Best Roast Pork Ever

Submitted by Stella Thomson

Best Roast Pork Ever

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Serving: 2
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 7 hours 30 minutes
Total Time 8 hours


  • 2 kg Pork leg roll (Boneless)
  • Olive oil spray
  • Salt
  • To serve
  • Roasted vegetable of your choice!
  • I used potatoes, sweet potato, carrots, zucchini, red onion & mushrooms.
  • Traditional Gravox Powder
  • Apple sauce


  • Pull pork out if packaging & pat dry with a paper towel.
  • Spray the slow cooker dish lightly with olive oil spray, place pork in & cook on LOW for 7.5hrs.
  • When the 7.5 hrs is up pull pork out & place in a tray, oil andsalt& place into a preheated oven (As high as it goes) or under a grill for 10-12 mins, keep a very close eye on it as it can burn very quickly!
  • Allow to rest for 10mins before slicing!
  • Strain the pan juice to get out any impurities. Add Gravox Powder till thickened.
  • Serve with vegetables & Apple sauce!!!

106 thoughts on “Best Roast Pork Ever”

  1. Belly pork is the best -no left overs -easy to cook -leave it on all day -come home Put under grilled serve with salad -a real winner

  2. For a first-timer, I think this is the best way to cook Roast Pork.
    And now I’ve cooked it a number of times… I still think this is the best way to cook Roast Pork
    Simple, Easy, Tasty

  3. I cooked mine in an oven bag, and the rind went like jelly there was no way this would crisp up… Next time I will just put roast in slow cooker…. Thanks…

  4. I can’t wait to try this. Im surprised the salt isnt added until it’s ready to be crisped. Usually we salt ( ALOT ) and rub the skin before cooking. I’ll let you know how I go.

  5. This recipe resulted in my first successful pork crackling. I’ve tried to experiment with other recipes and methods since and this was by far the best.

  6. Was awesome! Crisped it up in the oven at the end and no complaints in our household. The crackle was brilliant.

  7. This was the first non-casserole/stew type
    dish I tried in my slow cooker and wow an absolute perfect roast pork.

    Delicious and so simple!

  8. The crackle did not work for me! I followed the instructions to a T!
    Very disappointed!
    My pork was left dry as I was trying to get it to crackle in the oven.

  9. Pork turned out awesome, crackle failed oven for 20 minutes then took crackle off & oven for another 20 minutes , still no good ๐Ÿ™

  10. YUM YUM YUM!!! tENDER BEAUTIFUL PORK…..Will have to work on the crackling…. Put under grill too low under the flame … Outside was amazing xxxxxxx Thank you for posting this recipe xxxx

  11. The first time I made this I put just the crackle in the hot oven and it was awesome. The second time I put the whole roast in the oven and the meat went dry. This time I’m laying the pork in the slow cooker on a bed of sliced onion and 2 cooking apples and at the end of the cooking time I will just put the crackle in the hot oven and leave the meat in the slow cooker on keep warm.

  12. Can’t go wrong with this recipe if you follow the very simple instructions. It’s so easy. Every one loved it!

  13. Once the pork was cooked I cut the fat off rubbed in some oil and salt and placed it into a very hot oven to crisp up the crackle. I left the pork meat in the sc on low until the crackle was done. This was the first roast I had ever done in the sc and it worked beautifully. Will make it again this way ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I’d recommend taking the rind off, it worked well but couldn’t get it all so had to do it eventually. I added some lemon juice to the gravy as I felt if needed that acidic taste. Soo yum I’ve got left over for pork and gravy rolls ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Crackle turned out terrible worst ever ? meat was ok little dry. But crackle just wouldn’t crackle and was very rubber like and goozy.

  16. Probably sounds silly but how do you strain the pan juice to get out any impurities. Is that like the fatty layer in the juices?

  17. 1.5kg roast cooked on low for 5hrs40mins. Grilled for 10 minutes but maybe should have done 12. Turned out great!

  18. An excellent roast! We havenโ€™t done a roast in the slow cooker before so this was an excellent first choice. Nice and easy, moist and it was eaten quickly – next time we will have a larger roast so thereโ€™s more for leftovers tomorrow!

  19. Cooked this recipe last night and I will never cook roast pork any other way from now on!!! Sooooo easy and soooo delicious .. Thanks so much to the creator… xxx

  20. Carolyn Ferguson

    Was absolutely delicious, crackling was half great the other not, could have left in the oven longer than would have been all good did leave under the grill for 20 mins thsnk you for an easy way to cook a pork roast no mess no fuss ?

  21. Reading all of these comments. Pork must sit in the fridge etc to dry out skin for 24 hours out of wrapping before cooking. I use liberal salt after coating with malt vinegar or lemon juice (not oil) to add tang to the rind. Cook, remove rind and flatten as best you can to grill (must watch carefully) or in hot oven, same rule applies. Mine have always been done very successfully in oven bag (family beg me for my roast pork), but now will try out the slow cooker version. I get great roasts from doing them in the slow cooker.

  22. I’m trying this recipie tonight,I will write a review when done and add a photo..( if I can) of the finished product.

  23. Jocelyn Rennie

    I usually cook my pork on the BBQ, will definitely be doing it this way from now on it was so yummy .

  24. I followed this recipe step by step, 2kgs for 7.5 hours, I couldn’t even take the pork out of the slow cooker ๐Ÿ™ it kept falling apart. Hopefully it will crackle

  25. Katrina Attard

    Chinese 5 spice, sesame oil, garlic powder and crackling was perfect after drying with paper towel first before oven.

