Middle Eastern Cabbage Rolls

A light meal / appetiser that can be enjoyed by those who love their zesty, lemony (sour) dishes. Served with Greek yoghurt is a must!

Lemon Sago

A delicious and easy old fashioned dessert

One Pot Beef Dinner

A creamy all in one beef stew that is perfect on a cold winters day

Butter chicken

This is easy to make and is so delicious.

Lemon Butter Chicken

A very flavorsome chicken meal converted from an oven recipe with Paulene's advice (thankyou). The original recipe says you will ditch the chicken and drink the sauce...not far wrong. Serve with your preferred sides ( I do it with rice)

Satay Chicken & Spinach

A beautiful saucy satay great over pasta or with vegetables

Beef Bourguignon

A beef stew / casserole with richer flavours due to the tomato puree and red wine

Best Butter Chicken

Slow Cooked Butter Chicken to die for.

Mommar’s heart beef soup

A very healthy and hearty beef soup

Mexican Baguette

A cheesy taco filled baguette - great for entertaining or kids to enjoy!

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