Westinghouse SEARING 6.5L

Westinghouse Searing 6.5L Slow Cooker

This fantastic searing slow cooker is from Westinghouse Small Appliances
The number one feature of this cooker has to be it’s searing ability.
This feature means you can lift the cooking pot out of your slow cooker, put it on your stove to brown/sear/seal the food you want to slow cook, right in the same cooking pot so no flavour is lost or extra mess created, then simply return it to you slow cooker and continue slow cooking as normal.
It also has all the other features you want in a slow cooker but in a whopping 6.5L capacity, larger than your average slow cooker!
Great for large families, entertaining, or anyone wanting to slow cook without size limitations!
It would also make a fabulous pigeon pair to own alongside the Westinghouse Searing 3.5L Slow Cooker!
And I love the unique look of this unit – a real scene stealer in your kitchen 🙂



  • A large oval shaped 6.5L removable non stick cooking pot to easily accommodate even your largest slow cooking creations
  • Tempered glass lid, great for looking during cooking without lifting the lid
  • Cool touch handles and knobs for safety
  • 3 setting manual control panel with HIGH, LOW and WARM
  • Note:  Not suitable for induction stove tops




I tested this slow cooker with various meals and sizes.
I was happy to note that it cooked to standard cooking times.  As always an emptier cooker will cook a little hotter than a full one so keep that in mind.

I don’t always pre brown or sear but when I do I LOVE to be able to do it in the same pot as I’m cooking in.  All those flavours stay in the cooking and lets face it, who doesn’t love less dishes.
What I also find great about a searing slow cooker is that recipes that need thickening at the end can easily be moved to the stove top in their searing bowl to thicken prior to serving.
I even find it handy if I am ever short of time and just need to finish off a dish that tiny bit faster.  I can give it a blast on the stove top to finish it in the same bowl too.
Just so versatile!

I love the manual dial that you can see at a glance what setting you are using.

Keep warm is a great option to help busy households time their dinner for just when they want and need it 🙂  My personal preference is a maximum of 2hrs on keep warm for recipe quality and food safety.

It was a breeze to wash and wiped out easily with soapy water and a cloth.
Remember to allow the lid and non stick pot to cool thoroughly before washing to avoid risk of any warping.


This unit generally retails for around $80

Stockists include:
Harvey Norman, Retravision, Good Guys, Costco, Betta Electrical, Joyce Mayne, Kitchen Warehouse and other appliance stores
Online retailers including Catch of the Day, KOGAN and Appliances Online may also have this item
If your store is out of stock ask them to order it in for you

You can explore more of the Westinghouse Small Appliances range on their website or Facebook page also.



Happy Slow Cooking!!

70 thoughts on “Westinghouse SEARING 6.5L”

  1. Oh wow! what a time saver this would be – only needing the one device instead of two! And saves on washing up – keeps more flavour in the dish… I would need the 6.5-litre cooker – I have a hungry family who loves my slow cooker recipe nights – they never know what they will get!!

  2. Hi my name is Gabrielle and I leave in Nsw, I would love to win the Westinghouse SEARING 6.5L as I am due to have my second bub in April and this slow cooker would help me big time at dinner time ☺

  3. I would love this slow cooker as I don’t have a searing one as yet,and this size would absolutely be perfect for my family of 6.Thank you fir the opportunity to enter.?

  4. I only have a pressure cooker and I would love this unit. The massive 6.5L bowl is perfect for my big family of 6.

  5. Being able to remove the cooking insert to sear the food is such a great feature. No extra washing up or moving food from one pot to another is really one reason I like the cookers.
    I’d like the 6.5 L size, as I’m always cooking for large groups.

  6. I would love this slow cooker as I do not have one with the searing option. I have a family of 7 and work fulltime. This slow cooker would give me more flexibility in the meals I prepare for my family.

  7. I have been wanting to purchase this one for ages but haven’t had the money we r a large family (7 all up ) and this would be perfect to use with our family . Searing the meat first always taste better and doing it all in the one less mess , yes ?

  8. Candice Weekley

    I would love to win the 6.5lt searing slow cooker, as a busy mum who is studying and working this would save so much time both with meal prep and washing up! A real life saver!

  9. I like to cook in bulk so I can have some nights off cooking! 6.5Lt would be great to accomodate larger meals prep. I have Westinghouse appliance and have always been happy with their quality.

  10. Shirley Chadbone

    Would love to win the 6.5 slow cooker. My daughter has returned to work after having her 2nd child. I cook her dinner 4 nights a week and also mind the girls a couple of days a week and this would make those nights a lot easier.

