Shredded Beef Chilli Cone Carne

A shredded beef version of your favourite Chilli Con Carne!
Great to leave cooking all day then simply shred and serve on corn chips with sour cream 🙂

One Pot Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Chicken alfredo pasta .. making use of hot cooked chicken you may have as leftovers, or just grab one on your way home to add to this easy cheesy dish!

The Cob-less Hot Cob Dip!

Think of a lush cob loaf - minus the cob! Great for low carb folk, for parties and for entertaining 🙂 A cheesy, creamy dip delight!

Unstuffed cabbage rolls

Unstuffed cabbage rolls ... super simple in the slow cooker

Rissoles in BBQ sauce

Beef rissoles in a versatile tasty sauce

Pulled Jackfruit

Savoury, simple vegan

Pulled Pork On Your Fork

Slow cooked pulled pork with a hint of fruity sweetness and mustard flavours. Simple to prepare and a great all day cooking recipe!

Mexican Chicken Porcupines

A Mexican twist on the regular tomato beef porcupines. Mexican chicken porcupine meatballs! Would be great served on subs too - great party food 🙂

Gourmet Hot Dogs

This is no ordinary hot dog!!
Check it out 🙂


Side dish with sprouts with a different taste

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