The Russell Hobbs 6L Searing slow cooker features a non ceramic inner cooking pot, glass lid, and a stainless steel base unit with LOW/HIGH/WARM control dial and digital timer

The default time for the digital timer is 6hrs. However it can be increased in 30 minute intervals as easily as just pressing the time button. Once you go past 10hrs then it resets back to zero then can go up from there in 30 minute intervals again so any time you wish to set it for is possible from 30 minutes up to 10hrs.
In using the timer function, when your cooking time ends the Russell Hobbs Searing Slow Cooker automatically switches to ‘warm’.

You can select between the low, high and warm settings with one press of the select button

The display is a bright red digital display that’s easy to read at a glance.

The inner pot can be placed directly on the stove top to brown/sear food prior to slow cooking.
Do not use the lid for this process.
Stove-top use is only suitable for electric or gas stove-tops. Not for induction stove-tops.
Once the ingredients are browned or seared it can simply be lifted carefully (with oven mitts it’s suggested but I found the handles stayed cool to touch anyway) and placed back in the slow cooker to begin the slow cooking process.

Usual precautions are advised with cleaning the base unit.
It is recommended to fill inner bowl with warm water after use to prevent food baking on with retained heat and being difficult to remove.
External surfaces can be wiped with damp cloth.
*NOTE* The inner cooking bowl and lid is NOT dishwasher safe and it is advised that it is to be washed by hand in warm soapy water.

The 6L is plenty big enough to fit all your large roasts, soups, stews and meals in for a large family.
I used mine to cook a Swiss steak dish that had several steps of browning in it’s preparation and it was a so simple with this machine.
Nothing burnt or stuck to the sides, even while searing, and everything cooked through perfectly.
It was a breeze to clean too!

I have always been one not to pre-brown or pre-seal anything for slow cooking.
I always saw it as too much hassle and too many extra dishes.
But this machine will change the way I cook from now on!
Not only is it now no extra dishes at all but all that flavor and little crunchy flavor bits you get when browning meat etc all stay IN the slow cooker bowl so you don’t lose any of that as you would when transferring from another pan to the slow cooker bowl.

I also love the digital timer function!
The fact that it will then turn to warm function once the cooking time is done will be great for people at work for long hours who don’t want to leave things ‘cooking’ the whole time

It looks great, cooks great and has the extra features of timer and browning option that so many slow cookers on the market just don’t have!

Recommended retail price is $89.95 and I think it’s definitely money well spent in this case!


  1. I would cook one of the many recipes out of my new slow cooker central books I have just ordered,.. I need to win a bigger and newer slow cooker though to achieve this ?

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