  11. I love the 6.5L as its perfect for when im entertaining and for my large family. I love how you can use it on the stovetop thats a great idea and very practical. I have been needing a larger one for some time now this one would be absolutely perfect for us to cook amazing meals

  12. Dominique Quinn

    I would lone ro win WESTINGHOUSE SEARING 6.5L SLOW COOKER. So that i can make bulk meals being on a pension. Its hard to cook cheap but have nutritional benfits. Plus mine just doesn’t seem to work anymore. Thank you for a chance to win a great product.

  13. I would love to win this slow cooker it’s anazing and would be great to cook with for my large family

  14. This slow cooker would be absolutely perfect for my family of 5. My husband and I are raising 2 grandchildren whose appetites are increasing daily as they grow and their father, our 2 son always loves to take any leftovers to work the next day.

  15. I would love to with this slow cooker as I live in rural & my due to health issues I do a lot of bulk slow cooking & freeze meals so I am not having to cook every day for my family.

  16. This slow cooker would be ideal for my family, with room for some leftovers too! I love the idea of the searing option, as this would make meals even easier. It would be a dream to cook with.

  17. Would love to win this as I don’t have a searing slow cooker and I am now making meals for mum to put in her freezer as she was buying gluten free meals and there wasn’t much of variety and they weren’t cheap

  18. This fabulous Westinghouse Searing 6.5L slow cooker would be perfect for when I cook Lamb Shanks Bourguignon for my big Greek family.

  19. I’ve always wanted a searing slow cooker, but have never had the money to buy one. This would be fantastic to win. Thank you for the opportunity xo ❤

  20. I currently have a 6.5L without the searing function and I would adore having this feature in addition! It would make my life easier trying to juggle meal prep with 2 babies, because batch cooking then feeezing is a mum’s go-to. Thanks, Jess WA ☺️

  21. Would love the Westinghouse 6.5 Searing Slow Cooker. I do a lot of cooking in bulk then freezing. Being able to sear food in the same pot saves time and is easier to manage when cooking in bulk. Being non stick would make cleaning effortless.
    This male needs all the help he can get and this cooker would be most welcome in my kitchen. Stephen from Kingsford NSW

  22. Would love to win this as my 20 something year old slow cooker is struggling now. Searing option would be brilliant and non stick ahhhh heaven! I live in Melbourne

  23. I’d love to win the 6.5L Westinghouse searing slow cooker to make cooking for my family of 2 toddlers & a baby. It would make cooking healthy & delicious meals so much easier 🙂 (Erin, QLD)

  24. Would love the 6.5 but either would be amazing! My 15yr old slow cooker is falling apart and no longer has any handles! Would be great to sear in the same dish and non stick ?
    Leanne Jones Queensland

  25. Silvana Bellantoni

    Would love to win the 6.5L. I love to cook in bulk and freeze. I love the fact that you can sear in the same pot which would save on cleaning too. It’s a stylish design that would compliment my kitchen.

  26. with your recommendations I would love one of these ,forget when I got mine its sooo old looking at getting a new one …or 2

  27. Would love a new slow cooker as my old one died last winter. Nothing better than coming home to a slow cooked meal that ‘s been cooking while you are at work plus I have a big family to feed. less to clean up too. Win Win.

  28. Joanne Williams

    It would be amazing to win this 6.5L slow cooker. I’ve committed to having my partners family for Christmas this year as we normally go out and it’s quite disappointing 🙁 winning this slow cooker would greatly assist me with creating a Christmas meal to never forget!!!

  29. Would really love to win the 6.5L for my family to use. We have the sunbeam searing one and are disappointed in it, as we are up to buying our THIRD inner bowl, as the coating bubbles.

  30. Carley Murray. Glengowrie, SA. I’m trialling new slow cooker recipes and the 6.5L would let me make enough to freeze as our family is smaller. A searing slow cooker would be amazing to try!

  31. Thankyiu for the chance to enter. I love my slow cooker and it is ten years old
    Now and showing it’s age.!i lived out of it when my children were little ( to 3) . Twins 18 months apart, two sets. Took a year or so to get back into cooking with it .
    Enjoy the smell of walking in and something is Yummy !!

  32. Kristina O'Brien

    I would really appreciate the chance to win one of these 6.5L capacity slow cookers. I have a large family and it would help with that, but the most important ways it would really help me is when I am in a major depression and I can barely move or breathe, having the ability to get dinner ready when I can “move” will be a great help. I also like to take dinner to my elderly parents who live close by, and this will certainly be of benefit for my ability to help them more often. Good luck everyone and I hope who ever wins smiles.

