The RH 3.5L features a ceramic bowl, tempered glass lid, stainless steel base unit and OFF/LOW/HIGH/AUTO control dial with power indicator light.

LOW: Cooks at low power. This setting is to be used only after preheating the slow cooker on High for at least 20 minutes
HIGH: Cooks at maximum power. Adding cold liquids on high could cause cracking of the bowl. Cool liquids can be safely added in small amounts in the middle of the food, away from sides of ceramic bowl
AUTO: Cooks on High until it reaches temperature then it automatically switches to low and remains on low until switched off.

Usual precautions are advised with the bowl/base unit.
Fill bowl with warm water after use to prevent food baking on with retained heat and being difficult to remove.
External surfaces can be wiped with damp cloth.
Ceramic bowl is dishwasher safe.
Do not soak EXTERIOR of ceramic bowl in water due to porous nature of the base which can soak up water and cause cracking when next used.

The 3.5L wouldn’t fit very large roasts or soups in it but would be a great size for your average meat recipe, dessert or side dish for a family.  It would be a great addition to a ‘family’ of slow cookers ie to own in addition to a 6L slow cooker for the larger roasts etc.

I own a 1.5L, a 3.5L and a 6L and I use my 3.5L more than any of my others because it’s the ideal size for most dishes and I find doesn’t cook as fast/hot as my large 6L.

I found this RH cooked a sausage casserole perfectly in 6hrs on low.
Nothing burnt or stuck to the sides and everything cooked through perfectly.
It was a breeze to clean too!

It’s a standard slow cooker with no advanced features like timers or searing functions etc but it has everything you need in the standard slow cooker range. I wouldn’t personally purchase a slow cooker that didn’t at least have high, low and auto so I’m pleased this one does.
It looks great, cooks great and is very affordable! Average prices seem to be $40 for this unit but I’ve found several on specials for as low as $23
I liked it enough that it will be a permanent replacement for my older 3.5L slow cooker from now on 🙂





  1. Have the same slow cooker though I’ve only one in my family! Works well, cleans extremely easily and suits our family of 4 (kids eat same size portions as adults).

  2. I am a 55yr old and live on my own
    I have a RH 3.5L slow cooker and need someone to help me with different Receipt and what to cook in it. I only do soup in it and am trying to make a beef bolo cubed stew out of my head
    If any ppl can send me how to do different meals in it would be great. As I have lost the booklet
    God bless
    Dave (south africa, natal)

    1. Hi Dave
      We have over 2300 recipes for you to try.
      Just head over to the Recipes tab on this site and browse via category (eg beef, lamb, dessert, pasta etc)
      Or search by recipe name or ingredient.
      You may want to start in the beef category then perhaps search the word stew or casserole for lots of options

  3. Hi I have just purchased RH 6L due to crock breakage made my first vegie soup with lentils and chick peas on low after 8hrs vegies and pulses still not cooked through properly.

    Noticed when cooking that there was no simmer bubbles is this normal??? As my old Kambrook of 12 yrs had simmer bubbles and food always cooked through. I never had a problem.

    I noticed in your write up of 3.5L that you need to pre warm on high for at least 20 minutes on high I don’t recall reading this in book. Can you clarify please.

    Over next few days will be making meals that worked great in old machine and cooked through properly if nothing changes then I will be taking back to shop and getting money back. Considering maybe to buy a pressure slow cooker?????

    A bit disappointed as I originally purchased Kambrook only newer version of course but when temp tested they weren’t heating to correct cooking temps so I changed brand. My old one cooked great meals used often feeling a bit lost at moment trying to weave through cookers .

    Would appreciate any feed back

    I will try warming on high first also see how this goes??????

    1. Hi Catherine

      I have a range of 14 different slow cookers in my collection and not all of them to show simmer bubbles when cooking.
      I wouldn’t use this as a definite sign of anything wrong with your cooker.
      However if your lentils etc aren’t cooking in the time they usually would it could indicate a possible problem. However they are notorious for taking a long time to cook so I like to use my high or auto myself when I’m cooking a split pea soup 🙂
      As for the pre heat requirement yes that is what it says in the usual manual which came with the machine. p3 of it in front of me right now 🙂
      I think making things you usually cook is a good trial however remember all slow cookers can cook at different temps/speeds so one cooking slower than your old one doesn’t make it faulty .. you just get to know yours and you may know then for example to increase recommended cooking times to get the same results 🙂
      Hope this helps

  4. Twice now I have attempted to cook low in the Russell hob 3.5 l and after 90 minutes on low still little heat in cooking chicken parmigiana and silverside. Did not heat on high first though. Looking at reviews on product review a significant number of bad reviews for the same problem . Not impressed by this slow cooker

      1. Thanks Pauline. On product reviews it seems that quite a few people have had a similar experience as mine. One mentions that she pre heats on high then has to warm all the ingredients on the stove before putting in her Russell Hob slow cooker for it to cook, which I feel defeats the purpose of the slow cooker of simple and easy. I love your site, it has changed the way I cook, and the recipes are so wonderful and easy! Thankyou for all your invested time and experience.

  5. This Russel Hobbs was handed down to me by my mother who wanted a newer one. I have never had a problem with anything that I have cooked in it. I’ve done split pea soups, pork leg, silverside, beef chuck, oyster blade roast, lamb shanks, lamb neck and shoulder, ribs and beef brisket. All have cooked perfect and meat falling off the bone if any bones. I tend to cook on high for 6 hours and have found this works perfectly. I have also never preheated it and never browned off my meat????

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