1.5L Adesso “Baby” Slow Cooker Review

1.5L Adesso “Baby” Slow Cooker Review

When something is this good – you might need more than one 😉

That’s why I need two of the Adesso 1.5L “baby” slow cookers in my sizable slow cooker collection!
Here’s my ‘baby’ on it’s way home from the shops 😉 >>



We call them baby slow cookers because they are small… but don’t let their size fool you – they are so useful!

Here’s why ….

  I use mine ALL the time for side dishes. The small size is perfect vegetables or potato bake or rice or others side dishes to our main dishes in the bigger slow cookers. And one side is never enough!

  They are also the perfect size for desserts if you have a sweet tooth

 They have their own recipe category on the website (1.5L recipes) so you have a collection of recipes just to fit this sized cooker

 Having more than one is also a great way to do two versions of the one dinner (or two dinners) for different tastes at once … eg a spicier version for adults and milder for kids

 Great size for small households, singles, couples or those travelling with limited space/weight options in caravans etc

 They are only $20 from Woolworths supermarkets so very affordable



– Perfectly petite for small slow cooked meals
– Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
– Removable ceramic pot
– Glass lid with handle
– Low, High & Warm cooking settings
– Power light indicator
– 1.5L capacity
– Easy grip handles for safe serving
– Woolworths money back guarantee




39 thoughts on “1.5L Adesso “Baby” Slow Cooker Review”

  1. Thanks so much for the info
    Also bought my newbie this am ..

    I didn’t strap in – ?- but I did place carefully on the back seat ( country town – low risk ) while the rest of groceries went in the boot )

    I’m normally a – think it need it want it girl ??

    So have put the bacon chicken one in the little one on 4 hours high – but after 3 have turned back to low .

    Thanks for ALL your inspiration

    All good so far !!

  2. Yes, this is a real little beauty! I got rid of my larger, family-sized slow cooker that wasn’t getting any use because there’s only me to cater for, and when I saw the Adesso 1.5 litre slow cooker I just had to get it. And it’s marvellous!!!!!!! Highly recommended.

    1. Loraine, I live on my own as well, but have for years been getting a lot of use out of my two larger slow cookers. I make a full pot of casserole or soup or roast etc, have one meal then freeze the rest. Sometimes I don’t have to cook for a fortnight, except for an accompaniment like rice or potatoes or fresh vegetables. The Slow Cooker books by Sally Wise have been invaluable.
      I am looking for a small pot so that I can cook porridge overnight. This one seems ideal.

  3. Works fine but over cooks on high meat chicken turns mushy haven’t tried low yet any helpful tips would be fine

  4. I have had one of these, loved it, gave it to a friend who was single. I have been desperately searching for another baby slow cooker and have asked every week for the last 6 weeks at my local woollies, hopefully this week will be the winner.

    1. I searched for about 6mnths and someone on this site advised to Facebook Woolworths,. They replied and found a store near me. I was then able to buy one and it’s great.

    2. Fiona MacKenzie

      Ring Woolies and they will get it in store for you. They did this for me. Now there are plenty on shelf at my local supermarket

  5. I use mine all the time for things like Japanese curry, it’s just the right size for the two of us with leftovers for my brother.

  6. Does anyone know where to buy a “Baby S.Cooker” in New Zealand please? I haven’t been able to find one – not even Countdown Supermarkets!

    1. Trish, I bought all 4 of my baby slow cookers from Countdown within the last month. Not sure where you are but I’m in CHCH. I bought 2 for $20 each then the next day they were on special for $16. (check their website from time to time). My local Countdown had sold out but when I went back the following week they had more for the special price so I got another 2. I love them but I find they cook “hot”

      1. Hi Maz,
        I’ve been checking at our Countdown (Hastings – N.Is) with no luck yet. Thanks for your info., I’ll keep a look out. ???

  7. I love my baby slow cooker for making pot pourri . The smell is fabulous and spreads throughout the house. You leave the lid off and need to keep the water topped up. A few faves include; lemons quartered, sprigs of rosemary; and whole cloves. Or cinnamon sticks and cloves. Beautiful. Gayle

  8. I would like to put the ceramic part in my convection oven to brown off the bread topping of a beef casserole.
    Instructions just say do not use in microwave so is it possible to use the pot alone in the convection oven?

    It is the best little cooker
    N Lovell

  9. hello,
    i inherited the 1.5 ltr. Adesso slow cooker so i don’t have the original instruction booklet (i presume it had one)

    i have no idea of how to use it as i have never used one before. ?
    i would like to cook rice in it, would anyone be able to tell me how??
    thanks in advance

      1. thanks pauline, i will try it out sometime this week.

        one more question —> what are the manufacturer’s Temperatures for – LOW – HIGH – KEEP WARM??

  10. Bought yesterday Woolworths $20
    Today 14 th August 2020. Woolworths has it on special at $16
    Absolute bargain

    I made stew yesterday
    Woolworths Baby White potato’s 3 small diced small / added after hour * good for salads too
    Woolworths rump diced small * could used any steak ie, stew steak
    Campbell’s Beef stock 500 ml, used it all in increments thruout the cooking
    Woolworths Broccoli florets 4
    ahh BISTO * officially the most delicious gravy needs only water
    Master-foods Pepper Steak seasoning
    Couple cloves garlic

    Left it couple hours
    Delicious little stew ~ 15 minutes prep
    Easy to clean the lovely little ceramic pot
    Can table serve from the pot also it’s so cute
    Can store pot in fridge when COOLED down ~ for easy re heat
    All up
    A great little pot as others have stated

    Happy Customer Woolworths shopper

      1. It gets hot enough to melt the wax, gets to a very runny liquid on the low setting. If the high setting is used it will over heat the wax and discolour it, this is still well below 100degree celcius. Check out Oz cycle ultimate chain wax YouTube video.

  11. Husband is a shift worker and eats and goes to bed early. So I cook our meal : feed him and pop the rest in this small cooker until the rest of us are ready to
    Eat. Keeps it fresh and warm and saves a second round of cooking.

  12. I know this blog post is years old!

    But I’m looking forward to getting a baby slow cooker too, I’m a single person and the regular sized slow cookers are just too massive…

    Thanks for this review!

  13. I use mine for making fudge and the odd two ingredient cake.Its probably the best twenty dollars I will ever spend in my kitchen.I saw it in woolworth and thought what do I have to lose

  14. After reading the above wonderful reviews last night and noticing that the 1.5L ADESSO “BABY” SLOW COOKER is currently priced at $16…. purchased one today!

    Q: Is the lid meant to sit evenly around the top of the ceramic cook pot?

    Mine does not. It is not an even fit and is “open” at two of the lids base.

    Checked our Sunbeam 5L and the lid sits firmly. Checked with family and friends, they say the same thing, lid should sit squarely and evenly to prevent excessive moisture escaping.

    If the moisture (via steam) evaporates faster than normal, it will likely leave a dry chunk of food after 8hrs of cooking!

    1. Some lids are sealed tighter than others … this is one that doesn’t sit super firm but no I don’t find it affects cooking 🙂 It does cook a little hotter than some larger cookers though so you’d rarely need anything in this one for 8hrs being so small amount of food that fits in it 🙂

  15. I bought the “baby slow cooker” last week from Woolies on special for $16, I have wanted one for awhile now, I needed to get a small slowcooker to replace my Aldi multi size slowcooker that got broken in the move. Thank you for your reviews 🙂

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