FUDGE **Frequently Asked Questions**

Are you wanting to make your first slow cooker fudge but have some questions?
Made one already but something went wrong?
Sick of seeing everyone else’s fudge turn out so good but not sure what to do to make sure yours is a success too?
Already a fudge expert and think you can share some advice with others to ensure they have the same success?

Then please help us to help each other!!

I will list here FAQ and answers but I can’t possibly think of them all.
So please use the comment box at the bottom of this page and add your questions or tips and I will have them all added to this page for you and everyone so we can share our fudge success around 🙂


Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 90 – 120 mins


  • 500g of chocolate
    1 tbs butter
    1 tbs vanilla essence
    1 x 395gm can condensed milk


Place all ingredients into slow cooker
On Low – lid off
Stir every 15mins or so for 2hrs (some slow cookers need only 90mins) – use a metal spoon to stir

Pour into lined tin to refrigerate till set

When set firm cut into squares and store in fridge

Now let’s get into the questions ….

Q: What type of chocolate can I use?
A: Any type.  Change the flavour of the chocolate to change the taste of the fudge.  Eg milk chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, cookies and cream chocolate etc etc.  The options are unlimited?  Members are using cooking chocolate also but some say the taste/consistency changes so personal choice which you use.  Cooking chocolate does tend to melt at higher temperatures so regular chocolate is ideal for the lower temp of the slow cooker.  If using white chocolate increase the amount you use up to 700g.  Using chocolate that has a liquid type filling, eg caramello etc, you will need to increase the chocolate amount also to account for this 🙂

Q: Can I add different chocolate/lollies into my fudge
A: Yes.  You can decorate/top your fudge with anything you like.  Make the base fudge then stir through whatever you may like to add then pour into the lined tin to set.  Eg you could add chopped up nuts, lollies, biscuits, mars bars, candies or lollies … whatever you like.  Or pour your fudge into your try to set then decorate the surface with these types of toppings.  Again the options are endless

Q: Is the butter really needed.  What does it do?
One of our member’s Nicole sent us this great link which explains this topic > https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100213113459AA2JwdM

Q: How do I actually cook it?  Do I need to stir it?
A: Break up the chocolate and place it in your slow cooker. Pour over the condensed milk and add the butter and vanilla.  LEAVE THE LID OFF your slow cooker and turn it on low and walk away.  Every 10-15mins just pass by it and give it a stir.  It’s that easy.  As you near the end of cooking time you may need to keep a closer eye on it but really it’s just the odd stir along the way and there is nothing else to do.

Q: Can I use any spoon to stir?
A: It’s ideal to use a metal spoon when stirring your fudge.  A wooden spoon can absorb some of the liquid from your fudge so it’s best not to choose a wooden spoon.  Not to mention the fact a metal spoon is a little nicer to lick clean 😉

Q: My fudge is seized – how can I fix it?
A: If your fudge has seized, as in gone all hard and weird like instead of glossy melted chocolate, there are a few options our members use to fix this.  It can occur from water getting into the fudge – remember no lid for fudge to stop condensation drips. Also the use of a wooden spoon can do the same – remember use a metal, plastic or silicone spoon for fudge rather than wooden. Firstly stir the living daylights out of it to bring it back to glossy.  Others will add a little splash of milk or condensed milk or even a bit more chocolate to melt into it then stir like the clappers to bring it all back together 🙂  All is not lost.  This is fixable – stir stir stir 🙂

Q: How do I know when it’s done?
A: Everyone’s slow cooker can take a different amount of time to cook.  Simply being melted is not enough.  When you are stirring you will see a slight crust type form on the surface as you stir and it kind of comes away from the edges a little.  This is the best sign that its done.  Some larger (hotter) machines may achieve this in half an hour.  My 1.5L small cooker that I use for fudge takes more like 90mins to achieve this.  You will get to know yours 🙂

Q: What do I do with it once it’s cooked?
A: Stir through any extras you may want to add then pour your fudge into a slice tray/tin that is lined with baking paper.  You can use silicone moulds instead if you choose.  Smooth surface down to flat and decorate with any additions if you are adding any.  Eg I add peanut butter M&M’s on top when I make choc peanut butter fudge 🙂  If nothing is being added then simply place your tray in the fridge until set – usually around 4hrs is plenty of time but I personally just leave mine overnight then cut the next morning.  When ready to cut I use the baking paper to lift fudge from the tray.  Remove paper and work quickly to cut.  Dipping your knife into hot water first can help cut clean.

