White Christmas

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White Christmas

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Serving: 40
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


  • 750g white chocolate melts
  • 1 tbsp vanilla essence
  • 1.5 cups rice bubbles
  • 100g glazed cherries - halved
  • 170g craisins (can be substitute for sultanas)
  • 3/4 cup dessicated coconut
  • 100g slivered almonds


  • Place white choc melts and vanilla essence into slow cooker on high for 30mins with the lid on to melt well.
  • While this is melting, roast almonds by spreading them out on a tray in the oven at 180 degrees for 8-9 mins until golden, stirring around once during this time.
  • Mix rice bubbles, cherries, craisins, coconuts & almonds to combine.
  • When chocolate is melted add dry ingredients into slow cooker and mix well (work fast)
  • Press the mixture down firmly into a slice tray lined with baking paper.
  • Place in fridge for 1 - 2 hrs to set prior to slicing into squares.
  • Ho ~ Ho ~ Ho

6 thoughts on “White Christmas”

  1. This is so good! I stirred the chocolate a couple of times as it was melting and it stopped melting lol. But it was soft enough to mix the dry ingredients into, I then set it in the fridge and the end result is….OMG. I will definitely be making this again!

  2. Made this last year & it was fab. Everybody loved it. Saw another recipe on here a couple of days ago for same recipe that someone else did and added a tin of sweetened condensed milk. I now have Caramel Christmas…. Hopefully it will still taste as good as last years… Your thoughts??

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