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Serving: 8
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 5 minutes


  • 5 ripe bananas
  • 1 tin of 375ml sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 1/2 cups of self raising flour


  • Line your slow cooker with baking paper
  • Mash your bananas and mix in the flour and condensed milk
  • Pour into slow cooker and cook for 2 hours on high with a tea towel under lid

82 thoughts on “3 INGREDIENT BANANA CAKE”

  1. Really easy recipe which tasted delicious. I added sultanas (soaked in a bit of water first) and it really added to it. Massive hit with the kids!

  2. I can vouch this was an absolute hit for my two boys and daughter. Be sure to check cooking towards the end with a skewer. If it comes out clean you are done. If you are looking for a simple, sweet, slow cooked cake with that banana punch…. Look no further!

  3. Cook this all the time it is closer to 1 hr 40 after that it burns, I’m sure all slow cookers are different just keep an eye on it.

  4. Love it πŸ™‚ You can also add passionfruit (we have a vine so are always looking at ways to include them) this works really well.

  5. Karen you could add anything to flavour your bread to your liking. I always add walnuts its delicious

  6. This was my first cake in the slow cooker ?
    I added frozen blueberries…..
    So easy and simple !!!
    Going to put lemon zest icing on top ?
    Don’t think it will last long ?

  7. Oh dear don’t know what I did wrong. Burnt at bottom n soggy at top.when u measure cups of flour does anyone know what the weight is, thank u xx

  8. Thank u Pauline. I’ll give it another go later on and let u know how I get on. Very new to this slow cooker malarkey but I’m going to persevere. I’ve even ordered the Bella three pot slow cooker. Just waiting for it to b delivered. Hoping to make main course n puddings fingers crossed xx

  9. I have made this a few times now, always forget to comment! I didnt have self-raising flour last time, so I added baking powder + plain flour…. and that was the first time it was “dry” – but it was still gobbled up anyway!! 17 month old loved it.

  10. We have been making this every Tuesday for years now all our big family of five love this with obviously added choccy chips!!

  11. Its to easy. Can’t get over how easy but very delightful this cake is & my kids can t wait for it to come out of the slow cooker. Have cooked this 4 times now & have got other people making it to.

  12. Elizabeth Gomez

    Yum! BUT… probably needed longer as it’s still quite stodgy in the middle (there was NO way mr 3 1/2 was going to wait any longer though!!). Will definitely make it again!

  13. Made this heaps everytime delicious but I have to cut the bottom off because baking paper sticks to it everytime anyone know how I can fix this best recipe

  14. I have used this recipe a few times now but it appears that every time I make it one side of the cake is always burnt..tjis happen to any one else.

  15. Think I undercooked it by like 5 or 10minutes. It was in for 2hrs 10minutes.
    But still tasted great! Would go well with tea or coffee ^_^
    Round slow cooker turned it as suggested just in case didn’t want it burning on one side if it did happen to have a hot spot. Also sprayed the baking paper as suggested came off perfectly.

  16. Tried this today after wanting to try it for months. Sadly no one in my family really liked it. Maybe an alternative to the condensed milk might make a difference for us. Added a weird flavour.

  17. I’m thinking of giving it a try but using Fejoa instead of banana. Would do anything different

  18. What is the best size cooker to do this Banana Bread in? I used the 5ltr and it came out great but not real high- would it be better in the 3ltr? My grand daughter wants to know “Is it fattening”?

  19. Loved it but mine got a bit burnt on one side so may reduce the cooking time . But it’s a winner from all of us here ! Could just be my slow cooker may cook too high . But tastes delicious !

  20. Found this recepie a great start for a novice at baking in the slow cooker. I cooked it for about 2.5hrs as wasn’t sure but could probably have got away with 2 hours. I also added dark and white choc chips. When I try it again I all thinking walnuts!!! Great recipe

  21. Delicious and sooo easy!
    I tried it with caramel condensed milk which I highly recommend. If you don’t have self raising flour you can use plain flour with 5 tsp baking powder.

  22. Loved this. Made it today for the first with ripened bananas. So cheap and easy. Will DEFINITELY be making this again, we always have bananas Ready to be baked ?

  23. Trying this for the first time today. It’s been in for 2 hours 20 so far but still sticky on the middle so going to leave it a bit longer. Can’t wait to taste it though as I never bake so if this works, it could be my new favourite thing!!

  24. Christine Williams

    i put a paper baking case in my sc or I sometimes put a silicone loaf tin i get 2 in there.

  25. What a little gem. I used evaporated milk, some sunflower seeds + coconut and right at end sprinkled with dark sugar. Delicious by itself but loved it with honey. Thumbs up from all ages too.

  26. I have just made this cake, as l was interested how it would turn out, l had it cooking for 2 and half hours, but still the same colour as it was when l put it in, but it was cooked, so l put it in the over regards gas mark 6 for 15 minutes to brown it off, how is it some of your reviews say it burns, would of thought that was impossible.
    I have been making fruit cakes for years in my slow cooker.
    The banana cake however was a lovely flavour and not to sweet.

  27. Sandy Woodward

    I’ve just put mine in to cook now. I hope it turns out OK as I think I’ve done everything correctly.

  28. Margaret McCluskey

    Just made this, It took a bit longer than 2 hours but was Delicious. I am eating it hot with butter melted on it while drinking a cup of tea. Yummy ??? Will definitely be making again.

  29. Theresa Turnbull

    Made this today,put cinnamon in mixture,and sprinkled cinnamon on top lined with baking paper,cooked on high for 2 hours ,burned one side,but just cut it off,all in all very nice ,will make again,and add walnuts or sultanas

  30. This is so easy and absolutely scrumptious. Soft, moist and light. I added some whole white choc melts just because I could. My children loved it. I said to my daughter, “This is good.” She said, “Are you kidding me! This is GREAT!” I am so excited. The first cake iny SC to work for me. Thrilled. Will definitely make this again.

  31. I made this for the first time today. The bananas I used were huge and I didn’t think to account for that. But 3 1/2hrs later in my all-in-one set to slow cooker mode and it’s PERFECT. It weighs 1.6kg!!
    I’ll be making another tonight with smaller bananas as I was gifted a 1kg tin of sweetened condensed milk that needs to be used. Lol

  32. I decided to make this after seeing the recipe, 2 hours ago. I added shredded coconut, instead of choc bits. It is beautiful, & will become a re
    gular. Definitely a 5 star for me!.

  33. I tried this recipe today using Gluten Free flour. I used 2 cups of flour and found that was plenty. Cooking time was perfect and cake is delicious. I iced it with butter icing and my husband is raving about it. Thanks Paulene. πŸ™‚

  34. Had some bananas that needed to be used, so decided this was the recipe I was going to use!! So simple & easy, cooked perfectly.. I made a butter icing to top it off & everyone loved it!!! ?

  35. Made in a 6 litre SC – no change to ingredients – 1hour 45 minutes – fantastic! Added cinnamon/sugar topping approx 10 minutes before taking out then sprinkled the leftovers on while cooling. Delicious recipe thank you Taylah.

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