Q: I don’t have baking paper what else can I use?
A:  You can set your fudge in silicone or paper cupcakes cases.  Some members have also successfully lined their trays with cling wrap if they don’t have baking paper.  Novelty chocolate moulds work fine too eg Christmas shapes etc

Q: Storing your fudge/How long with it keep?
A: Store your fudge in a sealed container in fridge (make it one that isn’t see through if you want to have any chance of making it last longer and save it from being gobbled up by the fudge fanatics in your home *wink*).  The fudge will keep up to 3-4wks in a fridge.  It can also be frozen for up to 3 months.

Q: My fudge didn’t set?  What did I do wrong??
A: Please review the above tips.  One of them is most likely the reason your fudge did not set.  Double check the amount of chocolate you used. Some recipes say 2 blocks, some say 440g instead but we find that increasing the chocolate to 500g is the sure way to ensure there is enough to set firm.  You also return your fudge to the slow cooker, reaheat to remelt and add more chocolate.

Q: Any suggestions for what types of fudge I can create?
A: Yes.  We have an entire fudge category for you with over 130 versions to choose from.  When you visit the category you will see 12 at a time.  Then choose the ‘Older Posts >>‘ link below these 12 and it will take you to the next page of 12, then the next page etc etc.  Keep scrolling until you’ve seen them all!  Or simply type what you want into the website’s search bar (top right of any page) and try to find what you are looking for directly 🙂

What other questions or tips do you have? Please comment below and I will gladly add them to this list for you 🙂



137 thoughts on “FUDGE **Frequently Asked Questions**”

    1. It takes a couple of hours to set properly so you can cut it. Approx. 2-3. 🙂 Overnight is better. Or use silicone molds which are quicker. (I use silicone ice cube trays its easy and they just pop out.)

    1. IVe used jack Daniels, orange liqueur, mint liqueur, pretty much any alcohol goes, and as a non drinker I use a standard measure for a bit of flavour and double if I want impact. It does seem to make the fudge take slightly longer to set but worth the wait

    2. I constantly make Baileys fude, just add 6tabs butter 12oz cchipsx2 melt add to 3 cups icing powder 1 cup bailey’s mixed well I also add Lavendar crushed pcs. Mix everything well spread in pan . Refrigerate for a few hours, a sure hit…my dentist loves it..

  1. I make Jack Daniels fudge for hubby all the time-I have learnt this tip : if adding alcohol you need approx. 200gms more chocolate per 15-20 ml of alcohol. If wanting to ‘cook out’ the alcohol but keep the taste add it during the cooking process. If wanting to keep the alcohol effect add after, stir briskly and thoroughly before putting to mold/tray to set. This tip of course will vary with other recipes and processes. 🙂

    1. You can but you may need to adjust your recipe as it is the fat content which creates the consistency of the fudge. Experiment.

    1. May we know what recipe you used please? If it contains white chocolate you may have overheated it and split the cocoa butter 🙁

  2. Could Admin post what the measurements/meanings are in different places? I live in CA…don’t know what g is…like 500g of chocolate? Or lollies? Maybe have a page that converts or explains word meanings. Thank you.

  3. I have a slow cooker that doesn’t have the low setting it just cooks to the time I set and then it goes onto keep warm setting. Any suggestions on how I can cook the fudge with this slow cooker?

    1. Trial and error? Add your ingredients and time as you go. Make sure to stir every 15mins or so. once the whole ‘mess’ is combined to a slick satin glob (not shiny but satin) then its ready to pull out and set. 🙂 Once you know the time for YOUR machine make sure you write it down for future reference 🙂

      1. Thanks for the help, I ended up cooking on the sc setting and turning it off for 15 minutes every now and again and stirring every 15 minutes, it worked a treat, this is an awesome recipe!!

