Pasta Carbonara

Submitted by Nataline Smith

Pasta Carbonara

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Serving: 8
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 hours 30 minutes
Total Time 5 hours 45 minutes


  • 1kg of Chicken thighs diced
  • 300 grams Bacon diced
  • 400 grams Mushrooms sliced
  • 1 Onion diced
  • 3 teaspoons Garlic minced
  • 2 cans of Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup
  • 2x 600ml Thickened Cream
  • 1 Chicken Stock Cube
  • 1 pkt 500 grams Fettuccine


  • Add chicken, onion, bacon, garlic, mushrooms, stock cube into slow cooker.
  • Pour over soup mix
  • Add cream
  • Stir together
  • Cook on LOW for 4 hours
  • Put pasta in cooker
  • Gently combine
  • Cook on HIGH for a further 1.5 hours in 6L slow cooker

213 thoughts on “Pasta Carbonara”

  1. have a question think if i half everything it would work too and half the time too? havent cooked this before in slow cooker..

  2. Cooked this tonight. I halved the quantities as I had only brought 1 cream it was still amazing bets a packet one hands down.

  3. This was an absolute hit in our house. I left out the chicken and used aldi’s ham & cheese tortellini instead of the fettuccine. Hubby made me promise to never lose this recipe!

  4. I have tried so times to make a sauce like this & always failed, first time I cooked it, it was beautiful, Finally found the right recipe, thankyou

  5. Kylie McDowell

    I cooked this for tea tonight and I used chicken breast instead of thigh. I cooked for 3 hours on low added the pasta and cooked on high for 1 hour and 15. This is so so good!! Absolutely delicious!! I will definitely be cooking this again 🙂

  6. Sooo yummy.
    I used chicken breast instead.
    Also didn’t use the stock cube.
    I also halved all ingredients but still used 500g fettuccine so towards the end when the pasta was soaking up the liquid I added 1.5 cups of water and stirred through. Perfect to not used so much condensed soup and cream. Very delicious, will be a favourite.

  7. Firstly something amazing happened …..
    Not only everyone ate it but my fussy 2yr old wanted seconds!!!!
    Now she eats most things we give her – but she eats like a bird
    She HOOKED into this then into seconds ?
    Both my boys ate it with gusto ?
    And hubbies plate was empty in about 2 minutes flat as he too headed back for seconds!!
    I’m pretty sure I made moaning noises as I ate!
    lol lol lol lol

    Seriously …. This was AMAZING!!!

    I give it 5/5 stars without ANY hesitation ??

  8. Family lived it although thought it was to creamy… Maybe use a little less next time but other than that, it was delicious

  9. Great recipe. I use chicken breasts and only 1 tub of thickened cream. When the pasta is in I just add a little water as needed. Also you should mention that if using fettuccine you will have to stir it half way through cooking otherwise it sticks together. So delish!

  10. “This Is Good.”
    ” This Is Really Good”
    were the words out of my husbands mouth..
    I guess that means you created a winner 🙂

  11. Oh so naughty with all that cream, but oh so nice! I halved everything, made five generous servings, plus a small serve left over for lunch tomorrow. I cooked it on high for one and a half hours, then added pasta and cooked a further one and a half hours. Will definately be making this again, but will save it for a special occasion.

  12. OMG absolutely amazing ? Can’t fault a thing. I christened my brand new SC with this recipe and I was so glad I did, huge hit with my hubby ? We got 9 generous serves out of this & it froze and reheated well.

  13. Would the cream not split if u cook on low for 4 hrs? I’ve had a few mishaps with other recipes when I add in the cream.

  14. Will making this soon as I get some chicken breast as my 15 yr old daughter doesn’t understand what chicken breast is to buy on her way home from school lol everything else is ready to roll tho

  15. What can i use instead of cream of chicken soup? I only make food from scratch?
    Also if i want to add chicken, how do i do it in the recipe?

