Creamy Cauli & Prosciutto Soup – Low Carb


April 5, 2017

A creamy cauliflower soup with prosciutto - also suitable for low carb lovers!

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 5 hrs
  • Yields: 4-6


500g cauliflower florets, chopped

4 cups/1L vegetable stock (reduced salt if you prefer)

1 x 250g block Philadelphia cream cheese cubed

1 heaped tablespoon of Dijon mustard

200g prosciutto sliced into short strips

2 tsp butter


1Place cauliflower, stock, mustard and cream cheese into slow cooker

2Cook on LOW for 3hrs

3When soup is almost finished this 3hr cooking time, pan fry your prosciutto in butter until crisped

4Reserve a small amount of crisp prosciutto for garnish

5Using a stick blender blend the soup contents until smooth. I did this in another bowl to preserve the surface of my slow cooker then returned it to the slow cooker once blended.

6Add remaining prosciutto to soup, stir to combine and continue to cook on LOW for another 2hrs for depth of flavour

7Serve witha scattering of cooked prosciutto


1The pan frying step could be done as step 1 in a searing slow cooker if you prefer not to dirty extra dishes, then set aside in fridge until needed

2You may prefer to add your prosciutto to soup as is without the pan crisping - that's ok too

3Serve as a soup entree or main

Submitted by Paulene Christie


4 Reviews

Leanne Featherstone

March 16, 2021

Would this be suitable to freeze?


May 3, 2017

A very tasty soup, but the prosciutto made it a bit salty. Next time I won’t add as much.

Linda Amoah

April 6, 2017

❤️ Love this soup. So easy to make. I added garlic and onions and didn’t put the prosciutto through the whole soup as it was quite a salty variety and just served it on top. What a fabulous recipe so tasty 😋, loved the cream cheese and mustard. Great for the family. Give it a try you will 😍. My family adored it.

Michelle Sek

April 6, 2017

Very tasty. I added a couple of cloves of mixed garlic to the recipe. Will definitely make it again.

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