Category: Lunchbox

BLT with cheese

Bacon lettuce tomato rolls with cheese.

Strawberry & Sultana Sweet Scrolls

Cheesy Bacon and Relish Focaccia

Ham, Tomato, Bacon and Corn Quiche

A basic old fashioned, quick and easy quiche.

Muesli carrot loaf

A spin on a traditional carrot cake

Dark Chocolate Coconut Fudge

A treat for those who would normally miss out 🍫
Free from Dairy, Gluten, Soy and Vegan friendly

Banana-Berry Loaf

A sweet fruity crockpot cake or dessert with the family friendly flavours of strawberry and banana!
So tasty and so easy to slow cook!

Pizza Slices!

Unlimited possibilities for what to top them with :) Easy to make and simple to cook French bread stick pizza slices in your slow cooker!


Slow Cooked flaky pastry pillows filled with creamy egg and mayo filling. Great for breakfast on the run or a light snack or lunchboxes 🙂

Easymite Scrolls

Fluffy puff pastry scrolls with a vegemite and cheese filling! Uses ready made pastry for less fuss, less mess and tasty result guaranteed!