  33. OMG yes plz.. To be able to sear and cook in one pot would be amazing.. Plus the bonus of being non stick.. The size will make feeding my growing and forever hungry teenage boys a breeze.. Perfect gift for a busy working single mum..

  34. Shirley Rosendaal

    The 6.5ltr would be perfect for cooking roast beef lamb chickens etc and to be able to sear the meat in one dish and not loose the flavours would be amazing

  35. Having the ability to wear in my slow cooker means that I can keep all that deliciousness in there while I slow cook my meals.

  36. Love slow cooking and then freezing meals.Helps budget.Need new one as knob keeps getting superglued so I can keep cooking

  37. Great size for me as I cook and freeze meals for hubby for work. Saves time and money doing it this way. Would love to win!

  38. Michelle Crowley

    After losing my slow cooker when we moved house, broken in the removalists truck with no replacement, this would certainly fill the hole left in my kitchen.

  39. Id love to win one of either size as mine died about 12 months ago and haven’t been financial enough to get a new one ? totally missing our dry ginger ale silverside ?‍♀️ and coming into the colder months 2ould love some warm comfort foods to push us thu, but would definitely like the big one as we are a family of 7 ? ???

  40. I would love to win the 6.5L Westinghouse Searing slow cooker. It sounds amazing and such a time saver for busy families. Thank you for all your great reviews and recipes.

  41. Nicole Pavlovsky

    The 6.5 L Slow Cooker would be fantastic, as it would enable me to prepare meals so simply, especially so with our growing family

  42. I would love to add the 6.5ltr slow cooker to my small collection, as it has that added bonus of being able to sear in it as well.
    Thank you for the opportunity!!…?

  43. I’d love to with the 6.5 litre slow cooker as my 2 boys are now grown to large teenagers my trusty old slow cooker struggles to feed the 4 of us and the searing feature would be an amazing added bonus

  44. Omg! One of these would be fantastic. I could use just one cooker instead of two when cooking for our ever growing family.

  45. I would desperately love to win a 6.5lt slow cooker . It would be great for roast chicken n silver side. I’ve just bought 3 of Pauline Christie books and with the 6.5lt s/c there are so many recipes.

  46. I’m still mourning the loss of my ole faithful slow cooker and looking to which one will be the one to replace her….this one looks like the winner… hopefully I can be too ?

  47. I would positively love this.. as I am now a Widow… I could cook meals in advance and freeze… would make just that little bit easier..

  48. Well as I have just gone back to work full time this would be my savior, I get to create flavorful meals without the worry and time, life needs to be lived and this would certainly help 🙂

  49. Would love this as I could make bigger servings to either freeze or give some to my son & daughter some to put in their freezers.

  50. Judy Somerville

    I am Judy and I live in Allans Flat, Victoria with my partner Steven and his mother. We would dearly love to win and would be grateful for either but the 6.5L would allow us to cook and freeze meals. Life is pretty hectic in our small household … I try to help out in the family business as well as care for Steven’s mother who suffers from emyphsema and glaucoma 90% blind. I love the recipes in your Slow Cooker Central books … heaps that I want to try. My fingers are crossed. Thank you for this opportunity.

  51. Would love to win the 6.5l slow cooker as I’m currently working with a family of 5 love to cook never really cooked a cake in the one I have as I’m normally cooking tea in it. I also like to bulk cook on weekends so this would be really helpful for a busy crazy family.
    Thank you

  52. Annie – Sydney.
    Having the ability to sear and slow cook in the same container would save me the hassle of washing too many dishes before running out the door to drop off the child and head to work. A 6.5L would feed my family and whichever of our friends pops over on any given night. Usually no chance of leftovers cause there’s always someone over to share my markdown meats cooked while I work but until now only had a small cooker so extra needed to be oven cooked on arrival home………. thank you for the opportunity.

  53. Hi Paulene, I’m Marion from Victoria and would love to win the 6.5ltr slow cooker. My family and I love casseroles and soups plus and am sure they will love as I know I will trying lots more with this. Thankyou xxx

  54. Thanks for the great review of this slow cooker, I know I’m well out of the running to win one as its now November, but I’m so going to talk hubby into letting me get one. I can then give my older one to my married daughter, who would love to do slow cooking as she works full time. It basic but still does the job well and it will be good for her, and great for me to get one with a few more bells and whistles etc. Many thanks for the great review that I needed to make up my mind re upgrading.

  55. Thank you for review, love the idea of being able to sear in same pot going to cook in, also saves on washing up,
    6.5lt would be fantastic to win, love making casseroles, then freezing overs for later for easy meal,

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