    1. There are 5 caramel fudge recipes.
      You need only click on the link above for the fudge archives.
      Or use the search box and type in caramel fudge and hey presto you have five to choose from 🙂

  4. My attempt turned out like a chewy toffee-ish like stuff. It was yumm but not fudge. What did I do wrong? Overcooked perhaps?

  5. I want to do a chocolate peanut butter fudge, the one in the recipe page says to add the peanut butter after and marble it through.
    Could I add it during cooking time and mix it through so it’s combined and not marbled?

  6. I have an 8ltr slow cooker so I was wondering if I double the fudge recipe will it still turn out the same or will it not work? I’m assuming it should be fine but wanting people’s feedback who have tried it, also do I adjust the cooking time?

  7. Hi there, once the chocolate mixture is melted in the slow cooker, do we wait until it’s cool down before we set it in the fridge, or do it straightaway?

  8. Hi I’ve made fudge before and I prefer the butter less option, that I thinks basically chocolate & condensed milk. Can i please have the recipe for plain milk choccy fudge please?

  9. i have a big bag of big chocolate buttons i want to use up, i haven’t got any scales to weigh 500grams so how many cups of the buttons do you think i would need?

  10. Tashelle Sullivan

    Van you put vodka I the fudge? I have a triple distilled vodka and really wanna try it with white chocolate and milk freddo choc (:

  11. I’m making a fudge with marshmallows, red lollies and maltesers and it’s very oily and gluggy. Do I just need a good stir or is it ruined?

  12. Hi apologies if I have missed the answer!! How long does fudge keep ? Do you need to keep it in the fridge ?
    Thank you

    1. As Above:
      Q: Storing your fudge/How long with it keep? A: Store your fudge in a sealed container in fridge (make it one that isn’t see through if you want to have any chance of making it last longer and save it from being gobbled up by the fudge fanatics in your home *wink*). The fudge will keep up to 3-4wks in a fridge. It can also be frozen for up to 3 months.

  13. I made my first fudge yesterday with Cadbury choc buttons, butter & condensed milk. It cooked in half the time. I stirred. It didn’t look how you say it looks but very thick I could hardly stir it so I got it out. It is a bit bland even though I put in macadamias. It taste more like just hard chocolate. Should I have put in more butter or why wasn’t it moister like everyone elses? It didn’t even have a grainy consistency. I used 3 bags buttons.

    1. I don’t know if this helps but I found that dairy milk chocolate doesn’t taste very chocolatey once melted. I tried using it wasn’t keen. I tried Tesco own brand and that worked far far better

  14. hello to you all.
    Is it possible can anyone tell me where to buy the Gel colouring as I can only find the little bottles of colours ?

    also if I double all the ingredients for the basic fudge will it still be as good as the regular recipe ?…

    thanks for any replies.

  15. Can I exchange carob for chocolate, 1 on 1 in recipe? So many carob recipes are odd or for dairy free. I just can’t have chocolate, life’s cruel joke on me. Glad to have found your site. thank you, Ellie

  16. Has anyone just used half quantity? I only have a 200g block of chocolate and girls want to make fudge. Can I make up the rest with cooking melts?

  17. This is probably really stupid, but is it okay to eat fudge before it is fully cooled if you don’t need to bake it?

  18. I made a blackforest fudge using the basic recipe with Cadbury blackforest chocolate. It tastes good but is really sticky. I did put in a tablespoon of butter and tablespoon of vanilla along with condensed milk and 500g chocolate. Is there anything i can do to make it less sticky? Thanks in advance.

      1. Thank you so much I’m going to try it tonight. New to using a slow cooker and had no idea you could do this! Cheers x

  19. I have made fudge quite alot but always followed the recipe exactly. Just wondering if it will work the same if I double it? Obviously with a longer cooking time.

  20. You will get a higher yield from using chocolate buttons as opposed to blocks of commercial chocolate. Good luck everyone!