  16. Great recipe, I’ve even cooked it with 300ml cream & 1 tin of soup the only thing there’s no left overs.

  17. Cherlyn Davies

    Didn’t have enough cream in the fridge so used a cream and a tin of evaporated milk, also used penne rather than fettucine. The family went nuts for it! The best thing that’s ever come out of my slow cooker. Thanks for posting.

  18. Easy to make and super tasty! Makes a generous amount even when I halved the original recipe. I substituted mushrooms with some zucchini and added it with the Pasta towards the end. Very happy with this recipe!

  19. Rachael Morrison

    I only used 1x 600 ml cream and just used extra chicken stock to make up the liquid amount. Very tasty and a huge hit with everyone!

  20. K i have a few probably silly questions. One what is thickened cream? Heavy cream? An 600 ml is what in oz ? Lol

  21. Loved this, plenty of flavour and heaps left for left overs. I did find it to be a little too thick but I still managed to leave my plate empty lol! Was delicious!!!

  22. Brilliant recipe! Will definitely be a regular here. Even the fussy 3yo had 2 serves. A delicious and easy meal to prepare, no sides required and a flavour that’s spot on.

  23. Tried this recipe yesterday but played with it a little bit; didn’t add chicken, I made it for 2 and added some chopped spring onion on top when served. I used penne pasta, added garlic but omitted the chicken stock cube. I was very reluctant to put raw pasta (my lovely husband is so fussy and ends up not eating it). I will say this: I am never making it any other way. My husband who, again is very fussy, devouvered in record time and went for seconds. He even said it is the best past he ever ate. Amasing, just amasing.

  24. Tiffany Huston

    This recipe is so easy & tastes fantastic. New addition to the household dinner list. I was dubious about adding the pasta & thought it might clump together or not cook well but it works great.
    Can’t go wrong with this one!

  25. After adding the pasta, I’m assuming you mix it in initially, my question is do you have to stir it at all after adding it or before serving it? I’m extremely confused how the fettuccine does not stick together and become a giant ball of partially cooked in some parts and over cooked in other parts.

  26. I got home a little late so cooked the chicken, bacon ,onion, mushrooms, garlic on the stovetop for about ten minutes and heated up the soup and cream in a saucepan then added it and fresh pasta to the slow cooker, my house smells divine.

  27. WOW! This is a wonderful recipe. I’ve made this sauce couple of times now in my 3ltr but as there are only two of us I halve the recipe which is enough for tea and leftovers for lunch.
    The first time I added precooked Beef Ravioli but no chicken. The second time I added shredded cooked chook in from the night before in the last 30 minutes.
    Both times I have cooked it on low for 8+ hours and added pasta cooked on the stove.
    Next time I will add chicken from the start which will be lovely even if it shreds apart.
    Thanks for sharing Nataline.

  28. This was a hit in our house tonight.
    Instead of using the thickened cream i added a tub of light spreadable cream cheese & added some water. Only because I didn’t have thickened cream in the fridge.

  29. Made this the other night… Dumbo me didnt read the ingredients right and only had 1 bottle of thickened cream but OMG it turned out beautifully… My lot inhaled this and then with the leftovers the next night they were all fighting over who was going to have it!!!! Yummooooo!!!! Thankyou Nataline for your recipe its going to be a regular meal in this house!!

  30. Made this today, I used 600mls of cream and then 600mls of water with the chicken stock. It came out lovely but it was a bit thick and gloopy. I think I went wrong somewhere. Other than that it was yummy

  31. Absolutely delicious recipe! My whole family loves it and is sure to be a regular meal in this household 🙂 I use breast instead of thigh, saute onion and garlic first before adding, add an extra stock cube and some cracked black pepper…so yummy!!

  32. Tracey Griffin

    Made this today used whole chicken fillets bit too much liquid but was yummy as and chicken was devine

  33. This was the best carbonara I’ve made! I used lactose free cream and whole chicken breast and just shredded them before adding the pasta.

  34. Amazing pasta….. Kids and husband absolutely loved it!! And super easy….. Sauce was a bit runny but thickened as it cools down…. Will probably add more pasta next time to help soak up that extra liquid and help it stretch further for even more left overs!!! ?

