Sticky honey chicken

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Sticky honey chicken

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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 20 minutes


  • 500g chicken breast
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1/4 cup light soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 1/2 small onion
  • Flour to coat


  • Coat diced chicken in flour and brown in butter over medium heat but do not fully cook through. Throw in thinly sliced onion towards the end.
  • In a bowl mix all other ingredients together and throw together with chicken in slow cooker for 2-3 hours on high.
  • Served with rice and vegetables on the side
  • *Note*. If using 1kg of chicken, double all other ingredients except the soy sauce

137 thoughts on “Sticky honey chicken”

  1. Definately one that I’m making a regular in our house, added some carrots, zucchini, mushrooms and capsicum.

  2. Yummy. Everyone enjoyed this meal. I used chicken thighs and cooked for 5ish hrs. Turned out delish. Served with rice and steamed vege. Thank you so much. Will be doing this recipe again

  3. Do people generally use minced garlic from a jar for this, or freshly minced cloves? I know they’re interchangeable, but I do find there’s a difference in flavor. I’ve found a few recipes on here where the quantity is measured in teaspoons rather than cloves … am I right to assume this means garlic from the jar?

  4. Delicious! I did halve the amount of soy sauce to reduce the salt content for my little ones and still great. 1 year old was sucking the sauce off the chicken! We had it with rice and green beans, which worked quite well. Next time I might add some veg to the slow cooker as we wanted more of the meal! Thanks for such a great recipe!

  5. I used a kilo of chicken and had it on low. Cooked it for about 8 hours but found it was too long and the meat was a bit dry. I think my new slow cooker cooks a bit hotter than my previous one. It was starting to stick to the bottom, so I added a bit more water. While I was out, hubby added a bit too much water and it became runnier. The flavour was still really nice. Will definitely be making this one again but cooking it for less time. I was even thinking that I could add some veggies in and make it a pie filling.

  6. Wow. This is by far one of my favourite slow cooker dishes. This is delicious. Making double next time so we can have seconds and thirds. Very easy, cost effective and full of flavour.

  7. Wow! This recipe is soooo delicious. Made it with chicken wings coz thats what we had and even fussy Mr 4 was licking his fingers clean. Will definitely be making this again

  8. Michelle Roylance

    I am making this tonight will let you know what we think once we have it , it does look delicious though so here’s hoping …

  9. This is super yummy – the whole family enjoyed it! However it does cook really fast so be aware! I put the crock pot on low expecting about a 6 hour cooking time and it was done in 2.5 hours! So I just kept it on warm and it was still moist and yummy for dinner a few hours later 🙂

  10. I had pork spare ribs out for dinner and decided to try this recipe using them sliced up . It was really yummy served with rice pilaf. After browning the pork first, I found it only took 2-3 hours to cook . Will be trying it with chicken next time 🙂

  11. This is the second time I’ve made this and both times I’ve cooked it for too long. Came out really dry and stringy. I want to love it so I will try again. Also I’ll add less soy but more honey I think.

  12. This is our new family favourite. I did brown the chicken first, and found that 3 hours was enough for 1kg of chicken thighs. Used normal soy sauce but followed the extra notes and did not double the soy, but doubled everything else. Served with rice and steamed vegies. No leftovers sadly.

  13. Jodie Leemhuis

    Very nice and simple recipe. Easy to prepare and the sides you could make to accompany are endless. The whole family loved it, although my partner did say it was very sweet to him, everyone else licked their plates clean 🙂

  14. A very nice flavour will add to my favourites list.
    So used to cooking more savoury flavours this was very nice.
    Thank you.

  15. Very easy recipe and tasty. I only had dark soy sauce so it turned out quite a bit darker than in the picture but was still very nice. I served it with rice and green beans sauteed in sesame oil, and sprinkled sesame seeds over. Yum!

