Raspberry & white chocolate pudding


August 1, 2017

Raspberry & white chocolate pudding 5 0 5 2

Cold wet weather equals yummy puddings! Combining raspberries & hidden bursts of white chocolate with a simple jam sponge roll to become an indulgent treat.

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 3 hrs
  • 10 mins

    3 hrs

    3 hrs 10 mins

  • Yields: Serves 6


400g jam roll sliced into 16 even pieces

4 eggs lightly whisked

2 cups milk

300ml thickened cream

2 tablespoons caster sugar

I & 1/2 cups frozen raspberries

200g white chocolate chopped. (original recipe says 100g. I've tried both, I prefer more, so your choice)


1Lightly grease 1.5L bowl.

2Arrange half jam roll slices on base of dish.

3Combine milk, cream, egg & sugar in a jug. Pour half the mixture over the jam roll slices.

4Sprinkle with the chocolate & 1 cup of raspberries.

5Top with remaining jam roll slices.

6Pour over remaining milk mixture & sprinkle with remaining raspberries.

7Cook in slow cooker on HIGH with a tea towel under the lid for 3 hours or until custard is set. (it is cooked when the centre is set)


1Note: when this rises & sets it 'just' fits in the 1.5L bowl, my tea towel was slightly stained by the raspberries on top. You may like to try 3L bowl

2Plain Jam rolls are used in this recipe, NOT the rolls with cream.

3I allow the pudding to cool & 'set' before slicing up serves.

4Chocolate jam roll & strawberries would be a nice alternative

Submitted by Kerrie Beers


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June 19, 2018

Making this now but too much for a 1.5lt sc so am cooking it in my 3.5lt sc

Melissa Gourley

June 9, 2018

I have made this a few times and is so nice, apparently its’s a bit sweet for some but I don’t care as that means more for me. also add the extra chocolate.

To describe it if you imagine a thin sponge slab then smeared with jam then rolled up into a big snail like roll… that’s what it looks like
Not sure what’s similar for you there


August 24, 2017

Stupid question…but what is a jam roll…and how would I find them in a US supermarket?

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