  35. Christine Ellis

    OMG.. was a huge hit, my granddaughter gave it a big 10,. Highly recommend this recipe, just loved it. I used chicken breast chunks.
    Nom Nom Nom

  36. This pasta is sooo amazing ! My partner is not a pasta lover at all but he went for seconds with this and took some to work the next day he loved it lol
    It’s delicious and I highly recommend for people to give it a try, I followed the recipe and didn’t change a thing and it was

  37. i have a 3.9l slow cooker would halving this recipe be enough for 2 people and a 2 year old?? looks bomb and carbonara is by far and away my favourite sauce

  38. I made a half recipe of this, but left out the french onion soup and also used low fat cream, and it was still delicious. I also added some frozen spinach for some veg.

  39. A delicious easy dish, something I will definitely cook again. I added the pasta too early so will add this a bit later next time. The flavour was so yummy!!

  40. So yum, my husband came and got 2nds without me even asking if he wanted more, that’s a compliment in itself ?
    A very delicious recipe ???

  41. I made this last night for the first time and it was so delicious, Mr FUSSY (husband) came back for 2nds, he said it was really good
    Next time I think I will add some chopped avocado into the bowls when it’s served up and mix through
    We will definitely be having this again ??

  42. Jillian Turner

    I made a lighter version. I substituted the the 2 x 600ml cream with – 1 x 300 ml Bulla Light Cooking Cream, 600 mls of milk & approx 1 Cup of water then cooked as per recipe. 1/2 hour before serving I added Baby Spinach leaves. Turned out perfectly & was delicious.

  43. Karen Sinclair

    Whole family loved this. Did as Pauline suggested and browned chicken, garlic, onions and mushrooms prior to placing in slow cooker (mainly because I was short on time and wanted to speed it up a little). Then cooked on low for 2.5 hours then added pasta (used penne instead of fettucine) and cooked for further 1.5 hours on high as per original recipe. Added a bag of spinach which I had in the fridge for the last 20 mins for some extra vegetables. Served with some diced avocado on top and parmesan cheese. Plenty left over for lunches the next day. Great recipe thank you. Will definitely be making this again 🙂

  44. Nicole McNeill

    Made this tonight and omg it was delicious even my youngest son ate it and loved it, great easy recipe…it made heaps and we have left overs which I love having…thank you

  45. A hit in my house, it’s hard finding meals we all agree on due to different tastes but this was AMAZING, I made one on the stove but this one is way better and will replace the other one I made. So tasty and easy to prepare and make ?

  46. Carly henderson

    Thank you to Pauline for sharing this awesome winner of a recipe, my kids are usually fussy but I made this and OMG they devoured it all, and asked when I’ll make it again ??
    Will be the only way I make carbonara for now on ?

  47. I made this last night, soo many left overs and my picky partner had 2 bowls. He loves it, I just added extra garlic and cracked pepper. Definitely making this again

  48. Made this tonight and it was an absolute winner with my 3 and 2 yr olds!. I halved the recipe and was still plenty left over. Definitely be making it again

  49. I made this in the Phillips 6L multicooker and it spilt a little out of the top from the lid(I used the bake option on the vent so pressure didnt build up) however once I removed the lid after the first 4 hrs to add in pasta it was fine. If you want to make this carbonara in the phillips multicooker, try halfing the recipe. It was a great feed though, whole family loved it ❤❤

  50. Suggestions on what o could use in place of cream as have a gf and df family member but she misses these types if pasta meals.

  51. I made this last night and it got a thumbs up from the whole family :). I only made half the quantity but still had more than enough for the 4 of us. I brown the chicken, bacon, mushies and onion before cooking and cooked for 5 hrs on low. I did the pasta seperate. I left the lid off the slow cooker while the pasta was cooking to reduce liquid. Will be making this again!

