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**Top 5 Most Visited Recipes**

This list has been compiled using official site statistics so it can change at any time.
When it does we will update it here, but for now ….
These are the most visited 5 recipes of all the 2300 recipes on our website.

The All Stars šŸ™‚





#1 – Mongolian Beef



#2 –Ā French Cream Chicken (4 Ingredients!)


#3 – Lamb Obsession


#4 – Sticky Honey Chicken


#5 –Ā Nanny’s Braised SteakĀ 





I wonder what will be next to make it into the top 5 positions!?

Previous features on our Top 5 list that have just dropped out are:
3 Ingredient Rich Fruit Christmas CakeĀ 
BestĀ Roast Pork Ever
2 Ingredient Cake
Sweet Lamb Curry
Chunky Steak Pie
Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding
Pasta Carbonara



  1. Larell says:

    Love the official site statisticsā€¦that is great it does this for you to see the top five most visited pages!!!

  2. Gwen Taylor says:

    Would love your recipes

  3. Jackie Batley says:

    It’s just so great to go to the recipe page, decide on the meal for the day, pop all the ingredients in the slow cooker and abracadabra 8 hours later a delicious meal…
    Thank you all for the fantastic recipes…

  4. Cherie Scott says:

    So glad nannys steak and countryfrench are here, my favs

  5. Steve Mould says:

    Glad to see Lamb Obsession in the top five.
    A great place to start for the novice and something special for the more practised.

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