  26. Did just make the โ€œBest Roast Porkโ€ in my slow cooker OMG it is sooooo good! Crackling didnโ€™t crackle too well in the oven afterwards so I stuck it between two paper towels and zapped it in the microwave for two minutes and YUM! Never done Roast Pork in the slow cooker before but can highly recommend

  27. The whole extended-family loved it. Added nothing but sliced apples on the bottom, cooked on low for eight hours then removed the crackle and put in oven with veggies. Used the liquid as a base for gravy (after removing the apples) and put the meat in the oven about 10 minutes before serving to crisp (like a second crackle). Yum!

  28. For those with unanswered questions:

    yes, you leave any net bag on.

    Cooking on hot for all the time will overcook and may toughen the meat.

    Cooking on hot for the start will kill bacteria that would survive the lower temperature and it warms it up properly.

    There will be a wet seal round the lid. Don’t open the lid. It can add on time that is hard to calculate. Don’t cover the pot with anything – it’ll overheat and may blow a fuse so you come home to wet and cold and now waste food.

    Cut large joints in two. They cook faster.

    To get perfect crackling cut the fat and rind off the joint in one and place in a 400F oven 200C in uk and dry it thoroughly as much as possible. Add some salt and roast with the roast potatoes, stuffing and Yorkshire puds if you’re having any.

    Finally if you get a flat on the way home and spend an hour changing the wheel don’t worry. It won’t spoil in this time. Ever.

  29. Absolutely fantastic will make again and again now. Crackling was amazing i thought for sure it would be no good. Even hubby couldn’t believe how good it was.

  30. I wanted to put this on while at work but by the time I get home from work it would have been on the “warming” setting after the cook time is over – would this dry the meat out?

  31. Russell Thomas

    If it doesn’t crackle take the skin off and a couple of minutes in the microwave will make it perfect.

  32. Had this tonight for the first time , was so good but crackle was ok , the meat was so juicy , made gravy with the left over liquid was so good I did put a onion and garlic In With the meat so the gravy was full of flavour . Will definitely will have again

  33. Very delicious! We certainly enjoyed it was a little sceptical that the crackling wouldn’t work after being in the slow cooker but it certainly worked and will be making this again with a bigger piece for my family ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Cooked a 2kg peice in a 6.5L SC, it created plenty of juice during cooking and the meat was amazing. First time in my life crackling hasn’t worked at all. It felt like it was too moist to crackle. Either way this is my new way to cook roast pork it’s just amazing!

  35. Really is the โ€˜Best Roast Porkโ€™. Turned out excellent! Used a 1.9kg forequarter roast and cooked it on low for 8hrs. The meat was incredibly tender and moist. We loved it!!

  36. Cooked this tonight, absolutely delicious ?. I had a 2k boneless leg roll, cooked for 7.5 hrs in slow cooker , took it out, oiled and salted it. Now the oiling and salting wasnโ€™t done as well as I normally do it when cooking pork in the oven, cause the pork is very hot (naturally), so I wasnโ€™t at all sure it would turn out. I cooked it in my oven for 30 mins, and most of the crackling was done. I had a small portion in the middle of pork that was still a bit soft and rubbery, so spooned a tiny bit of the liquid (from the pork in the pan) onto the soft part, gave it another 10 mins and it was great.

  37. Excited to try this My slow cooker says to always have liquid in it . Should I put a cup of water in and place the pork on the rack in it ?

  38. Love this , it is so easy and the meat is lovely and tender , removed skin and popped it under grill for a few minutes and had lovely crackling!

  39. Absolutely love this recipe, a family favourite. Crackling always turns out every time and the meat is so tender. Thanks for this scrumptious yet easy recipe.

  40. I made this on Sunday and it was absolutely delicious! Came out moist and tender and I was able to make a delicious gravy from the pan juices. I rubbed olive oil and salt on when it was finished and popped it under the grill for 10 minutes and got perfect crackling!

  41. When slicing the fat layer off to grill separately, do you re tie the pork loin before slow cooking?
    If I slow cook the pork the day before and reheat, is it best to slice cold and heat in microwave with a splash of water?

  42. Do you slow cook the pork without the thick layer of fat? Or include it? Also when you grill the fat, do you separate it first from the rest of the joint?

  43. Alicia Francis

    This is my favorite Roast Pork recipe it is simply the Best ever Roast Pork this is the only way I cook my roast now, I have made this so many times but think I have perfected it, i needed to adjust to 6.5hours, pat dry with paper towel before placing in the slow cooker I then re- salt before placing in the oven, I have found for me by using pink Himalayan rock salt is the best & placing in the oven for 30mins

  44. Hello, I am just about to use my slow cooker for the first time, and want to cook a Roast Pork Belly which has been marinated and rolled from the butchers. Its nearly 1.3kg can u tell me how long I should cook this for and can I add all my veggies in all together.

    I looked at a lot of receipes but loved the sound of this one as my husband is fussy and like to keep it simple without too much going into it like Apples or Vinegar or Soy or Honey.

    Please Respond asap as i am about to put it on.

  45. Made this a couple of days ago. The crackling was fantastic. All over crunch but not tough. I had a smaller piece of pork so I should have reduced the cooking time but thatโ€™s on me. Served it with roast veg and gravy from the juices. Partner said it was the best crackling Iโ€™ve ever done. Which is a big call as Iโ€™ve made a lot of roast porks in my time ?

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