Lambs Fry and Bacon


October 5, 2018

A classic!

  • Prep: 1 hr 30 mins
  • Cook: 4 hrs
  • Yields: 4 Servings


2 Whole Lambs Fry

6 Rashes Bacon Sliced

1 Onion Sliced

6 Mushrooms sliced

1 PKT French onion soup mix

1 Cup Beef Stock

2 Garlic Cloves Crushed

Splash of Worcestershire Sauce

Salt & Pepper

1/2 Cup Flour


1Soak Lambs Fry in Milk for 1 hour(personal preference)

2Fry off Bacon,onion & mushrooms then add to S.C.

3Slice Lambs Fry and add to Flour with 1/2Pkt french onion soup mix,Salt & Pepper.

4Fry off the Lambs Fry for a couple of Mins.Then add to S.C

5Mix other 1/2 half of French onion soup mix with the beef stock & Worcestershire sauce.

6Add to S.C and give everything a stir.

7Cover with Lid and cook on Low for 4 Hours.

8I soaked the Lambs fry in milk for 1 hour but this step is not essential. Personal preference. It just helps to tone down the strong flavor you can get from Liver.

Submitted by Lorraine Barber


9 Reviews

Paulene @ Slow Cooker Central

February 17, 2022

SC is slow cooker Ralph πŸ™‚

Ralph Weitering

February 14, 2022

Looks great.
I am a male, a want to give it a try, but I don’t know what S C stands for.
Please advice.

Liz Joraslafsky

February 11, 2022

Will be trying this one as we love lamb’s fry . Not sure about French onion soup but will make 2 lots 1 with and 1 without. See which we prefer.


August 7, 2021

Decided to give this one a whirl and it came out pretty good..
Garlic a bit strong but that’s only personal taste..
If your a lambs fry lover, you will enjoy this one..

Georgina Kelly

March 22, 2021

Could you do this with beef liver? And gravy mix instead of French onion?


March 9, 2021

I made this on the weekend.
I only used 1 lambs fry.
It was very tasty.
Next time l will hold back half of the bacon and fry off to give some difference in texture.
It is different from my pan recipe but very easy and moreish.
It will be a lovely meal with mashed potatoes and veg during winter.


March 9, 2021

I tried this out last weekend. I used 1 lambs fry.
It was an easy and tasty recipe.
Different from the recipe l make straight in a pan but still very nice.
The only difference l would make is l would hold back half the bacon and fry it off just before serving to give variety of textures.
I will definitely be making it again.
It will be a scrumptious winter meal with potato mash and veggies.


March 4, 2021

This is the best way to cook liver! This recipe never fails. I also add diced game meat to it (kangaroo, goose) it’s Devine.

Nicole Dixon

June 6, 2020

I personally don’t eat this, but I made it for my dad.
He did leave it for 2 days “as it matures he says” before he ate it.
He said it was delicious, not tough, melted in his mouth.
I did not soak in milk, as he has always had liver without it being soaked. This is the only thing I did not follow on the recipe.
He said he would definitely have it again.
Thank you from 1 happy daughter..he ate πŸ˜€

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