  16. I tried this today for the first time with 650 g of chicken thighs and otherwise stuck to the recipe. Coated in plain flour and used a very hefty dump of butter for the browning of the chicken and the onions. I cooked on high for 2 hours and the chicken was both well cooked and tender. As a bonus there was plenty of sauce left at the bottom of the cooker to drizzle over the meals/into the rice I served it with. Overall very happy..tasty, very simple prep and a great base to experiment from.

  17. To please a family of 9 is hard but everyone including my super fussy 2 yr old love this. Odveously we make it on a much bigger scale but absolutely love it. One of my all time favourite slow cooking recipes​ and so much cheaper than paying for Chinese for a big family.Five stars.

  18. Trish vanderlaan

    This dish is deffently the new family fav! I sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with fried rice. Better than
    take away & Alot healthier too!

  19. Made this with 1kg chicken thighs. Doubled everything except soy (used dark) as instructed. Didn’t brown the chicken, just coated in cornflour and added to sc. Came home from work to put on and found the minimum time my sc allows is 4hrs. Decided to turn it on and see what it was like at dinner time. 3hr later meat was cooked and sauce beginning to thicken and coat meat. Served with rice and steamed greens, family decided we can add it to the list of things they will eat. A major achievement! Great recipe.

  20. Nicola Carruther

    So quick & easy to make.
    I did double the sauce ingredients except the soy.
    I have a secret chef slow cooker so this whole dish was made in an hour!
    I used tenderloins instead of breast fillet.
    Will definitely make this again

  21. Delicious . I only had dark soy but was still good . I served it with white rice and steamed broccoli. Will definitely cook again .

  22. Carla Mullenberg

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner I know everyone says it but this dish is a winner. I used thighs and since my SC runs a bit hot I cook it on low for the same amount of time I also doubled the recipe including the Soy Sauce (I use Tamari which is not as salty as others) and it was perfect, another one to add to my growing roster of recipes.

  23. Guys you can buy light soy in the Asian food section of woolies and Coles. It’s not in the isle where the normal soy is but in the isle where Asian foods are.

  24. Enjoyed this dish & will make again. The only thing I changed was the amount of sugars – I didn’t use any brown sugar & halved the amount of honey. Still quite sweet but tasty.

  25. Love this dish. Putting it on today so I can watch the Grand Final and dinner will be ready when it is finished. May the best team win. I know my dinner will be a winner!!!

  26. Daniela Nonkovic

    Great recipe and one that I’ll definitely be making again!
    I’ll probably add carrots & capsicum next time.
    I doubled the chicken & honey, used 1/3 cup of soy sauce and 2 small onions (halved, then quartered).
    2 hours on high & 1 hour on low. ??

  27. I used Tamari (Japanese gluten free soy) and palm sugar in lieu of light soy and brown sugar. Slightly less honey and sugar than recipe. Added spring onion and French onion shallots and also used chicken thigh. So simple and delicious.

  28. Loved this bit it didn’t look like the pic but it was delicious, we had it with rice and spring rolls, my partner even enjoyed it.

  29. Rosanna Hetherington

    The first time I made this it was a major flop no idea what I did wrong but it was the first recipe I tried that wasnt a casserole or stew. After a little experimentation and learning and having successful meals I decided to give this another go. My whole family is so glad I did even my picky eater scoffed her tea down nice and quickly. Next time I might increase the amount as we have none left we had it with brown rice and baked spuds cooked in the slowcooker as well and steamed veggies on the side.

  30. Big hit and no leftovers! Cooked on low for 5ht doubled the ingredients except soy as per recipe. Fussy Master 9yo devoured it too

  31. sarah vandenberg

    Made this last night and idk what i did wrong but i might skip brown sugar and use normal soy. as i added allot of salt when i had dished up.

  32. Made this a few nights ago. I used double the chicken, so I doubled everything else except the Soy Sauce.
    In the last half hour, I chopped a head of Broccoli into florets and through them in too.
    Served over rice.
    Absolutely delish!
    Reheated well for Hubby’s dinner at work the following night too!

