Lemon Butter / Lemon Curd

Submitted by Jessie Hooper

Lemon Butter / Lemon Curd

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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 10 minutes


  • ~ This ingredients List is Doubled ~ :
  • 8 Eggs (whisked)
  • 1 1/2 Cups of White Sugar
  • 3-4 Teaspoons Finely grated Lemon Rind
  • 1 Cup of Lemon Juice ( = about 7-8 lemons)
  • 250g Butter


  • Grate the lemon Rind first then cut and juice the lemons ( make sure there are no pips! ).
  • Crack 8 eggs into a bowl and whisk them.
  • Pour ALL ingredients into the slow cooker
  • Turn on High and constantly keep stirring until the Butter has completely melted.
  • Once melted, turn slow cooker onto Low with a Tea Towel under the lid and leave for 1 1/2 - 2 hours or until fairly thick.
  • Stir every 20 minutes or so
  • Once Lemon Butter is done, take the jars out of the oven and pour it in and put on the lid.

Let the jars COOL on the bench first - DO NOT put straight into the fridge or they will crack/explode.

  • Once completely cool, put into fridge and you're all done!!

Sterilising Jars:

  • Get some jars (about 3-4 for this recipe) wash them in boiling water, dry them, and put them in the oven at 100C for 10 minutes.
  • The lids of the jars you put in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes not in the oven
  • Make sure this is the 10 minutes before serving so that the jars are still very hot when your pour in the Lemon Butter.
  • You can put Lemon Butter on anything like Toast, cakes, muffins, bread or just eat it out of the jar!
  • Good Luck everyone! Hope you enjoy giving it a go!!

(Remember this recipe is doubled, so just half all ingredients if you're wanting to do the single recipe)

    95 thoughts on “Lemon Butter / Lemon Curd”

    1. I love this recipe, I have made both the doubled and regular mixtures. Was so simple and a real hit as Christmas gifts this year 🙂

    2. Kylie Handley

      Oh my….this is absolutely delicious, I have made 3 lots in less than a fortnight and am giving it to family and friends so they can taste for themselves lol. Thank you Jessie Hooper for sharing this recipe xx

    3. My slow cooker is electronic, so can’t put a tea towel under the lid. Will this make any difference to the end result?

      1. It will yes as excess fluid will get into it from condensation
        We use it in electrical slow cookers still?
        Do you mean it’s a multi cooker rather than a slow cooker?
        An alternative could be to fashion a foil type layer on top of the recipe to try to catch the liquid maybe?

    4. I have just made this and although it has thickened and tastes sensational, I have found that the butter has sat on the top like an oil. Has anyone else had this happen??

    5. Yum!!! Today I made this for the 1st time ever……so simple and so delish.
      Its not going to last long with my kids 🙂

    6. Just made this for the first time and it is amazingly simple and delicious.
      I am fairly new to slow cooking but am quickly becoming addicted ?

    7. Kaye, I made it for the first time the other day… Cooked mine for too long and the oil separated as well. I called for help on this site and a lovely member advised me to use a stick mixer before it was totally cooled down which worked a treat. Best Lemon Butter I have ever tasted and my daughter is raving about it. Yummy and simple.

    8. Hi All
      It separates when you make it on the stove top as well, you just mix it in well! I altered the recipe – 200g butter, 2 cups of lemon juice (as we like it tart!) and it worked well. I also alternated five mins on high, 20 mins on low and it was cooked within an hour. It sure beats standing over the stove top stirring until it thickens!!! only difficulty is getting the last bits out of the heavy crock pot – turning it upside down is easier with a pot (small price to pay!!) And I sterilise all my preserving jars/bottles with boiling water, not the stove method – they sit in the sink, boiling water goes in 2 minutes before I need them, empty, quick dry (if necessary , and it is with lemon curd) and bingo!

    9. Made some today, yummy. Only made 3 jars so next time i will double receipe so I can give a few away.
      Off to buy some fluffy white bread now.

    10. Made this yesterday. Followed the recipe exactly. The Prep time was a lot longer than 10 minutes but grating and juicing the lemons is difficult for me with arthritis and I was being really careful that I had not misread the recipe. It all looked too simple. Anyway I stirred the mixture every twenty minutes – it came out perfectly! Thanks for this great recipe! Yummy!

    11. Hi everyone l always used to make my lemon butter on the stovetop but after trying this recipe l will never do stovetop again. It’s so easy. I also doubled the recipe 16 eggs, 3 cups sugar etc so yes a little extra time l just kept stirring every 20 mins till it was thick enough. Great for home or gifts, who doesn’t like homemade.