  21. My Nans favourite is plain fudge or salted caramel fudge. She’s a vegetarian who doesnt drink, or eat chocolate or cocoa of any sort on ethical grounds & doesnt enjoy peanut butter. Can someone help me to find a suitable recipe? I’ve browsed the section a bit but almost all of them are white chocolate based. Thanks!

  22. Hi all. I have a fudge question that I just can’t seem to understand. I’ve made fudge loads of times in my slow cooker. Each time comes out absolutely perfect. I’m doing a market stall on Saturday so need to make mass quantities. So I borrowed another 2 slow cookers so I can have 3 on the go at once. For some strange reason the fudge only seems to come out perfectly in my slow cooker, not the other 2? I’m doing everything exactly the same but the other two slow cookers it seems to be slightly wrong. It sets fine, tastes fine but has wrong texture. It’s too smooth and slightly chewy, it seems bendy? Does anyone have a clue as to why please.

      1. Yes I thought it very strange too. I think you might be right. I just need to try and work out if my slow cooker cooks at a lower temperature or higher temperature then I can try and adjust the other two accordingly. I’ve only ever made it in my own slow cooker because I’ve only made it for special occasions but am doing a market stall at a charity event so need to make lots of it.
        Thank you so much for your reply x

  23. does this fudge end up having a soft or hard texture? Also, if I wanted to add a thin layer to the top or bottom of a pie or something can I pour the finished mixture into a baked pie crust?

  24. Hi everyone…I made fudge for the first time today and when I took it out of the fridge and the tray it felt like it was melting is this normal or have I done something wrong…thank you

    1. The recipe says: Once chocolate is completely melted I turned the SC off so it was still hot but not going to melt the stuff I am adding in next.
      Add everything else into the slow cooker and mix together well
      So after cooking the fudge and just before pouring it out onto the tray to set 🙂

  25. I made this recipe but i used 70% dark chocolate and it didn’t set, I added more chocolate and reheated and it still didn’t set.

    What would be the reason for this not setting?

    1. I don’t use dark chocolate myself but I wonder if that’s the reason for it not setting?
      I use 500-600g in all my fudges and I’ve never had one not set yet?
      I’m hoping someone who see’s your comment and used dark chocolate may know more 🙂

    2. Make sure you don’t use cooking chocolate. Just normal eating chocolate. I use 500g of chocolate, 1 tin condensed milk, small nob of butter and desert spoon of vanilla essence

  26. After setting the pans of fudge on the porch to cool, I realized I forgot the vanilla extract in the last double batch of peanut butter fudge. Is it ruined?

  27. Sorry if someone already asked, but I made a batch today and it split. Lots of oily liquid came out. It didn’t seem to matter how much I mixed it the liquid stayed there. Did I do something wrong? How could I fix it?

  28. My son is lactose intolerant. I already started a recipe using full fat coconut milk before finding this site. Hopefully it’ll turn out, I’ll let you know. I used coconut milk and some coconut oil. I’ll post amounts used soon.

  29. Im using white chocolate and strawberries and cream lollies, I have on high now the chocolate has melted and my question is will the lollies melt? hoping the chocolate wont split, so turned down to low again.

  30. What is Lamington chocolate? I wanted to try making the Lamington fudge, but I’ve never heard of that before. Thanks

  31. What is the reason to use the slow cooker for fudge? I’ve only made fudge once via the traditional method, and don’t even remember the steps I took. Is it for ease. convenience or taste reasons to use the slow cooker?

  32. Does anyone know whether the fudge would be suitable to send via post 1st class?
    Would it be ok once it’s set to not refrigerate or would it depend on the recipe. I am basically using chocolate and condensed milk with a variety of flavours.

  33. Is the essence essential? I would think to omit it if making a flavoured fudge. I usually use a floavoured type chocolate (eg, lindt mint chocolate) mixed with some choc chips.

  34. Question, has anyone ever made Coconut Ice in the Slow Cooker ?
    If so, would they be a darlin’ and post a recipe please xxx

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