

Paulene @ Slow Cooker Central

December 27, 2017

Did you resist Lesley? πŸ˜‰


December 21, 2017

Could this also be made with brown (dairy milk chocolate and ordinary condensed milk. Just wondering if anyone has tried it

Karina Stewart

December 21, 2017

This is super easy to make. I’ve made it twice now and it’s worked both times. This will be my go to dessert-treat from now on. Highly recommend you give it a try!


December 20, 2017

I cant get white chocolate melts here. Can i use white buttons or chips instead?

Lesley Lohrey

December 20, 2017

Currently have this one setting in fridge, it’s going to be very hard not to eat any as it’s a gift πŸ˜‚

Leonie Rogers

December 19, 2017

Wow. This fudge is beautiful. And so easy to make, which is even better. Very more-ish!

Jodie Leemhuis

December 15, 2017

Made this last night as gifts for my girls teachers for the end of the year and it is absolutely devine! Will be making this fudge regularly for sure, I left out the golden syrup ad I didn’t want it to overpower the caramel flavour πŸ™‚


May 22, 2017

Could you make the recipe based on if I needed to make 24

Paulene @ Slow Cooker Central

December 18, 2016

Fantastic πŸ™‚


December 18, 2016

I made this last night. It split/separated, my fault I’m sure, but it came back together beautifully when I beat it with electric beater and a splash of milk. Set perfectly, and it delicious!


December 8, 2016

If I double the quantity, how long should I cook it for?


July 4, 2016

Loved this! So easy to make. I gave some to 2 friends and they both said its the best they’ve had and I don’t think they were just being nice! Definitely making again.

Amarlee Wheare

July 3, 2016

Omg it’s incredible I made my own caramel as well

T = tablespoon
t = teaspoon


June 15, 2016

Hi, just wondering what the T stands for?

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