    12. The food researchers (who are able to do lab tests) reckon lemon curd made the usual way will only keep four weeks in sealed jar in fridge.
      It needs to reach 85 degrees while ‘cooking’ to be able to last eight weeks IN A FRIDGE.. I can’t see it lasting that long done by this method, but all comments seem to indicate you’re all eating it almost immediately. Either way, when not being eaten, it must always be kept in a fridge.

    13. saturaday morning fun – what else to do with lemons and gin lol yay lemon and gin curd
      followed this recipe and included a few shots of gin – only second time I have made curd and it came out great – only tested it whilst cooking so still warm but tangy lemony and refreshing – no issues – so well impressed – fantastic and easy thank you for sharing it – will be using it from now on – made 6 and a half medium jars – cheers xg

    14. Carolyne Fleming

      Made lemon butter this morning and it had turned out fantastic. Last weekend I made it on the stove what a disaster didn’t thicken. It’s like a miracle and a ray of sunshine. Will be cooking again again love it.

    15. Made this yesterday, for the first time, ready for spreading on toast this morning. Left it a little longer in my 1.5l slow cooker to thicken more and it is absolutely beautiful! Definitely will be keeping this recipe.

    16. Since you have to stir this every 20 mins could you just leave the lid off like when your making fudge instead of the whole tea towel under the lid thing. It just seems that if your going to be pulling off the lid and tea towel every 20 mins to stir/check on it you might aswell just leave the lid off and not bother with the tea towel trick at all or is there a specific reason for the lid in this recipe??

    17. Absolutely amazing! It was so easy but sooo good.

      Can you use the same base recipe for passion fruit butter?

    18. I have recently made Lemon Curd/Butter following this recipe – Simple & quite Easy to make in the time specified.
      Very tasty and loved by the family.
      This recipe filled (NZ) 2 Mexican Salsa jars and 1 Dolmio Bechamel Sauce jar – to the brim. Enjoy!!

    19. Just a caution if your printer delivers your printed sheets from last to first. I tried printing out just the ingredients and directions and wasted a e lot of toner and paper printing out so many good reviews!

    20. This is the only recipe I use now, so easy and fail safe. I add a bit more lemon juice for a tangier taste, and thick enough for lemon meringue pie. This is the fist recipe my Miss 15 made in the sc.

    21. Jodie Leemhuis

      I have been making this recipe for the past few years now but I always forget to leave a review ?‍♀️ Well not this time…it is far tooooo good to not be raved about ?? Love, love, love this recipe shared by Jessie Hooper and it makes plenty to share with family & friends as well. I absolutely loooove it on warm crumpets or toast and have also successfully used it to flavour a scrumptious lemon meringue fudge ???? Makes wonderful gifts (cheap too) if you have a good lemon tree on hand. Highly recommend this recipe to all ? P.S: it only just fits in the 1.5Lt SC, so I now use my 3Lt SC when making this ?

    22. I love this lemon butter. So flawless and easy! Definitely a reoccurrence in my house. However I’m wanting to make some for my grandfather whom doesn’t like lemon zest. Will leaving this out make any difference! Thanks. ☺️

    23. Christine Bowman

      This is the best recipe ever…
      Follow it and it’s a no fail
      My handy hint is to warm the lemons after they have been zested in the microwave for a minute or so… heaps more juicer.!!

    24. Love this recipe ?
      Brings back so many childhood memories of our family having this weekly on toast ??
      Turned out beautifully and it was delicious ??

    25. I made this Lemon butter yesterday, it is very easy to make and is just delicious
      Still have about 15 lemons left so will make more today lol ??

    26. Kim Gibson-Wills

      OMG…thank you for this recipe…followed recipe exactly and it turned out devine…I ended up getting 8 x 120ml preserving jars perfectly ????

    27. If you also sterilize your lids if the they have the pop top turning them upside-down overnight will allow them to seal like canning can last way longer and stored for Xmas gifts.

    28. Have made this twice now and was delicious. Served on mini pavlovas for family night and was a huge hit.

    29. I am a lemon butter cook of over 40 yrs experience.
      I also have developed a wonky wrist and hand . So the less stirring in this recipe attracted me.

      I made it exactly as instructed and it is perfect.
      It will be my go to recipe from now on.

    30. This is the most amazing recipe.
      I make this dairy free for my daughter who has CMPA
      I follow this exact recipe except I use 170g of dairy free butter
      Every single person that has tried mine says its delicious

    31. Absolutely yummy, hadn’t realised how much I miss Lemon Curd, mum used to put it inbetween her sponge cakes as well.

    32. This is fantastic! I made a half batch (4 eggs) in my 1.5l slow cooker with dairy free butter. It took 45 minutes and yielded 2 x 370g jars. It thickened very fast towards the end of that time so worth keeping a close eye on.

    33. This is the easiest Lemon Butter recipe I have ever used and delicious, I have put a spoonful on top of a cheesecake slice to serve as well, went down a treat.

