Easy chicken & corn noodle soup

Easy chicken & corn noodle soup


June 17, 2015

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 4 hrs
  • Yields: 4


1 precooked roast chicken, shredded

1L chicken stock

1 can creamed corn

1 can corn kernels

2 packets of 2 minute noodles

Sliced Spring onions to garnish


1Add shredded chicken, cans of corn and stock to slow cooker and cook on high for four hours.

220 minutes before finish add two packets of two minute noodles (if you want extra flavour you can add the flavour sachets, but I didn't).

3Garnish with spring onions if desired and serve with fresh bread.

Submitted by Amanda Kenwright


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Sounds do-able to me John πŸ™‚ Let us know how you go!

John Hanmer

July 15, 2022

I will have a crack at this tomorrow using Breast Chicken + add chicken Oxo cube and Cambells Cream chicken soup and Garlic and Ginger ,, does that sound do-able????????? dinner for me and the missus

Most creamed corn is dairy free? There isn’t any cream in it Paige πŸ™‚ Just check your labels to be sure πŸ™‚


July 4, 2022

Can you do this without the creamed corn kernels? Or is there a dairy free option?

Lauren Spackman

June 27, 2022

Amazing, delicious, my 2yrs old loves this as she thinks its noodles! Can use up left over veg etc! 10/10


May 31, 2022

This was so easy and yummy on cold night. I only put in 1 pkt of 2 min noodles, I used a precooked chicken and no leftovers lol.


May 16, 2022

I used raw chicken thighs instead and cooked it on low for 7 hrs. I then take out the chicken at the end and shred it and return it back to the slowcooker with the noodles until the noodles are cooked. I also add a dash of soy sauce .

Standard cans of corn are around 420g Steve πŸ™‚


May 13, 2022

What size are the cans??

Lauren Spackman

May 7, 2022

Amazing! Toddler and hubby loved this. So easy

Sam mclean

May 1, 2022

This recipe is amazing! I added some leek and bacon which lifted it even more. Approved by the husband aswel πŸ˜‰


April 30, 2022

Made this today.. beautiful yum I didn’t end up adding noodles tho

Yes that would cook in time I believe. Just cut it into smaller strips or something rather than solid whole breasts


April 27, 2022

Delicious and super simple and easy to make


April 27, 2022

Can you put in raw chicken breast instead since it’s cooking for so long. Then shred and put back in.


May 22, 2020

This is soup is absolutely amazing – I make it all the time – it’s my go to!!!! Never fails to please.😊

I would myself Kate πŸ™‚


April 20, 2020

in this one do you add the juices from the can of corn

Because it uses a pre cooked chicken I wouldn’t reheat it another time after the initial slow cooking day, no πŸ™‚


June 11, 2019

Is this able to be reheated the next day? I’m a bit skeptical because putting in precooked chicken

I probably wouldn’t freeze this one because of the cooked chicken in it. That would mean when you reheated the soup it would be heating that chicken for the 3rd time and twice is my limit for food safety x

Kristy Edmonds

June 10, 2019

Can you freeze this recipe

Helen Pearson

May 3, 2019

Have made this today … absolutely beautiful! So easy … I used a large chicken breast fillet, lightly cooked and diced instead of shredded chicken … definitely another family favorite!

This recipe doesn’t include it πŸ™‚

Helen Pearson

April 25, 2019

Just wondering do you have to add the chicken carcass? How does it add to the flavour?

You could reduce it but it was lovely to get max flavour this way πŸ™‚


April 21, 2019

Looks yummy
Just wondering if it needs the full 4hrs as chicken is pre cooked

I’ve not tried but I think you could πŸ™‚


April 11, 2019

Would it be alright to added thickened cream towards the end to give it a creamy taste?


January 1, 2019

This soup is so delicious…and so, so easy to make.

I followed the instructions apart from adding the top half of the chicken carcass, for that little bit of extra depth of flavour.

Will be making this regularly…..


December 29, 2018

This was so tasty and easy to make. It will be a regular i in this household.

The only thing I did differently was to add in the chicken carcass for a more depth of flavour….

I think it should hold up ok to that πŸ™‚


July 10, 2018

This recipe sounds fabulous. Just wondering though …. Has anyone tried this recipe on low for 8 hours instead of 4hrs on high??

Heather Hean

June 25, 2018

oops forgot to say, like Paulene, I just used the one packet of 2 min noodles and it was perfect ratio to the amount of liquid.

Heather Hean

June 25, 2018

Should be called “Easiest” chicken corn noodle soup ever! 5 star recipe and delightfully easy and budget friendly.

Tamara Cox

June 11, 2018

Amazing, made this for a camp my daughter was on and everyone loved it, kids came back for seconds and thirds.

As the recipe steps say this is optional πŸ™‚

Brooke Henderson

June 7, 2018

Do you put the chicken flavouring in that comes with 2 minute noodles?

A HUGE hit with our family
So easy to prep and cook was the best part
And the end result was delicious
Only thing I’ll change when I cook it next (and I will cook it again it’s that good) is I’d drop down to 1 packet of noodles or if I did use two packets I’d double the stock just to have more soup/noodle ratio πŸ™‚
This is a great budget dinner for the whole family to enjoy x

Coral Hastings

August 25, 2017

Made this a few nights ago. Absolute winner!!!
I always have broken up roast chickens in the freezer as I work evenings at Woolies and buy them at the end of the night when they have been marked down.
I have made almost the same recipe before but just in a pot on the stove, what a flavour difference in the slow cooker!!!
Never making it in just a pot again!!!
I forgot to put the noodles in at the end but it didn’t matter.
Hubby and daughter (5) LOVED it.


August 22, 2017

This is sooo yummy, such a winner in our family. My daughter makes it all the time for her little boys, they love it.


April 11, 2017

This was delicious!!


April 10, 2017

This was delicious!

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