  52. Finally cooked pasta carbonara last night and after all the reviews thought this meal was on a hiding to nothing! ( no meal could be that awesome as the comments suggested?). And I was wrong. This is one of the nicest, easiest meals I have ever tasted. I was worried about the quantities of cooking cream and soup so halved to 600 mls of cooking cream and 1 can condensed crime of chicken soup. Felt there was plenty of sauce and this will be a regular from now on. Thankyou Natalie for this wonderful recipe. ???

  53. After seeing this recipe appear again and again, I finally made the carbonara this week. I wish I had done it sooner, this is hands down, one of the best meals I have ever tasted. Hubby both preschool children also devoured it. Will now be a regular in our house!

  54. Incredible flavour, everything cooked beautifully – the chicken just falls apart. My husband, 1 year old and I loved it. Very heavy meal and I’d recommend halving the recipe if just for a few people. We have more than enough to last us for days. Glad we gave this a try ?

  55. OMG this is another go to meal ideal for Saturday nights to have a carbohydrate intake before junior football the next day all time favourite in my house

  56. Absolutely delicious although very rich! I only used 800ml thickened cream and a cup of chicken stock. So easy and a hit in our household! Full recipe fed 5 adults with plenty of leftovers for 3 lunches.

  57. Britt Jacobson-Mills

    Just cooked this up today for dinner and OMG the flavour is incredible!! Great for these cold Winter nights. Will definitely become a new favourite in my house. I did change up a few things after reading the comments. I only added 1x tin of soup and 1x 600mL cream. In the last 30 min I also added about 1/2 cup shredded tasty cheese and 3x tbs grated parmesan. I cooked that pasta separately to save time and I actually used rigatoni instead so it’s easier for the kids to eat. I heated some peas and just stirred them through before serving. Simple and very tasty dinner 🙂

  58. Beautiful! The amount of cream is horrifying though, so this will have to be adjusted to my family’s taste. I was dubious about cooking the cream for so long but it was fine. I was also dubious about adding pasta, raw and cooking it in the sauce but that, too, worked perfectly. I used casarecce pasta and it was perfect

  59. Catherine Kayess

    Hi. As I would love to freeze this would it be ok to replace the cream with evaporated milk?
    I’m ok with the pasta being frozen just not crazy about freezing the cream. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  60. Made this today didnt have enough cream so I used 600ml of milk it was beautiful but will make sure to have all the cream next time.

  61. Absolutely delicious! Made the full recipe but halved the sauce to serve. I did have to cook the pasta seperately as the slow cooker I used was very full when I put all the other ingredients in! Another easy dish that my family really enjoyed

  62. Love this recipe!.We’ve enjoyed it many times now. I throw everything into the slow cooker (no pre-cooking anything). We freeze the left overs and reheat without any problems. With limits on everything at the supermarket at the present time, today I’m cooking it with 1 x can of soup and 1 x 600ml cream this time and I’m pretty darn sure it’ll still be fabulous (as there’s usually plenty of creamy sauce).

  63. Made a half serve of this to tonight. I quickly fried off the chicken, bacon and mushrooms and only use 200ml of cream (Australian Own cream uht) and a teaspoon of chicken stock powder and a tin of condensed chicken soup. Added penne pasta instead of the fettuccine. Delicious and my toddler needed seconds.

  64. A modified version of this is an absolute FAVOURITE in our house! Including some very fussy eaters. I halve the recipe, and omit the stock cube, and it’s still incredible. And we still have left overs for a family of 2 adults and 2 toddlers. Still cook for the same amount of time. Delightful indulgent winter dinner.

  65. Halved recipe and made with 1/2 long life cream and 1/2 milk because I didn’t have enough cream. Also added a splash of sweet chilli sauce. Loved it ?

  66. This is a regular winter meal for us. Family of four so I halve the recipe and also find it is delicious even without the stock cube, so don’t bother with it (I am a less ingredients the better type of cook!) The kids and partner love it, and it’s a perfect indulgent dish for cold weather.

  67. This recipe is my all time favourite! I do halve it though as that is still a big portion for my family. The only thing I triple is the garlic! So tasty!!!

