Breville 5L ‘The Flavour Maker’

I absolutely LOVE my Breville 7L Flavour Maker!
However for a lot of households this is too large for their needs.
So for them this 5L version is perfect!
It’s still big enough to fit a large roast, long lamb shanks or big soups etc but it still compact enough for the smaller family.

And Breville still have the astounding slow cook to oven option in this machine that I love in it’s larger version!
I never used to be someone who pre-browned or seared my meat before slow cooking.  Why waste the time and extra dishes was my motto!
And then I was introduced to searing slow cookers like this one.  No extra dishes!
The inner slow cooking pot just lifts out and sits directly on your hotplate/stove.  So not only do you save dishes but you also keep all those flavour packed little browned bits of taste right there in your slow cooker to continue to add flavour as your meal cooks.
THEN … it gets better ….
After you slow cook your meal you can then pop the inner slow cooker dish of this unit directly into the oven or under the grill for browning!  Right in the same pan still.
I love this 🙂


– 5L capacity for average family sized meals
– Removable easy sear pan.  Designed for searing on the stovetop, slow cooking and roasting in the oven.  Xylan premium non stick for easy clean.  And because it’s not ceramic no chance of breaking/chipping this bowl.
– Tempered domed glass lid also suitable for use in the oven
– Pan and lid can be washed in dishwasher but for maximum benefit of the non stick surface hand washing is ideal.
– Silicone handle covers for heat protection
– Wrap around element ensures an even temperature throughout the cooking process.
– Premium brushed stainless steel casing design
– Control dial with Low, High and Auto setting for ease and simplicity
– Stainless steel rack included, ideal for roasting
– Searing inner can be used on burner, hotplate, gas, electric or ceramic stovetops
– Auto setting is 2hrs on high then it automatically shifts to cooking on low
– While silicone handles are heat resistant to 250 degrees C, it is not recommended to use for extended periods above 200 degrees.

– RRP of this unit is $149.95

9 thoughts on “Breville 5L ‘The Flavour Maker’”

  1. Is this good for just 2 people? I’m looking for a slow cooker bigger than my 3.5 litre one as mine doesnt fit large roasts in it of would the 7 litre one be better? Where do you get this from?

        1. Well it can go in the oven but I think due to the super high temps for crackle the handles would not go well as advised by them so I would say transfer to an oven pan in the case of crackle. But general oven under 200 degrees is ok 🙂

  2. I have this slow cooker and I absolutely love it! Love that you can brown on the stove top and even put it in the oven! Highly recommend!

  3. The 5L Breville Flavour Maker has been a complete game changer in my household. It is such a reliable, versatile slow cooker, that it has really enabled us to cook and experiment outside of our comfort zone. Fudge just falls out in a lump, doesn’t stick at all!! It is a breeze to clean, and the insert is relatively light compared to ceramic inserts. Being able to sauté onions and fry off bacon in it on the stove, then chuck it in the SC has been great. Even browning chicken in it is so quick and convenient. Also, with dishes like the creamy lemon fish, once it is cooked, I sprinkle cheese and finish it off in the oven to brown…all in the one slow cooker insert!

    The one thing I would flag as a possible downside, is that it cooks a bit quicker than other slow cookers. So if you’re out for 10 hours or want to leave it on overnight, it will overcook for sure, and there is no keep warm function. This is not an issue for us, because I’m a stay at home mum at the moment and can operate it whenever I wish.

    I LOVE this slow cooker, it is incredible. It is so compact (I take it to parties with me and have dessert cooking away whilst dinner is served) but it fits a LOT of food in. I bought mine from Myer in 2014 for $84 on sale.

  4. Lorraine Gibbes

    Hi, I see that these posts were made a few years ago and that at that time the cost of this SC was almost $150. I bought this online from Amazon last week for $89 with no postage charges. Looking forward to cooking up a storm! ?

  5. We were given this slow cooker as a wedding gift 5 years ago and it is amazing. I use it at least twice a week and is so easy to clean after. Even though it is 5l it makes huge dishes. Absolutely love it and would recommend strongly.

  6. I just love this slow cooker. The only downside was I did not realize that it won’t work on an induction cook top if you want to brown off your meat first.

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