Slow Cooked Meatlovers Pizza Cake


May 15, 2018

You've never met a pizza (or cake!) quite like this one!! 🙂

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 2 hrs
  • Yields: Over 10 people



500g of self raising flour

500g of Greek yogurt


Store bought pizza bases (cut to fit the SC)

Pizza sauce or BBQ sauce

Handful of shredded pizza blend cheese


Shaved ham

Shredded or minced meat leftovers of choice (I used Mexican chicken, BBQ pulled pork and beef bolognese)


Pizza sauce

Handful of cheese



Italian herbs


Step 1

1Pre heat oven for 220°C and cut up the bases

Step 2

1Add pizza sauce, then the cheese and the layer filling of choice.

Step 3

1Place your layers in the oven for 15 minutes.

Step 4

1Combine flour and yogurt together in a bowl and mix and knead it into a dough.

Step 5

1Roll it on a floured surface and lay it on a greased and papered SC. Make sure it forms a bowl

Step 6

1Add cheese, then the sauce and then the pepperoni and ham into your dough bowl.

Step 7

1Place the baked layers in the dough and then add more cheese.

Step 8

1Add an empty base on top and add sauce, cheese, pepperoni, bacon bits and herbs.

Step 9

1Cook it on HIGH for 1.5 or 2 hours with a tea towel under the lid


1I use a 5.5 litre SC for this. Smaller SC may need to half the dough mixture.

2For those who can't use a oven to cook the layers, you can use a pan with a lid.

3Based on an episode of my YouTube Channel Tryin Sh@t. A really crazy and rad dish for parties.

4Bone Apple Teeth

Submitted by Keith Hechinger


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