  68. Is there a substitute for the cream of chicken soup? Unfortunately non of them are gluten free! Maybe an extra stock cube?

  69. Thank you, i tried this on Sunday. It was really delicious. The only thing i would change is the cooking time for the pasta. It didn’t need 1.5 hours. Mine was cooked in 40 mins – i used curly fettuccine.

  70. This is the best carbonara ever!!! Quick easy and delicious. If you haven’t done it yet you are missing out.

  71. Colleen Bishop

    Omg! So good. I swapped the thickened cream for evaporated milk as someone else has said you could sub for. Was amazing. Everyone in our house raved over it.
    Will definitely be having again and I will be recommending to all my friends!

  72. This dish was divine, amazing, I’m sorry I hadn’t tried this recipe earlier, I used 600g chicken thighs, 600ml Cooking Cream, 1 tin of soup, and added penne pasta for extra 45 mins after 4 .5 hours and topped with shaved parmesan cheese, Devine its a must try

  73. It didn’t come out as good, was expecting it to be delicious. But it came out dense and only tasting like cream of chicken soup, I followed the recipe step by step. Won’t be making this again

  74. OMG I wish I had made this sooner. Absolutely incredible and restaurant quality. I made it stove top, and only used one bottle of cream and one can of soup. Absolute perfection!

  75. This is hubbys absolute fave meal – especially after freezing & re-heating for work lunches (the other guys say it smells so good). I’ve done it a few ways to tweak, the best for us is browning off the chicken/bacon/garlic/onion & slightly mushroom all first to add another layer of flavour then only cooking for 3hrs rather than 4. I also swap out one of the chicken cans for a mushroom (so it’s not as “chickeny”), swap out fettuccine for short spiral pasta too so it doesn’t clump & only cook for about 1hour after adding the pasta so the pasta isn’t as mushy.

  76. I too, like someone above asked, what could you substitute to make this dish gluten free please – thank you

  77. Has anyone made this with tortellini? Do I still add chicken? And when would I add the tortellini. Thank you

  78. Michelle Williams

    I halved this recipe and added some French onion soup. So yummy!! Highly recommend this recipe ?

  79. Oh my goodness! This was absolutely amazing! I will definitely be doing this again. The whole family loved it and is requesting me to make it in future.

  80. Followed the instructions to a T. Did not enjoy the outcome at all unfortunately 🙁
    Would not recommend

  81. So easy and yum.
    With only 2 of us l still made the full mix taking the word of people who say it freezes well.
    I now have a couple of meals in the freezer for busy days.
    I did only use one bottle of cream and made the other 600mls up with chicken stock.
    It was creamy enough for us.

  82. My son doesn’t like creamy pasta and nor does my waistline but I substituted evaporated milk and it was delicious and much less calories. I halved the recipe because I only had 600-700 g of chicken. I still added the full amount of garlic though. I added a packet of salt-reduced French onion soup but next time I think I might halve it as it was a tiny bit overpowering . My son loved it and I fully expected him not to so that was a plus!

  83. OMG this was amazing I halved it and still have plenty of left overs for another few meals. I also browned the chicken, bacon, onion mushrooms and garlic (added extra garlic too yummmm) swapped the fettuccine for penne and didnt cook it for quite as long either 2.5hrs on low then added pasta for 45min on high. Some grated parmesan cheese on top when served definitely will make again

  84. Great easy recipe. As there is only two of us i halved the recipe and there was enough for two meals. It is magnificent and by far the best carbonara I’ve ever had!!

  85. Thus recipe is the bo.b ? used chicken breast this tome & small pasta varieties instead of fettuccine reduced cooking time once pasta added from 1.5h to 70m. Cooked in my Breville Flavour Maker which cooks at hotter temperature ?
    YummY 5 +⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  86. This is my go to meal if we get unexpected visitors and have never had a complaint. Even my most fussy kids eat it and it makes so much we end up with 1-2 meals left over. Being a family of 10 it’s a cheap easy meal

  87. Made this tonight with what I had in the fridge. Only had 1 bottle of cream, and not quite enough chicken. It turned out AMAZING and full of flavour!! So much left over I have frozen one container and have another in the fridge. Definitely on the list to make again!!

