BBQ Plum Chicken


September 27, 2016

A lovely Asian flavouring for chicken pieces (or fillets)

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 5 hrs


10 chicken drumsticks (though you could easily use chicken fillets instead if you prefer)

1/2 cup BBQ sauce

1/4 cup Plum sauce

2 tbsp Hoisin sauce

2 cloves minced garlic

Optional: 1 tbsp cornflour to thicken sauce if required


1Place chicken in slow cooker

2Combine all other ingredients and pour over chicken

3Cook on low for approx 5hrs

4I mixed cornflour with a little water, than added this to the bowl and stirred it through the sauce to thicken it 10 mins prior to serving the chicken

5Serve with mashed potato and a pile of steamed veg

Submitted by Paulene Christie


20 Reviews

Paulene @ Slow Cooker Central

February 25, 2022

You could easily use 1kg with this recipe 🙂 Probably even 1.5kg


February 22, 2022

Can you use chicken fillets, if so how much would be equal to 10 drumsticks. Thankyou

Georgie Millard

November 22, 2021

Cooked this last night for dinner, it was absolutely delicious. When hubby asked what I was making when he saw the ingredients on the bench he was a bit iffy about whether he would like it because of the bbq sauce. He couldn’t stop mentioning how nice it smelt while it was cooking. Served with mash and vegetables, well he was full of compliments and said he would definitely love to have it again. Winner, Winner with this one. 😋😋


October 16, 2021

Cooked yesterday with legs and thighs,went down a treat

Sue Collins

October 15, 2021

Oh yum. Beautiful dish. I made it with chicken thighs and served with tagliatelle. Also so easy to prepare.
So good


August 10, 2021

Was deeeelish!
Didn’t change a thing, sweet and tangy, served with mash & veg.
Left lid off for last 20 minutes of cooking for the sauce to thicken (used tea towel under lid)


November 29, 2020

Had this tonight with basmati rice and chilli garlic broccolini. Was devoured with gusto by the teenagers, and is now on the cook again list! Thanks, an easy delicious dinner after a hot day!

Geoff Hudson

September 9, 2020

This was so easy even I could do it and sooo delicious. I used thigh cutlets skin and fat removed, tripled the garlic and also used the tea towel.
5hrs on low. Yummo diddleo!


September 3, 2020

Such an easy, and really tasty recipe. The whole fam love it. We use thigh fillets. Sometimes we have it with mash and veg, sometimes we have with rice (and stir fry veg).


May 23, 2020

My family and I tried this meal and it was absolutely delicious! It was so simple and had so much flavour, definitely one our favourite slow cooked meals. We shredded the chicken and put it over potato gems with bacon and cheese and it was amazing, so yummy! Thank you for this beautiful recipe.


June 11, 2019

Made this last night (drumsticks) and Oh Em Gee it was GOOD!!!! We served over chips, with all that yummy sauce on them as well, along with a side of green beans.
We will definitely be having this again!

Janelle Arnott

April 19, 2018

Made this toad with chicken thigh fillets. Only other change was I chucked (spilled actually) in sweet chilli sauce. Winner with hubby’s approval. Will definitely be making it agai. Thanks for the inspiration

Elizabeth purnell

December 22, 2017

Made this a couple of times now and everyone really enjoys it, I used a mixture of thighs and drumsticks with skin removed ( I find it less fatty this way) It’s a really quick and easy recipe. I put a tea towel under the lid during cooking and didn’t need to thicken the sauce at all. This will be one of our regular sc recipes


August 6, 2017

I made this it cooked in four hours,and I ate it the night after and thickened sauce then,it was delicious ,love this easy recipe.

Samantha Ayton

July 16, 2017

Was a big hit! Very easy to make and the sauce was awesome

Jenny M

May 11, 2017

Made this last night. Didn’t have BBQ sauce so used Sweet Chilli sauce instead. Yummy. Will definitely make again.

Daphne Davis

April 27, 2017

We liked this will make again (no cream or cheese)

Kylie Handley

March 24, 2017

So quick and easy to prepare and has the best flavour. Like Toni said, the sauce was just right, not too sweet or gluggy!

Thanks Toni! 🙂

Toni Shearman

January 15, 2017

Made this tonight & loved it! Sauce was just right, not too sweet or gluggy. Easy as!

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