Westinghouse SEARING 3.5L

Westinghouse Searing 3.5L Slow Cooker


This particular slow cooker is quite the unicorn of the Australian slow cooker market!!
It’s the only smaller sized SEARING slow cooker that I’ve come across and it’s a total game changer for this reason!
I’m a huge fan of owning slow cookers in various sizes.
Why have just one and be restricted to one recipe per day when you can have several and create the whole meal 🙂
This 3.5L searing slow cooker from Westinghouse Small Appliances is PERFECT for any collection!
Not only is it great for smaller sized recipes or smaller families, but it’s also a great size for side dishes and desserts!
It would go perfectly in your collection with it’s larger sister model, the Westinghouse 6.5L Searing Slow Cooker
Let look at the features of this 3.5L model in closer detail….



  • 3.5L removable non-stick searing cooking pot, oval shaped to still accommodate larger cuts of meat
  • Tempered glass lid so you can watch what’s cooking without lifting the lid and losing heat
  • Cool touch handles and knob to keep hands safe
  • 3 Temperature settings.  Not all slow cookers have a keep warm function so it’s a real asset that this cooker has LOW, HIGH and KEEP WARM
  • Note: Not suitable for induction stove tops



I tested this slow cooker across various recipes types and was completely satisfied with it’s performance.

Many slow cookers around the 3L size range tend to cook slower than larger cookers, but this one I found barely did so. It cooked to just slightly over regular expected times I found.  What a great unit this cooker is 🙂

I don’t always pre brown or sear but when I do I LOVE to be able to do it in the same pot as I’m cooking in.  All those flavours stay in the cooking and lets face it, who doesn’t love less dishes.
What I also find great about a searing slow cooker is that recipes that need thickening at the end can easily be moved to the stove top in their searing bowl to thicken prior to serving.
I even find it handy if I am ever short of time and just need to finish off a dish that tiny bit faster.  I can give it a blast on the stove top to finish it in the same bowl too.
Just so versatile!

I found it a breeze to clean.  A mild detergent and a non abrasive cloth were all I needed to easily wipe out baked on food.

It’s smaller, lighter size is also an asset for those who have trouble holding and using larger, heavier ceramic cookers.  Perfect for younger children learning to cook and those with arthritic type conditions also.

I like the clear, easy to read dial for settings that are simple to see at a glance what cooking function is in progress and leaves nothing up for misinterpretation.

I find keep warm a really valuable asset.  Personally I do recommend not more than 2hrs at a keep warm setting for maximum food quality and safety.

This unit generally retails for around $60

Stockists include:
Harvey Norman, Retravision, Good Guys, Costco, Betta Electrical, Joyce Mayne, Kitchen Warehouse and other appliance stores
Online retailers including Catch of the Day, KOGAN and Appliances Online may also have this item
If your store is out of stock ask them to order it in for you.


You can explore more of the Westinghouse Small Appliances range on their website or Facebook page also.


Happy Slow Cooking!!

58 thoughts on “Westinghouse SEARING 3.5L”

  1. I would love this one, I have a large one already and have always wanted a smaller one to do side dishes but haven’t been able to afford the ‘luxury’ of it. Love that it sears too, such a great feature.

    Maureen Greet – ACT

  2. I’d be nice to win the 6.5L. My house is always full of fiends and family coming and going. We love nothing more than having them stay and share a meal with us.

  3. Sharon Watkins, Qld . The 3.5 ltr would suit the 2 of us . our current slow cooker is larger and does not have searing ability … it would add more flavour to out meals . And with our cooler winters here ( we get many below zeros ) , it would get a work out .

  4. Sharon Watkins, Qld . The 3.5 ltr would suit the 2 of us . our current slow cooker is larger and does not have searing ability … it would add more flavour to our meals . And with our cooler winters here ( we get many below zeros ) , it would get a work out .