  88. Delicious. Having strong pregnancy cravings for chicken carbonara and this did not dissapoint. Used diced chicken breast and almost doubled the garlic. Even the fussiest eaters devoured a bowl in no time.

  89. Love this recipe! I halved the ingredients as it makes a lot of sauce and cook for 3hours on low, i the added around 400g of penne pasta and cooked for another hour

  90. This was so easy to make and produced so much. Will need to do less sauce next time – not that I have any regrets about how much I had. I dislike mushrooms so didn’t add any in, but did put in a packet of pine nuts at the beginning which added to the flavour and cooked through perfectly. Would definitely make again when a need an easy meal.

  91. Made this tonight- amazing!!!!
    Few recommendations – firstly, and I cannot stress this enough, unless you are feeding a footy team, halve the recipe, at least!!! This filled my 6.5ltr slow cooker almost to the brim. I made the full recipe, I fed 2 adults and a growing teen boy, and we have barely made a dent.
    Next – brown the bacon, onion, mushrooms and chicken before adding to slow cooker. I also added about double the garlic and could’ve gone more (we love garlic lol)
    I also found I had to mix it a couple of times after adding the pasta, as it was starting to clump. I used fettuccini and even broke it in half.
    Next time I think I’ll either leave out the stock cube (I only used half this time), or use one tin of chicken and one of mushroom, as the chicken flavour was quite strong.
    All in all though, we LOVED this dish, we are currently all still wandering into the kitchen to pick at it, 4 hours later!!!! Seriously though, go back to point one. Happy cooking!

  92. Joanne Talarico

    Absolutely delicious and filling, I halved the recipe and made a few adjustments. I browned off all the ingredients first and also added 150 grams of diced pancetta. Into the slow cooker for 3 hours on low with tea towel under the lid. Then i whisked up an egg and stirred it through and added a handful of shredded parmesan cheese. I added 350grams of fresh pasta for 30 minutes keeping the cooker on low. Definitely a keeper. Thanks so much again for another wonderful recipe

  93. This was such a delicious and easy recipe to make! Like so many others, I halved the ingredients for my smaller, 3L slow cooker. (And still had leftovers)! I think I’ll use even less soup/cream next time though.

  94. Great recipe I made the full amount as I freeze meals for late nights after kids activities. My fussy 8 year old tried it and told me it was a little bit yummy and will eat it for her dinner. She doesn’t eat anything. Will be a regular in our house now was very simple to make

  95. Great recipe!! 2nd time making it and this time I halved the recipe and browned the chicken, bacon, and mushrooms before popping them In and added garlic and sundried tomatoes. 600ml cream was still a little too much for my tummy so I swapped it out for 300ml cream and filled the empty soup tin with chicken stock, then cooked for around 3/3.5 hours, served with spinach and parmesan . Was still plenty of leftovers, and everyone loved it! 10/10 will make again ☺️
    Thanks Pauline!

  96. Halved the recipe as all comments had said it makes a lot. It does!!
    Cooked for 2.5hrs on low, and 45mins on high once I added the pasta.

    I would have used less mushrooms (the flavour kinda dominated for me) and double the pasta as there was SO MUCH delicious sauce.

    I also would have browned the chicken first as it cooks up pink and kinda scared me, but was definitely cooked.

    Family was happy – just needed a loaf of crusty bread to mop up the sauce!!?

  97. Love this recipe, halved it the first time and everyone upset there was no leftovers so doubled the next time around. Loved by everyone

  98. So yummy. Will so be making this again. Was loved by the whole family. I didn’t add mushrooms as the kids and myself do not like them. Silly me only had spaghetti so I used that and was still amazing. I used chicken Breasts and only added 3x 300ml cooking cream instead of the 2x 600ml cream. Was enough as I didn’t add the raw pasta to cook in the juices. I cooked the pasta on the stove top and added to the Carbonara once it was cooked.. And did I say yum yum yummmmmmy.

