2 Ingredient Cake

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August 15, 2014

2 Ingredient Cake 5 0 5 7
  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 1 hr 30 mins
  • 5 mins

    1 hr 30 mins

    1 hr 35 mins

  • Yields: Variable


1 Packet or Box Cake mix (any flavour you prefer) - I use 320g mix or larger

1 x 425g Can of fruit in juice (any fruit you prefer)


11. Combine the cake mix (dry from the box - no added ingredients to it at all) and the can of fruit (juice included)


32. Pour this into a slow cooker that is greased or lined with baking paper


53. Cover with a tea towel under the lid then cook on HIGH for 1.5 - 2hrs depending on your slow cooker or when skewer comes out clean


7I did mine in my little 1.5L cooker hence the lovely high result but a larger cooker will yield a lower cake

8The cake pictured is a vanilla cake mix and a can of mango slices - you can see the chunks of mango through the finished cake.

9Other great combinations would be chocolate cake and cherries or Vanilla cake and fruit salad.


11It doesn't get much easier than this!

Submitted by Paulene Christie


25 Reviews

June Swiney

February 5, 2017

I did mine with a tin of sliced pears. My husband loved it but I found it very pudding like. I will have another go buts will ensure I have some icecream or cream on hand to have with it

Sharon hendry

February 2, 2017

This is so easy, so good. I will be doing it again and again. I did chocolate fudge cake and tin of black cherries, served with cream. YUM!

Rita Price

February 2, 2017

Made this with a tin of black cherries (blitzed because granddaughter doesn’t do ‘bits’) & a chocolate cake mix. Cooked in my 1l sc & it looks & smells delicious.

Chrissy Kay

July 5, 2016

I made this with vanilla cake and a can of peaches wow turned out awesome the moistest cake I have had for a long time thanks Pauline it was YUM ?

Jodie Feirclough

July 4, 2016

Can you use frozen berries and a tin of fruit juice instead ?? Anyone tried ??


July 4, 2016

I used a butter came mix with a tin of fruit salad. Came out very moist and delicious. Cooked on high for just over 2 hours.


July 4, 2016

I made this using a butter cake mix and a tin of fruit salad. It took the full 2 hours and was very moist. Everyone loved it!


July 3, 2016

Love love love this recipe. I’ll never use an oven to make a cake again…and oh so simple.

Bev Woods

June 14, 2016

this was amazing…. was still fresh 2 days later.. def cooking again thankyou so much for sharing your recipe 🙂

Helen Hirst

June 11, 2016

Mine took a little longer. I thought it wasn’t cooked, then remembered the fruit made it look moister. So easy. I did vanilla cake with sliced peaches.

Helen Hirst

June 11, 2016

Really moist cake..mine did take longer to cook in 3.5 Litre. ..but so easy..


June 8, 2016

Currently making this with a vanilla Coles cake mix and Coles canned fruit salad and added dollops of Nutella and swirled ? So looking forward to it


May 14, 2016

Made this today with lemon cake mix and pineapple chunks in syrup. Soooo tasty and beautifully moist! Can’t wait to try different flavours!!!

Did you rotate your inner pot (if round) during cooking?
Sounds like yours may cook hot.
You could also cook it in a cake tin or silicone tin etc sitting on eg a trivet in your slow cooker to get it away from the hot sides etc
Some more options here >> slow Cooking Cakes

Joanne Pinnock

May 1, 2016

I tried this today with a tin of crushed pineapple. It came out really stodgy, as though it wasn’t cooked properly but it was starting to burn on the outside. I’m not doing very well with puddings. 🙁


April 27, 2016

The cherry cake came out superbly! But a hint- I now double to glad-bake paper in strips, and then put an extra circular paper on the bottom, over the strips to stop burning.
Now, the tea-towel takes up the moisture off the top of the cake as it is cooking. Without which it would leave it wet on top.


April 27, 2016

can anyone tell me what does the tea towel do please.

Victoria Conlan

April 17, 2016

Attempting this just now with tin of peach slices(410g) and a packet of vanilla cake mix (400g), wish me luck 🙂

There may be something wrong with your slow cooker?
5.5 being such a large cooker should have been done even faster than normal not sooo much longer?


March 25, 2016

Used this in a 5.5L slow cooker. Needed to be on high for 4 hours


January 22, 2016

Got my little surprize in the 1.5 L cooker.! Have choc cake mix, added an egg ( don’t need to though) and 1/2 bottle of pitted cherries.
Waiting in anticipation…….

That’s correct 🙂


January 17, 2016

no egg no water nothing added ?

gwynne duff

January 11, 2016

Made this delicious cake 2 nights in a row. Last night i used 440gm coles chocolate cake mix with 425gm can of pitted black cherries served with vanilla ice cream. Tonight i used same cake mix with 425gm of mixed berries served with thick dollop cream. Extremely moist cake. My 19yr old daughter normally wont eat cake but has now requested to have this for dessert every night 🙂

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