Category: Vegetable

Vegetable Medley Pasta

A yummy pasta dish filled with all the veggies you can think of & the kids won't even realise.

Bacon & Egg Hot Potato

A tasty creamy potato side dish - could be served hot or cold!

Curry Cauliflower

A lovely cauliflower in a creamy sauce but with a hint of curry too!
Delicious as a side dish to your next main 😊 Mild enough for the whole family to enjoy

Green Beans with Bacon & Feta

Take your green beans to the next level by cooking them with bacon and in garlic butter, then top with crumbled feta for a flavoursome finish!
I could gladly eat these as a meal in themselves they are so good 😊

Creamy Cauliflower Sweet Potato and Yellow Curry Soup

Creamy and delicious perfect to warm those bellies in those cooler months !


Nacho Potato Bake

Smashed Potatoes

Baked Vegetables

Enjoy 🙂

Braised Red Cabbage

We have on Christmas day with turkey but equally good with duck, lamb, pork or beef.