  33. Amazing sticky and yummy ,My partner who is not a very good in the kitchen made this last week, I had surgery and needed to rest, so easy to do, definitely having again.

  34. Tried this for the first time and loved it. So quick and easy . Hubby even used two words to describe it while eating, Ok and good ?

  35. Loved this! Made it for my husband and 1yo baby. A hit with both and there was nothing left over – will have to make a double next time! I didn’t have any light soy so I just used regular soy. It was delicious.

  36. Absolute favourite in our house!! I literally have to quadruple the recipe as my family just want more and more (obviously don’t quadruple the soy sauce though)
    I’ve even got my friends onto this recipe, and they say it’s taste better that Chinese honey chicken takeout

  37. Not totally disappointed in the sticky honey chicken yet BUT mine turned out very dry. I cooked double recipe on low using chicken tenderloins and didn’t double the soy sauce as per other comments. Put on low for 5 hrs but took off after 4 hrs max. I haven’t used my slow cooker enough to know if it cooks hot, but I didn’t think so until today! My adult son said “not at all like honey chicken but okay” which converts to it wasn’t fried like in the Chinese restaurant but he’ll eat again! ???. I thought the sauce was tasty but chicken was just tough and overcooked. Reckon IF I did it again, I’ll try just putting raw chicken in and not “flouring & browning” first. Or should I definitely use chicken breast? I thought tenderloins would be “melt in your mouth” tender? Would be interested in feedback from those who have made it.

  38. I tripled the quantities for 1.5kg of chicken. As per advice here I only used 2x the amount of light soy but it could have done with more, wasn’t all that salty. I think this would vary a lot between brands and types of soy, definitely with a regular dark soy 2x would be enough. Chicken was tender and delicious and we still gobbled it down.

  39. Amazing recipe, absolutely loved it. Will definitely become a family favourite .
    Only thing I changed was an extra scoop of honey and I put it under the grill for a couple of minutes to make the sauce nice and sticky

  40. This recipe was very yummy. I grated carrot, zucchini, cauliflower, and broccoli into it and added at the start. The vegie fearing husband didn’t even complain about them. Next time I might add some chili for a little kick.

  41. This was delicious, my husband and son loved it. I tripled the chicken and doubled the sauce except the soy sauce. Used normal soy and not light Probably could have tripled the sauce to coat chicken well. Would only double the soy though! Reheats really well. I used thigh fillets.

  42. Im planning on doing 750g chicken so I am going to do 1.5 times all ingredients except the soy sauce. Would i cook for 2 or 3 hours as we are planning a 630pm dinner. thanks

  43. We had this last night for the first time and it was a hit, even my fussy hubby loved it and pretty much licked his bowl clean lol, my daughter also loved it, she loves honey chicken from the chinese shops that is done in the batter so this was a test for her and got the thumbs up, the only disappointing thing was that there was no left overs so I will be doubling the recipe next time. I did find it wasn’t as sticky as I thought it would be it was more saucy but flavour was definitely there so not a big deal. I was worried about it being to sweet for me but when I taste tested about a half before ready I could taste the soy sauce a bit to much so I did add an extra half tablespoon of honey and that was just enough, perfect dish. This recipe is well worth trying and it will be an added favourite to my recipe folders

  44. My 16 year old son made this & it was beautiful. He doubled everything except the soy sauce. Half way through cooking he said there wasn’t any sauce & added a bit more. Only downfall it was a bit gluggy, not sure if that’s from the flour on the chicken?

  45. Loved this, only took 2 hours to cook a kilo of chicken. Next time I think I will make more sauce, I did double it. But it would be awesome to tip on rice

  46. Priscilla Luttger

    So quick and easy to make. Tastes delicious. I wish I’d made extra. Definitely on the cook again list!

