Cup-o-Laksa Creamy Chicken

A super easy, super tasty, super creamy laksa inspired chicken recipe. JUST 3 INGREDIENTS – how easy is that – super easy! 🙂

Submitted by Paulene Christie

Cup-o-Laksa Creamy Chicken

A super easy, super tasty, super creamy laksa inspired chicken recipe. JUST 3 INGREDIENTS - how easy is that - super easy! 🙂
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Serving: 5
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 hours
Total Time 5 hours 5 minutes


  • 10 chicken drumsticks
  • 300ml cooking cream
  • 2 x sachets of Asian Laksa cup of soup (I use Continental brand) - dry, no water added


  • Place raw chicken in slow cooker
  • Combine cream and 2 x dry soup sachets well and pour over chicken
  • Cook on low for approx 5hrs


  • I served mine with brown rice or cauliflower mash and green veg
  • No water added to soup mixes - add them dry
  • Cooking cream is a pouring type cream that resists splitting over heat. I use Bulla brand.
  • You could swap out the drumsticks for any cut or fillet of chicken you prefer
  • It produces plenty of nice thick, creamy sauce to serve over your chicken and side dishes
  • You could also shred the chicken, remove bones and stir just the meat through the sauce if you rather
  • Only a mild Laksa flavour, not spicy, so very suitable for the whole family
  • This is intended for a quick, easy throw with simple ingredients - a huge success with our kids too!

84 thoughts on “Cup-o-Laksa Creamy Chicken”

  1. Sounds yummy. I hit the first red heart save !!! I always have those ingredients on hand so this can be an easy go to for me. !!!

  2. I made this tonight and it was really really REALLY yummy. Husband loved it. Flavours were really nice. I added a little more cream only because we like a lot of sauce, but it didn’t change the taste. Fantastic recipe! Thank you 🙂

  3. I’m cooking this tomorrow night. I brought 2 tubs of cream cause the more sauce the better plus I am going to add bacon pieces

  4. OMG… AHMAZING!!!! was worried the smell was divine for me but thought it might be too spicy for Miss 10 but she gobbled it up… Served hers with mash and myself brown rice defiantly making it again!!!!

  5. Made this tonight….Would like a bit more flavour of Laska…..might add some Laksa paste next time other wise was VERY yummy. The family enjoyed it.

  6. Omg I made this last night and all i have to say is YUMMY everyone loved it.. Added extra cream as we like to have sauce to cover the chicken and rice…. Wow!!

  7. This recipe is so easy yet so awesome. I did add chilli paste, garlic, onion, turmeric and instead of cream I used coconut cream. Served with rice noodles. Delicious

  8. I made this tonight and it was really yum and was quite cheap to feed my family, I’m going to add muchrooms next time 🙂

  9. Tried this tonight & added some mixed frozen vegetables, thought it could do with some more spice rather bland, but very easy to do.

  10. An interesting outcome. One in the house absolutely loved this, whilst I was a little non-plussed – nice enough but far from wow for me. I have never been into creamy based dishes (eg never have pasta carbonara!) so I think my personal likes and dislikes definitely influenced my thoughts on this recipe outcome. On the definite plus side – this was very simple to make (using thighs instead of drums) and the recipe, like any recipe, lends itself to experimenting…..

  11. Love this!! I did mine with chicken thigh fillets…. even my fussy boys enjoyed it and said they would eat it again….. Mummy Win ???

  12. Made this tonight it was nice and creamy but I found it a bit bland. By adding Laska paste would it give it more flavour? ?

  13. We made this tonight for the 2nd time in a week! So simple my 7 year old did it all himself, we used 4 chicken breasts and doubled the sauce. Served over mashed potates and everyone enjoyed it!

  14. Hi I will be using 750g of chicken breast diced up small instead and searing off in the frypan first. Would I still cook it on low for 5 hours?
    Are the laksa sachets 60g each?
    A few people have said they used 600ml of cream instead of 300ml. Just wondering if this would work better? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi
      I know I’ve already answered this question on our FB group with you before finding it here but in case others wonder later, yes drop the time down to closer to 3hrs. If you use extra cream you may want to add an extra sachet as the flavours will be diluted somewhat with extra cream 🙂

  15. Made this tonight and it was great
    I used 750g chicken breast diced up small.
    I seared it off in the frypan first
    I mixed the two packets of laksa with the 300ml of cooking cream. I put the chicken in the slow cooker.
    I then added the cooking cream mixture to the slow cooker and mixed it all together I put on low. Part way through cooking I added some more cooking cream. Probably 450ml cooking cream altogether. After 2 hours and 45 minutes the chicken was cooked so I put it to warm for another hour and 40 minutes until I was ready to serve the rest of the dinner. I served it up with cauliflower and cheese sauce, carrots and peas. Was a great success. Very happy with how it turned out. Next time I’ll add the 600ml cream and serve it with mash or rice

  16. This is an easy, budget and family friendly mild laksa?
    I used chicken thighs and coconut cream and it was yummy?
    If you would prefer a spicier more authentic tasting laksa, I would suggest adding some Laksa paste.
    It turned out lovely and thick, so I think it would work beautifully as a pie filling too?
    Thanks for the recipe?

