The Cob-less Hot Cob Dip!

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October 10, 2017

The Cob-less Hot Cob Dip! 5 0 5 2

Think of a lush cob loaf - minus the cob! Great for low carb folk, for parties and for entertaining πŸ™‚ A cheesy, creamy dip delight!

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 1 hr 45 mins
  • 15 mins

    1 hr 45 mins

    2 hrs

  • Yields: Enough for a large party


250g Philadelphia cream cheese block

2/3 cup cooking cream

2/3 cup sour cream

40g pkt dry French Onion Soup mix

150g diced bacon

1 cup grated tasty cheese

3 Tablespoons of diced fresh chives

2/3 cup grated mozzarella cheese


1Lay a sheet of baking paper on bottom of slow cooker bowl (just to protect surface)

2Fill slow cooker bowl with 2cm of water

3Sit a suitably sized (oven proof) serving dish into the water bath in the slow cooker

4I used an oven proof ceramic type dish approx 23cm long, 15cm wide and 7cm deep

5Combine cream cheese, cream, sour cream, soup mix, bacon and tasty cheese in a mixing bowl and combine well

6Transfer to the cooking dish

7Cover using The Tea Towel Trick

8Cook on high for 1hr 30 mins, stirring once during cooking time to combine well as cheeses melt

9Then sprinkle top with diced chives and mozzarella cheese and cook for an additional 15mins, still with tea towel trick in place

10Carefully remove dish from slow cooker, wipe the bottom that is wet, then serve straight to the table

Serving Suggestion

1Serve with carrot, cucumber and celery sticks, bread sticks, and tortilla chips

2Low carb when served with appropriate dipping sides

3You could vary contents to any of your favourite cob fillings if you preferred



Submitted by Paulene Christie


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Michelle Grew

April 18, 2022

I freeze leftovers in a plastic container and reheat in the microwave when I reuse.

I’ve not tried to myself Julie … someone else may see your question though and may have the answer. I’m THINKING it might not be a great option for freezing but I may be wrong πŸ™‚


August 5, 2020

Would it be possible to freeze leftovers please?

Paulene @ Slow Cooker Central

December 21, 2019

Yes so long as yours isn’t one that cooks extra hot and it doesn’t burn/stick … just keep an eye on it πŸ™‚

Erica Hancock

December 20, 2019

Can this be done directly in the slow cooker without the water and extra dish, my slow cook is only a small one and don’t have a dish to fit


July 22, 2019

Hi Christie, could you tell me please, what is the ‘tea towel trick’?


May 16, 2019

Could you store left overs? if so how?


November 12, 2017

Really good dip! Easy to make! Would add more chesse next time. Would make again!

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