  47. Made this the other night and my family loved it they said it was as good as their favourite Chinese takeaway restaurant will be making this again

  48. I made this the other week, and the sauce was delicious! But the chicken was a bit dry. Should I cook it on low instead? Or maybe not fry it first? So that it doesn’t dry out too much. Suggestions please

  49. I have the sunbeam Sear and Slow Cooker
    Cooks beef cheeks in 4 hrs on low
    My question is how long will i need to cook thigh fillets for,thanks in advance. Trish

  50. This was a winner. I’m sure my sunbeam Sear and Slow Cooker is faulty, thigh fillets cooked to perfection in one hour on low.

  51. This is a good one. I used 1 medium sized breast that I diced. I didn’t have light soy sauce so I used regular soy but halved the amount, everything else was the amounts stated. It was ready in my 3.5L Russell Hobbs in about 3.5 hours. I served it on a bed of white rice and sprinkled sesame seeds on top. Really nice flavour and the amount I did was enough for two adults. Also great that all the sauce ingredients were staples in my cupboard or fridges. Tasty recipe.

  52. I made this last night and it went down well. My daughter who initially said ‘it’s smells a bit weird’ went up for 3rds ha.
    I used a kilo of chicken and I tripled the sauce recipe and still could have used more sauce (we are just a family that likes sauce ha). I added a little more soy sauce that 1/4 a cup as I tripled the sauce recipe but actually think I should have just used 1/4 cup. Still it was great and we would eat it again!

  53. Delish and surprisingly not sweet at all!! I cooked 1kg chicken thrippled the sauce ingreds, left soy sauce at 1/4 cup as recommended by the reviews, it worked a treat!!

  54. I made this tonight
    It was absolutely delicious
    Hubby loved it and he’s pretty fussy
    Will definitely be making this again

  55. Made this last night and absolutely loved it. I doubled the sauce ingredients except the soy sauce and by mistake I used salt reduced soy sauce instead of light soy sauce, also used 2 onions. Mine had a much darker colour at the end but it was absolutely delicious. Thanks will definitely be on the rotation now.

  56. Claire Bennett

    I cooked this yesterday. I followed the recipe as posted and even Hubby who doesn’t like this type of dish cleared his plate. My eldest wanted more sauce but I thought there was plenty. This will be another one on the rotation list.

  57. YUM!!
    Made a couple of changes. Used 3 large (approx 500g) chicken thigh cutlets (bone in) . Doubled sauce ingredients except soy sauce and also added a tablespoon of cracked black pepper. Browned chicken as usual and cooked in my breville fast slow cooker. On pressue cook setting – medium preasure for 12 minutes. Chicken was perfect just had to reduce sauce a little.
    Served with rice and brocolli.
    Sooo delicious!

  58. So yummy! I also doubled the sauce (not soy) and added a splash of sesame oil and a squeeze of lemon to cut through the sweetness of honey and sugar. I also pan fried some firm tofu and added some capsicum in the last hour.

  59. Margaret McCluskey

    Made this today. Made it with extra sauce as we love sauce, I cut the chicken breast s into pieces a bit bigger than I normally would cut them and they were very tender and didn’t dry out. It was Delicious and so easy to made. Was ready in 2 hours, we had it with pasta. Will definitely make it again.

  60. Very enjoyable and the chicken was cooked beautifully and nice and tender and i used the whole onion instead of half a onion and i doubled the sauce which i don’t think was need and i will cook it again

  61. Delicious! I was called into work at the laast minute, and as this doesn’t have a huge cook time I was able to get home after 3, quickly put it together, and dinner ready to go with rice and brocolli by 6:30. Next time I will double the chicken though, everyone wanted more!

  62. Wow what a dish! I had to see what all the fuss was about and I was not disappointed at all. The sauce was delicious! Idoubled it as we like sauce and made fried rice to go with it. Will be making this one again.

  63. This recipe was a great hit among my teenagers. They all said it was better than the Chinese restaurant. I would consider adding a crunchy green through it , maybe some sort of Asian veg. Will definitely be making this again . ?