  17. Made this a few times now and it’s a winner! Even fussy eaters loved it. I used coconut cream instead of cooking cream the second time I made it and it tastes no different 🙂 added carrots too and tasted fab. Definitely on my favs list.

  18. Made this tonight, used coconut cream as it was all I had. Added in some frozen corn mix about 45 mins before I served.
    Super easy to make and all the kids ate it without a problem. Will definitely make it again.

  19. I made it with chicken breast (cut up and seared first) and used a big tin of coconut cream and about half a can of water, added some sweet potato and potato, and kaffir lime leaf. We ate it over rice, and it was so delish!
    Was going to freeze left overs, but they got eaten too quickly.

  20. Can’t wait to make this, it looks so yummy. I’m new to using cooking cream so not sure if this recipe is ok to freeze once cooked?

  21. I love this! Not spicy (which is perfect for me). Delicious flavour and very creamy. Makes lots of sauce. Will be making this again!

  22. I love this recipe! Not too spicy which is perfect for me. Lovely and creamy with lots of sauce. I’ll be making this again!

  23. This was delicious! I used 1kg thigh fillets, 600mls of cooking cream and 3 satchels. Shredded and added cooked penne pasta, served with garlic bread. Was so easy to prepare. My fussy family gave it 10/10!!! Winner!! Thank you Pauline ?

  24. Omg I had that last night and the family absolutely loved it. I did add a little more chilli and used Thigh fillets instead of legs. I also added a small can of coconut milk as well. It almost became shredded Chicken ?
    Served it on a bed of rice and veg on the side ?

  25. What a gorgeous dish! We all loved this, even Ms Oh So Fussy 17! I did add some chopped onion and garlic. Thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe.

  26. Cooked this for my neighbours last night everyone had seconds …..delicious once again thank you for the recipe ?

  27. First time making this. Really easy and quite tasty however I felt it needed a bit more oompfff and flavour so I added 2 tablespoons of laksa paste, sliced onion, garlic and kale. I will definitely make this again

  28. This recipe was so easy to make. I used coconut milk , added garlic and onion and served with fettuccine. Fussy hubby loved it .. will definitely be making this again

  29. I am trying this today but with two packets of chicken sausages. I did add a bit of liquid as i’ve left it to do its thing while i’m at work and dont want it drying out. If it’s too soupy, i will add some rice to soak it up as i will be serving it with rice anyway.

  30. Yummo! Loved the flavour, I used chicken breast instead of drumsticks. I found the consistinacy a little thick, so may use pouring cream instead of cooking cream next time. Will be making it again, That’s for sure!

  31. Yummmmmmo
    Made this for the third time. Doesn’t disappoint!! Used two very large breast fillets on high for 2.5hrs. Doubled the recipe as the family loves the sauce.
    Plates nearly licked clean. Everyone went back for seconds. Just enough for one serve for school lunch tomorrow. I think there’s going to be a race in the morning.
    Other times I have made it I’ve fried off some bacon and onion and added it at the beginning. I always shred the meat to make sure the sauce goes everywhere.
    Such an easy recipe. Great for times when I’m time poor. I keep an eye out for when the soups are on special and purchase a few extra packets.
    Thank you for thinking of this recipe.

  32. We had never had Laksa of any kind before and we really enjoyed this. Used 500g diced chicken breast as its the only type I’ll eat and it cooked on low easily for 3hrs. Served with rice and lettuce. Another chicken dinner winner.

  33. So after finding the recipe a little non-wow for my tastes on the flavour side, I went back to it again. My shop no longer has the red curry soup mix I’d been using in subsequent attempts, so went back to Asian Laksa. I quartered skinless chicken thighs and seasoned them in garlic powder, season all salt and cracked black pepper. I pan fried 1 onion, 6 diced slices short cut bacon, 5 chopped chillis (seeds IN!!) in a heaped teaspoon of minced garlic. Combined all and more black pepper. 3.75 hours low and then added rinsed noodles for last 15 minutes.

    Oh my god the flavour was intense!!!

