Peppermint Twist Fudge

Peppermint Twist Fudge


June 29, 2015

  • Cook: 1 hr
  • Yields: Makes 30-40 pieces


2 bags of white chocolate melts (approx 500g)

1 tin of condensed milk

Peppermint essence

Green food dye

Metal spoon/ladle


1Add the chocolate melts and tin of condensed milk into the slow cooker

2Stir with a metal spoon every 10 minutes, cooking on high for 1hr

3When a smooth even mixture is formed, add green food dye to desired shade

4Add peppermint essence a few drops at a time and stir through

5Pour into lined baking dish

6Whilst the mixture is still warm, add a few drops of food dye and swirl with a toothpick

7Place in fridge to set and then cut into desired shapes


Submitted by Rebecca Edwards


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