Ambiano 3-in-1 Slow Cooker (Aldi)

Ambiano 3-in-1 Slow Cooker (Aldi)



This Ambiano brand 3-in-1 Slow Cooker is quite the snazzy little system for slow cooking 🙂
At just $69 from Aldi Supermarkets it’s also very affordable!

It’s kind of like buying 3 slow cookers … but not 🙂

You get three cooking bowls but one base unit
So effectively you get 3 different sized slow cookers – but the single base of course means you can only use one at a time.
Still a great way to get a variety of cooking bowl options, and as I discovered tonight, it makes it really easy to literally go from cooking one recipe straight on to the next recipe without barely a pause …. and certainly without any washing up first (winning!)




The unit features 3 ceramic cooking pots
– 1.5L capacity
– 3.5L capacity
– 5.5L capacity
The capacity is also written on the bottom of each ceramic pot

The manual advises that the ceramic pots (but not the lid) are oven proof and microwave safe, but never heat when empty.
**NOTE** – This years updated manual now says NOT microwave proof so please check yours to be sure

One glass lid
One 300W electronic base with handles and pot size selection buttons and with all round heat distribution

Three temperature control options
You manually choose each option or to move between them by turning the dial

The Cooking bowls and lid are dishwasher safe or can be washed by hand but be sure they have cooled down before doing so

This unit comes with a 3yr warranty which is great for a machine in this price range




Simply choose the size bowl you need to use based on the size of your recipe
Place the bowl on the cooking base and once full place the glass lid on the bowl
Plug in the machine and turn it on
Using the dial turn the slow cooker onto the heat of your choice (high/low)
Then select the appropriate size bowl you are using from the green flashing size buttons on the machine
And you are away and cooking!
It’s that easy 🙂
Keep warm is of course not to be used to cook food but to keep your cooked food warm
The manual also notes that ‘if your cooking bowl is only half filled to check your recipe 1-2hrs before recommended time to see if it’s cooked sooner’




It’s been a while since I’ve used a ceramic bowl slow cooker so it struck me again how heavy they are, particularly when all three are stacked in the machine in storage.  Yet at the same time I thought the stacking of the bowls within each other on the base is a brilliant space saver when it comes to storing this unit.

The bowls sit quite high up above the base which gave me some concern to how they would heat/cook but I didn’t need to worry … I found the unit cooked just fine to a standard cooking time 🙂
I cooked a savoury mince, a silverside and a cake in the three bowl sizes and all three cooked in the standard time which I expected them to.
The bowls and their contents heated up fast and held their heat well too!

The bowls cleaned easily by hand and by dishwasher also.
While the handles do have a rubber handle sections I would caution you against accidentally touching the metal part of these handles when gripping the rubber as like the base unit itself, they are quite hot and could burn!



Overall though I would certainly feel comfortable recommending this machine to anyone considering buying one.  It’s a nice looking cooking system and I find it cooks to standard expectations, with the unique convenience of 3 bowl sizes in one, the affordability of a budget machine and with the peace of mind of a great warranty.
I’m very happy with mine!



Happy Slow Cooking 🙂


57 thoughts on “Ambiano 3-in-1 Slow Cooker (Aldi)”

    1. know the feeling, i got a large sc for large meals and ones I want to freeze but needed a smaller one for here n now. been told its a waste of time cos ive never used a sc before but im buying one anyway

  1. I was going to use a timer on this but found because you need to press which button for which size, it can’t be done.

        1. I rang the number on brochure it came with and bought a new lid about $20 so let me know if you have number if not will go through my books

  2. Fabulous. Thanks so much for all your work. I bought one today but after some buyers remorse I was about to return it. Not now ! One thing I would have liked was an auto function option. Would have been perfect if it had one.

    1. I bought one too, love it, it cooks to perfection and I love the three bowls. The large bowls are very heavy for me, especially to clean, so because there’s only two of us the two smaller ones are perfect and I’ll use the big one if we have visitors. The only downside is it’s manual and doesn’t automatically switch to warm like my digital one. But that’s not a lot to complain about after all the good things about it!

      1. I’m waiting for it to come back on sale in our local Aldi! Really looking forward to getting one! Only got 2 at present!

  3. Great review Pauline, very thorough. I have one of these but the older version which was “KuChef” by ALDI. I agree with all of your comments, especially about being concerned at first because the bowl sat so high.
    I have been happily using this for a few years now and find the three bowls very convenient for prepping your next dish while the first cooks. The ceramic bowls are heavy but sturdy and the stacking is a god send!
    I highly recommend this as a good all rounder and fantastic for starting off.

  4. I tried mine yesterday
    In the 5.5 I cooked chick and corn soup beautifully
    In the 1.5 I did a fudge I found the wider bowl to be excellent for this as I only had a small 1.5 with small top so it was easy to stir in this one

  5. So glad it works well Paulene, I just bought one but haven’t used it yet, I have to sell my 5.5l bacause the bowl is too heavy for me all the time and this one will be easier with the smaller bowls, there’s only two of us and I can use the bigger bowl when we have visitors. So thankyou for that good review, can’t wait to get started! Jan F.

  6. Pauline I noticed you said its been a while since you used ceramic slowcooker, iv only ever seen ceramic ones so wondering what you use regularly please.

    1. Searing models with the metallic non stick kind of cooking bowl that can go straight from the stove top (to brown meat etc) into your slow cooker … some like the SecretChef from Sunbeam don’t even need the stove top as they do it all in the slow cooker!

  7. I have just purchased one having never owned a slow cooker before.
    I’m wondering where to get a recipe book?
    Id like to do a corned beef but have no idea how much liquid to add or what size bowl to use.
    Do l need to half fill the bowl?