  34. Had high hopes for this but the whole family were disappointed with it’s blandness. Made cauliflower rice to go with it but that didn’t lift it. Got a 4.5/10 so I won’t be asked to make it again. You never know til you give it a go though!

  35. Cook this often. So easy qnd delicious.. for something different this time I added a can of diced tomatoes, chopped onion, spinach, capsium and spring onion.. enjoyed all around. Very delicious. Served with rice and mixed veg.

  36. Tried this tonight, used 7 drums.
    Five hours was a long time and 3.5 was sufficient.
    Quite bland so added bacon then added more cream at the end.
    Served with cauli purée and steamed veg.

  37. I made this but change it slightly. I only had 300ml cream so I added 1 tin of evaporated milk , also added 1 red capsicum and frozen peas.
    I got a ? from family and definitely making again.

  38. Carolyn Clarke

    Will definitely make this again, but will try using chicken thighs or breasts dice for a change, very tasty, made leftovers into a family pie & froze for a later date.

  39. Love this dish.
    I swap the drumsticks out for breast fillet and then shred the meat at the end. Soooo good. I also use 3 packets of the soup mix.
    Have also substituted the laksa soup mix for Thai Red Curry. That was delicious too.
    My slow cooker is around 7L and seems to cook hot, so I can get it cooked in around 2 hours on low. If I’m short of time I’ll cut the fillets into smaller strips.

  40. First time we tried it with drumsticks and it was very yummy but was a little uncertain to work the soup tasted like but had to use up some drumsticks someone gave us once we knew it was a hit I changed the drumsticks to chicken breast then we shred it up and mix in fettuccini depending on our saucy you like things use more cream as it will quickly soak up sooo good!

  41. I tried this for the first time tonight and it was a hit with my whole family. We like extra sauce so I used 12 drumsticks, 2 x bottles Bulla cooking cream and 4 x packets of the soup. I served with rice and broccoli, topped with chilli for those who like it.
    Will definitely be having this again.

  42. Super quick and easy. Made it exactly as recipe stated.
    When down a treat.
    Served it with hot chips, loved dipping the chips in the extra sauce. Yummo.

  43. My Frist time trying this and my place is quiet it’s like no one is home only thing I’ll change next time is the drumsticks ??

  44. So quick and easy. Made this using Thai Red Curry soup mix as that is what I had on hand. Also added a bag of frozen Thai Veg. Was absolutely amazing. Enjoyed by all. Thank you so much for this recipe Paulene

  45. Love this recipe. So easy and any side will go with it. I made mine a stir fry and it’s a hit with everyone.

  46. Beautiful, I have made this a few times and each time was as good as the first. Never disappointed with the taste. I have shared this recipe with family and friends and they have all said how easy to make it is and they loved the flavour.

  47. 5 stars
    Love this i double it and add a bit of Laksa paste for a little more kick also do with drumsticks and thigh cutlets or Maryland’s

  48. 5 stars
    Easiest of recipes.
    Such a lovely dish .
    The timing was perfect.
    I used chicken thigh and added a bit of water at the 4 hour mark as the sauce seemed a bit thick.
    This is one recipe that will be a favourite in our family.
    Thankyou for such a lovely recipe.

  49. 2 stars
    Made this for the first time tonight. Was not a winner unfortunately. I felt the cream overpowered the flavour of the laksa. The drumsticks also gave it a weird taste/smell with being red/dark meat, so will try with chicken breast if I were to make it again.

  50. 5 stars
    Oh My Gosh…..was amazing. my son scrapped his plate clean and then commented that the sauce would be amazing on a schnitzel lol. will definitely do that again

  51. 4 stars
    This recipe was delicious. You could use many cuts if chicken. I used drumsticks as I had them in the freezer. It is very mild for the kids or could add more spice. I will definitely make this again!

  52. 5 stars
    Lovely basic recipe.
    I usually add some julienned onion, capsicum, carrot & some frozen green beans. Have also added half jar of Thai red curry paste for some extra flavour. Enjoyed by my entire family

  53. Sandra Garland

    5 stars
    OMG Made this for dinner tonight and it is soooo yummy , I served it with chicken flavoured rice , will definitly be cooking this again and again and again

  54. 5 stars
    Made this tonight and YUM!! Big thumbs up from both my partner and teenagers!! We diced the chicken, only slow cooked for 3 1/2hrs so as not to dry the chicken. We doubled the cream and added 80g of Laksa paste to the sauce mixture. Added Bok Choy an hour before it was ready. We served with linguine noodles. Will definitely do AGAIN!!! Love versatile recipes!!

  55. Hi I want to make this dish but all our supermarkets are out of cooking cream at the moment.
    what can i use as a substitute as i do not want to use coconut cream?
    Thank you

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