  99. OMG that is absolutely the easiest and delicious recipe I’ve come across the only preparation was cutting up the onion and everything else was just put in slow cooker.

  100. Pasta carbonara for the first time tonight. I halved the recipe, but cooked a full package of pasta separately. Still have LOTS left over. It’s been voted into the monthly meal plan rotation. Thank you for a delicious and easy recipe Nataline Smith.

  101. Was delicious! ?
    I halfed it as it was a lot. I cooked for 4 hours on low then about 45 minutes on high for the pasta.
    Will definitely cook this again! Thanks for the recipe

  102. 5 stars
    I halved the recipe (small onion and still used 1 stock cube) as my slow cooker wasn’t big enough, cooked for same length of time. Delish, even other family members request if asked what they would like me to make.

  103. Great recipe! I halved the chicken, cream & soup & added slightly less pasta & it was amazing. I also used chicken breast rather than thigh as the shop had run out. Great recipe

  104. 5 stars
    Love this. I stirred through a pkt of baby spinach leaves about 15 min before serving just to add a bit of greenery

  105. 5 stars
    delicious ?
    it makes heaps but I have a large family so that didn’t phase me. I used cooking cream to reduce the cream splitting and left the mushrooms out. Lovely flavour will make again.

  106. very tasty, I added some corn kernels when I added the pasta. next time I make it I will reduce cooking time as chicken a bit over cooked and pasta was cooked in under a hour, I think my slow cooker is extra hot. this quantity made a very large amount, will definitely make again, thanks for sharing

  107. 5 stars
    Delish! I used 4 x chicken breasts instead of thighs. Left out mushrooms as I can’t eat them and was still super tasty. Made around 10 serves – massive quantity!

  108. 5 stars
    We had this for dinner tonight it was fantastic I halved recipe only thing I altered was I added some hot water at the end also stirred recipe as other people recommended

  109. Latisha Doherty

    5 stars
    Absolute amazing. I have a partner and 4 kids hat don’t eat Mushrooms. They all ate it tonight and commented on how this was the best dinner ever. And they even went for seconds. This recipe fed a family of 6 with plenty left over. Definitely give it a go. So yummy.

  110. 5 stars
    oh my goodness!! I wasn’t sure about this recipe but thanking my lucky stars I took the chance .
    My youngest son asked when I would be making it again even before completing his first serving. Seconds were had believe me!
    If you haven’t tried this recipe yet don’t wait any longer 👍

  111. 5 stars
    I tried this recipe last night and it was amazing!!!!! The best carbonara I have ever made and I make a pretty good one on the stove.
    I halved the sauce amount as only had one tub of cream but it turned out great. I popped in some spinach when I put the pasta in and it added a pop of colour.

  112. I want to make this so badly, but my husband is dairy intolerant. I’m wondering if anyone has ideas of substitutes so i can still make a creamy yummy pasta but without cream. I thought about using cashew butter and oatmilk, or maybe coconut milk? I wonder if using the same volume of say, coconut milk, as would be the volume of soup and cream would help the pasta to turn out ok. Hmmmm any suggestions?

  113. 5 stars
    Have made this before and it was absolutely Delish, made it again last night for visitors and they absolutely loved it. I halved the recipe as it makes a huge amount, will definitely make this again and again.

  114. Been wanting to try this for a while. I added some Spinach for colour.
    Family enjoyed it, plenty left over.
    Will definitely add to my meals rotation.

  115. 5 stars
    I made this in my Breville 6L slow cooker but swapped the onion for chives and the thighs for breast. Recipe is accurate in terms of cooking times and quantities and it reheats beautifully! So rich and creamy – it’s very much a heavy, filling, comfort food 😋

  116. Sandy-Patricia Brown

    5 stars
    I made this yesterday for the first time, both hubby and I loved it 😋
    Definitely makes a lot, we have family coming today, this is what they will have for lunch, I am confident they will like it 🥰
    I will definitely make this again, a winner in our house 😍

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