  64. This is definitely a family favourite, so quick and easy to preparing and always cooks beautifully. A good recipe for increasing the quantity and not loosing the flavour. My family love it and is a regular on our dinner menu.

  65. Literally the nicest meal ever we all absolutely loved it, cooked for 5 hours on low and left out the sugar as on low carb diet and it already had honey in. First mouthful we all went mmmmmm

  66. Thank you for this recipe. It was so tasty & being Honey the grandchildren enjoyed it. Lovely easy recipe to follow & prepare

  67. Hubby saw this and said he’d like to try it! His favourite now. Used about 1.8kg chick thighs and tripled the recipe including the soy sauce. Added a couple of big heaped teaspoons of minced ginger as well( we love ginger). Needed a little something at the end so added juice of half a lime. Only lightly coated chicken in corn flour but thinking I may try no flour next time as it is a little too thick. Cooked for about 3 hours on low. Served with rice and broccoli. Absolutely a delicious dish. Would make a great bring a plate type dinner. Yummo ??

  68. This is one of my favourite recipes. So tasty. That sauce is divine!! I always use thigh fillets when cooking with chicken. My children really like this one.

  69. Very nice. So quick and easy to prepare. It was after 3pm before I even thought about dinner. This was ready to serve by 6.30pm. Winner, winner ……

  70. I used chicken drumsticks for this & they turned out so yummo, will be making this again for sure. I might try to up the honey a little bit next to see how it goes.

  71. I decided to cook this as it popped up on my feed when I was thinking what to do with chicken!! It was so easy to make. I added a pinch of dried chilli flakes and a little dash of sesame oil to the sauce, I used a whole onion, not half as per the recipe. I put it over rice and put some steamed broccoli to the side, very very nice easy meal! We will be having it again in our house.

  72. I only have regular soy sauce so would I only add about 2 tbsp?
    Is it necessary to flour and brown the chicken or does it work just as well without doing that step?
    Thank you ?

  73. Must have different taste to everyone else. Made this because of all of the good reviews. Was too sweet and honey was overpowering. Neither of us liked it and threw it out. Still…. don’t know till you try it.

  74. Marilyn Macdonald

    Tried this for the first time tonight very nice. We have enough for dinner tomorrow night as well. Yum yum ?

  75. Tried this dish, and it was nice.
    Probably could have doubled the sauce for the amount of chicken.
    Nice though.
    Chicken breast was tender

  76. This is an amazing dish, I’ve tried different things only due to having a chronic pain condition in my spine so I’ve skipped browning stage, not added flour until the end. Thing’s like that but this recipe is best the way it is with double everything (including chicken) but not the soy sauce. And we add crispy fried noodles (found in the international isles of the supermarket) and some sesame seeds for texture and serve with boiled rice. Now my house wants me to do the batter like the Chinese restaurants lol ? but this has now become an almost weekly addition to the menu.

  77. I have made this recipe twice now and each time the result is chicken in a really thin liquid that tastes a bit like honey. Can you advise me where I am going wrong?

  78. 4 stars
    This was an easy and tasty recipe. The chicken was melt in the mouth and the sauce was delicious.
    I followed the above recipe exactly; doubled option for x4 adults (and no leftovers).
    I did put a tea towel under the lid to reduce condensation. Served the chicken topped with sesame seeds, on a bed of jasmine rice and a side of stir fried vegetables. Thank you for a great recipe Shaya.

  79. 5 stars
    First time cooking this and it was so easy to make
    It was delicious. My son can be fussy eater but loved it

    I cooked for 3 hours was a little over cooked next time I’ll cook it for 2 and half hours
    Still delicious
    I’ll be making this again

  80. 5 stars
    I LOVE the sticky honey chicken. It’s such an easy and quick meal. I’ve made it several times in a few weeks, and I’ll definitely be making it again and again….. Thank you Paulene

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