    34. I absolutely love this recipe. Not only is it super easy it’s fool proof. You can use this lemon butter on toast, sandwiches and even top a cheesecake with it or make little tarts, the choices are endless. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

    35. I have made a little tweaks to this recipe and made lemon and lime butter.. Use half lemons and half limes the balance and taste is amazingly citric and tastes Devine..
      For example I used 3 lemons and 4 limes which makes the approx 250ml of both freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice and finely grated 2 teaspoons of lemon and lime rind ??

    36. Hi,
      Made a batch of curd yesterday. It feels grainy, what have I done wrong? Cooked for about hour and half. Panicked a bit when I saw oil from the butter forming. Would the extra half hr cooking solve the issue?

    37. Member storage tips!

      Margaret said : this keeps in the fridge for 3 months or you freeze it in an ice cream container and just scoop its out as you need it

    38. I have used the lemon ? butter ? recipe but I have used limes instead of the lemons. I did put 4drops of blue food colouring in to make it this colour. I was lucky enough to barter with a local for backyard eggs ? and they were really yellow ?
      I also ran out of sugar so it’s only got 1cup and a bit, it’s really tart but it will suit the lime meringue pies I am making.

    39. 5 stars
      I made this yesterday, doubled the recipe and it is so simple and tangy absolutely delicious. I used raw sugar which seemed to work well. I sterilized the jars by using the milton tablets in cold water, then rinsed them out with hot water and added boiling water to the sink to act as a water bath and warm the jars through.

    40. 5 stars
      Made this tonight, but with orange and lemon. Exact recipe but 2 tsp lemon rind, 2 tsp orange rind. Half cup lemon juice, half cup orange juice. Worked perfectly. Again it split, or looked like it, but someone else on here posted that you just use a hand blender and its fine. I did that and its beautiful! Citrusy but not quite as tart as lemon on its own – I use that for lemon meringue pie too. Made 8-9 100ml jars. Thanks Paulene, worked a treat, 5 stars!

    41. 5 stars
      lemon curd in the slow cooker, what a work saver, I used to do it the old way boiling water in a pan and pyrex bowl in the pan how dangerous was that.The results from the slow cooker is far more reliable and delicious.Going to try it on my son who loves lemon curd.something else I’l
      have to make for him I suppose.

    42. 4 stars
      I made this today following the recipe as written albeit something didn’t work, the mixture kept catching on the bottom and on the walls of the bowl, started the eggs cooking . By the time 90 mins were up I decided to turn it off, strained the curd salvaging 2 bottles, which I might add tasted delicious.
      The only thing I can think of is maybe the bigger S/c burns too hot on low, next time ( and there will be a next time) I plan to use my small cooker.

    43. 5 stars
      Forget my previous comment, I see that you only use the juice of 7-8 Lemons.
      I am sure I saw a recipe that had chopped up Lemons in the cooker, and one more Marmalade-like with the seeds in a cloth bag.
      Still, this looks easier, but now I will see if I can find the other recipe.

    44. 5 stars
      Just a caution; too much heat is the enemy.

      I have the seating slow cooker, and thought I could use it on browning mode at the beginning to help the butter to melt,

      But it can turn omeletty very quickly. The eggs and butter aren’t meant to be flash heated, you’re looking to slowly warm it up –

      It wasn’t a failure but it left me with some white and brown flecks, so I just had to eat the whole batch myself ?

      The taste is unbelievable! So good. I substituted to make Lime butter and it was *chefs kiss*

    45. Little extra note; if you heat your lemons briefly in the microwave, they juice SO EASILY. (Be sure to do your rinds first) ☺️ ?

    46. 4 stars
      This recipe was spectacularly easy! I halved the recipe and made in my baby slowcooker. Otherwise followed as recipe says, turning bowl when I stirred it-these babies have a hot spot.
      The only thing I will change next time-oh yes, there WILL be a next time ? is maybe a little less sugar and a little more lemon, purely personal preference.
      For just that reason, I give it 4.5 put of 5 for ease of recipe and flavour.
      Thanks Jessie Hooper ?

    47. 5 stars
      Loved my first attempt came out perfect! Next time I would add more zest I like it strong! Thanks for this recipe it was so easy

    48. Easiest way I have discovered to make (very popular) lemon curd. I did discover it was easy to overcook and send the curd a little bit sugery so now I turn it off the moment it reaches the correct consistency.

    49. 5 stars
      Easiest recipe ever and so quick to prepare. I make with lime juice as my lime tree is overflowing. I make bulk packs of lime juice and zest (1 cup bags) and freeze then easy to thaw and make. Hubby just loves it and quick to remind me when he is down to the last bottle so I can make a new batch.

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