  8. Tried quite a few things in this slow cooker and all failed. Am doing a pea and ham soups now and its taken the machine over 3 hours on low to start to even get the soup to start to warm up. Am presuming i have bought a dud!!! Waste of money and hope they refund me. Would not recommend this slow cooker(even though the idea of 3 bowls is fantastic) to anyone.

    1. I’ve used my often with exceptional results
      I have no hesitation in recommending it from my own experiences with it
      I would suggest you contact them regarding yours as clearly something is wrong with that unit but I wouldn’t disregard the entire range based on one – it really is a great set up 🙂

  9. I love this have had it for about 2 years now and has not failed on me once love the fact I can pop the bowls in the dishwasher as well. I have made savoury an sweet in it an cooks evenly,
    An yes I have cooked mine overnight
    I would recommend this as 5 out 5 Stars ?

  10. I bought one of these today. I now have five Slow Cookers, a large growing SC family. Ha! I haven’t had a chance to use it today but I plan to fire it up in the next few days. I agree with Paulene it is very heavy with the three bowls stored inside. Cosmetically it looks very different to my other SC. Well, there is always one black sheep or rebel in every family. Ha! Looking forward to road testing it over the weekend. I am planning making Pumpkin Soup, Corned Silverside but not sure about a sweet dish. Family coming over for dinner.

  11. I have just purchased one of these from Aldi. I have used it twice now and although it works well, the machine itself has a burning smell. More like a burning plastic smell. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it because it is new and will go away, or possibly something wrong with the product? Thanks in advance.

  12. I purchased this model (TSC-3IN1) at Aldi (SA) a few days ago but have not used it yet as I’m wondering whether to return it. My puzzle is re Page 7 of the Instruction Manual. Under the heading “Microwave Use” it says that the ceramic pots are NOT microwave safe. Surely this can’t be right? (Obviously ,the lid is not.) In the past I have used the ceramic pot from a slow cooker to heat leftovers for the next night for about five minutes in the microwave, with plastic wrap over the top. Have any other owners tried it with this 3 in 1 model? Paulene has commented that the pot is ok for the microwave, but maybe the materials for the pot construction have changed?

    1. Page 7 of my manual here says “MICROWAVE USE: The ceramic pots are microwave safe and ovenproof, but never heat the pots when empty. The glass lid is NOT microwave safe; never place the lid in a microwave oven, on a cooktop or in a heated oven.”

      So my manual definitely states the pots are microwave safe 🙂

      If yours says something else for some reason I would 100% do as YOUR manual says to 🙂

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply, Paulene.. I think I will keep the cooker anyway, as I can get around the issue of not heating leftovers for a few minutes in the microwave. The manual (dated 07/2018) has obviously been changed. Page 7 now says – “MICROWAVE USE: The ceramic pots are not microwave safe. The glass lid is also not microwave safe; never place the lid in a microwave oven, on a cooktop or in a heated oven.” A pity but I agree with you about obeying the manual. Thank you, too, for your excellent detailed review of this product.

  13. Hello! It’s just come to my attention that most ceramic slow cookers have lead in the glaze. I’ve recently purchased one of these from Aldi and am hoping to find out that it’s an exception. Does anyone know? Thank you!!

      1. Thank you! Do you have a source from the manufacturer for this? I have definitely seen reports of current slow cookers made in China containing lead and other banned or toxic materials.

  14. Hello Paulene, I purchased one of these slow cookers from Aldis late last year, love slow cooking..but my dilema I have four d with this one is no matter what I cook it always sticks and burns to bottom of the pans..have tried all 3 size dishes just to see if made a difference but sadly no..and on the base unit is like a burn also..have you had anyone else had any problems like this Paulene?? Or do you think Mine might have somthing wrong with it???????? Thank You for all your hard work and reseach you do, you certainly are thequeen of Slow Cooker World xxxx

    1. Pamela Charles

      You should make sure you use the right setting for the size of the bowl you’re using….1.5, 3.5 or 5.5 ltr

    1. Yes it can if the recipe is one that cooks long enough, eg from our 8hrs+ recipe category etc. Auto is actually 2hrs high then it cooks to low until turned off – so low is actually better than auto for a long day cooking as you can avoid that hot start burning things when you are not around 🙂

  15. Love your review Paulene and I agree with you 100%.
    Great slow cooker for a great price, I would definitely recommend it!

  16. I need a new lid for my slow cooker, I accidentally broke the first one. I use my cooker every other day and find it excellent. Thanking you.
    Sandra Waack

  17. Pamela Charles

    I bought my 3 in 1 Ambiano about 12 months ago and I’m very happy with it…tonight for the 2 of us I used the middle sized bowl and it started to bubble up in about 1 hour, then I used the tea towel trick for about 4 hours on high then turned it back to low for 1 hour and my “Pammy’s gravy beef casserole” was so nice and the meat so tender. Okay, I know this one cooks hotter than the older one we have (40 yrs old) so if I knew I’d be out of the house for 8 hours I’d use the older one but for a quick-ish slow cook it’s the Aldi one for me – extremely happy with it

  18. Meredith Exum

    We bought a 3-1 a few months ago, it’s an Ambiano but a little different to the one above. I’ve used it many time , but today it has failed me. We tried to cook lamb shanks and we have done this before and they have come out perfectly but today after 8 hours the lamb still isn’t cooked. I am not sure what to do

  19. Maxine Petchell

    over time the regulator word eg warm,slow etc have came off. so have gone into site to check their placements. otherwise excellent product.

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