Nan’s beef stew

A hearty, slow cooked beef stew. This meal freezes really well and very handy for meal prepping. Why not give it a go yourself!

Submitted by Heather Wiseman

Nan’s beef stew

A hearty, slow cooked beef stew. This meal freezes really well and very handy for meal prepping. Why not give it a go yourself!
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 8 hours
Total Time 8 hours 10 minutes


  • 1 onion, diced
  • 2kg of cubed stewing beef
  • 4 to 5 tablespoons of tomato paste
  • A good slurp of Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 litre of beef stock
  • 1 teaspoon of keen's traditional curry powder
  • Corn flour to thicken


  • Put all the listed ingredients, except cornflour, into the slow cooker and stir well.
  • Slow cook on low for at least 8 hours, the idea is to not require teeth.
  • Once meat is 'fall apart soft', place some excess liquid into a bowl. Mix in corn flour and create a lump free paste before transferring back into the slow cooker. Stir in and allow to thicken. Repeat until it's gravy consistency.


  • Serve with mash and veg.
  • This meal freezes really well and very handy for meal prepping.
  • Also works well with venison.

47 thoughts on “Nan’s beef stew”

  1. I made this dish and my family loved it. I made it gluten free and paleo by substituting with gluten free flour to thicken the sauce. I combined it with sides of carrots and creamy potatoes. It had a luscious sauce so I included sides of horseradish and rustic bread for dipping. My dog went coo coo for cocoa puffs over the leftover gravy she got on her dinner! I think it would be over the top with mushroom chunks added in the last hour of cooking. If served over rice with just veggies on the side it would be totally gluten free and paleo, and I expect it would still be delicious.

  2. Can you freeze mashed potato? I also thought it went funny when defrosted, I would be happy if you can as I make sons dinners for the week at work and he hasn’t had potatoes in any yet.

  3. A nice recipe. Needs a little extra something in the gravy though. Will need to experiment. Will be making again

  4. Love this! Made tonight with 1.5kg blade roast diced…came out beautiful! Will make a delicious pie filling too

  5. I tried this yesterday. The smells had my mouth watering, and it tasted great. I served over mash, but will be having it with paninis and cheese tonight. Very easy to make, especially as this was my first time ever using a slow cooker. 10/10 will make this again

  6. We absolutely loved this, especially as it has very few ingredients and tastes fantastic! I shredded the meat I used and am going to use it heated on fresh crusty rolls in the future (just placed the leftovers in small containers in the freezer, ready for a quick and easy midweek meal). Thanks Heather for a yummy recipe!

  7. Lesley Lohrey

    Made this tonight, will be making it again was so nice, I also added some frozen veggies and half sweet potato.

  8. Natalie Crofts

    Lovely! Didn’t change a thing though I did half the recipe and cooked for 6 hours. Meat was nice and tender and a great flavour! Hubby needed to add a bit of chili sauce but I left mine as it. Thanks!

  9. Yummmmmo!! Used two onions instead of one, 2 kilos of casserole steak. Added some extra ingredients as sauce was tasting a little on the bland side… minced garlic, a splash of red cooking wine, veggie stock and in the last 40mins a 200g punnet of chopped mushrooms, served over creamy mashed potato. Perfecto ??

    Will be making this dish again in the near future ? – cooking time for me was 7 hours.

  10. Absolutely amazing. My 2.5 year old cannot get enough of it and while she is a good eater, there are only certain foods she finishes off completely and then asks for more and this is one. So tasty, I use this recipe at least once a week, the tastiest I have found, just amazing. Adding some fresh herbs just amplifies the amazing tastes. Thank you!

  11. Absolutely delicious and super fast to prepare – with ingredients that are easy to have on hand! We eat keto so have this with a side of mashed cauliflower.
    I work from home but also need to prepare things in the morning and forget about them until it is almost time to eat. I have done this twice and it will become a regular in our home, thank you Heather Wiseman!

  12. Absolutely delicious
    Takes me back to when I was little and my nan used to make steak and kidney stew (this dish minus the kidney)
    The meat just melts in your mouth, it’s so tender and the sauce is divine.

    Served with a creamy mash, fresh beans and carrot

  13. Absolutely delicious I was a little bit unsure adding curry powder if I’m honest! but added it and I’m so glad I did it was amazing ! and it turns out my Great Grandma use to add curry powder to her stew and it took my mum back to eating her food!

  14. Felicity Thambyah

    The gravy is so delicious, I could eat a whole bowl of it.
    To thicken, I find it easier to strain the stew and thicken juices on a stove top. Next time I’ll be adding mushrooms toward the end. Mine only took 5hrs on low to cook. I cut the casserole steak into bite size pieces for kids sake. Might be why it cooked quicker.

  15. What an awesome dish! Made exactly as per instructions (might have sprinkled a bit more curry powder in for good measure ?) plus threw in a bag of frozen veges and it was just amazing! Kids and hubby came on a cold rainy day excited at the beautiful aroma and every single one of them devoured the entire dish! Was enough for 7 of us to have generous servings plus plenty leftover. Saved to be a regular family dish!

  16. Made this today – wow this is so good!!
    I put everything in the slow cooker and set it to low just before 7am. Walked through the door at 5pm to a mouthwatering aroma! I made it exactly as per recipe, beef was so tender!!

  17. So yummy! Super easy to make, I followed the exact recipe, put it on at 10am and we ate about 6.30pm. There is a lot of liquid and I added 3Tbs of cornflour and it still didn’t thicken to gravy consistency but it didnt stop us eating it 🙂 could easily add veggies if wanted to.

  18. I have a question please. I am going to make this for the 1st time would like to add frozen vegetables as Terresa did. My question is when would you put them in.

  19. This is so so yum. The entire family simply wolf’s it down every time!
    Followed the recipe to the tee.
    Try it you definitely won’t be disappointed
    Thank you so much Paulene

  20. Made this dish a few times for neighbours, friends having babies, camping trips, the list goes on!!! I cook it in the slow cooker and I’ve also cooked it in the oven.
    (I just add a bit more liquid & a couple of scoops of Maggi Rich Gravy Mix if I’m putting it in the oven) Makes a great tasty sauce.
    Definitely a great recipe.
    Nan’s cooking is always the best! Thank you ?

  21. Wow what a dish! Plates licked clean by all and we will be turning the plentiful leftovers into pies for tomorrow nights dinner so win-win! Hearty, tasty and easy. What more could a busy family ask for?!

  22. I live by myself how much meat would you use for my tea and a meal for the freezer ingredients how much to please and how long would you cook it please

  23. Love ‘Slow Cooker Central’!!
    I’m a bit of an amateur cook, and you’re making me really popular!! Thank you!! ??
    I’d love to try this recipe, and was going to add a 1kg bag of frozen veggies at the start (as others have suggested).
    Will this dilute the flavor though??
    Adding them frozen is essentially adding water and diluting those nice flavors (also potentially making it harder to thicken the gravy with cornflour before serving).
    Is that right??
    Would love your advice please?? ?

  24. 4 stars
    Funnily enough, this tastes exactly like my grandma’s cooking. Great memories. But it is a lovely stew. I freeze it and eat it with toast on the weekend if I’m looking for a comfort meal

  25. Maria Mihailidis

    5 stars
    Oh my Lord!!!.
    What a flavoursome meal.
    Could do with a bit more curry powder.
    Next time will double the meal, but add frozen veggies from the start.
    Then just before serving, do some mash.
    Another meal on repeat.

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