  5. Sherrie Beveridge

    Hi my name is Sherrie Beveridge, and I live in Victoria. I would love the 3.5 l Westinghouse slow cooker as this size would be great for just the 2 of us.
    To have the searing feature in this size unit would also be fantastic as I have only seen it in bigger cookers..
    Saves on dishes and retains food flavours..
    This would be a wonderful asset to my collection.

  6. I would love to win the 3.5L slow cooker because we have different dietary requirements between us due to health & I could use this to cook a 2nd meal with the ingredients that are good for other members of the family.

  7. Oh my. I’d love to win either. Preferred is the 6.5 litre as I use it for both my household and my dogs dinners. My slow cooker is used so often it is almost ready for replacing. How I’d love to win one of these beauties

  8. I’ve always wanted a searing slow cooker but have never had the money to buy one. Thank you for the opportunity to win one xo ?

  9. 3.5L just became empty nesters so this would be perfect especially given there is little difference in cooking time between this size and the 6.5L.

  10. I would dearly love a 3.5 litre as I have the large searing slow cooker but for 2 of us sometimes it’s too big but a small one would be fabulous

  11. Margaret Richters

    The 3.5 litre slow cooker would suit hubby and I since the kids have left home. We have a large for family visits. Love slow cooking and Slowcookercentral is an inspiration

  12. Carley Murray. Glengowrie, SA. The 3.5L would be perfect for our family. A searing slow cooker would be amazing to try!

  13. I would love the 3.5L slow cooker because the 6L one I’ve had for years is ceramic which is heavy and does not have a searing option. Our last child has flown the coop and with 2 of us left, the 3.5L would be extremely functional for us. The added bonus is being able to prepare a full meal in one pot while I’m at work, giving more time for us.

  14. Hi Paulene, Jan from Upper Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, Queensland here and I’d love to win the Searing 6.5litre slow cooker. I do a bit of entertaining, as well as cooking ahead to freeze. This size would be ideal. Thanks for the opportunity to participate

  15. Preety Ramdoyal

    I would love the 6.5L cooker for the 4 of us. Absolutely love the fact that I can sear in the same pot plus will definitely boost up my motivation as I’m finding it hard to cook large portion and freeze at the moment .

  16. Would love to win the 3.5L as have tried my daughter in laws searing slow cooker and was very impressed with the ease of use as well as the results ….and have to admit I was envious coz mine doesn’t do that….

  17. I would love to win the 6.5L but I would also be happy with the 3.5L. I think either one would be a great addition to my kitchen. I could do some of those dishes which require a tea towel under the lid. I was just looking at the recipes yesterday thinking about getting a second slow cooker. Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. Belinda Mattiassi

    I would love the 3.5 it. Being a night shift nurse. This size would be ideal. As I sleep it can me on. Ready for me when I wake up.

  19. Non stick, searing, 3.5 Lt, what a beaut baby cooker to compliment my old 5.5 Lt sc. Using 1 pot for the lot is heaven for anyone. I’m not an awesome cook but know this little magic cooker with the extra features would help me feed the family with delicious meals and treats. Thanks Westinghouse, you’re wonderful!

  20. Having a 3.5 litre that sears means I can keep all the delicious flavours in my slow cooker when I am making meals for when it’s just me (and my man) home alone without worrying about meals for anyone else

  21. Barbara Chapman

    Hi Pauline, If I could cook my slow cooked shepherd’s pie in one of these searing slow cookers that would be so great, not only would it keep all the flavours in but cut down on cleaning, now that’s a bonus . Thank you for letting us know about these fantastic slow cookers.
    Cheers Barb from Inala Brisbane Qld

  22. Hi, my name is Denise Redman and I live in Qld. I would love to win the 3.5l as there is only my partner and myself and a 6.5l is way too big. I have never tried a searing slow cooker but I am thinking seriously of getting one.
    I would like to thank you for giving everyone a chance of winning these slow cookers

  23. The 3.5L would be perfect for doing my husbands vegetarian meals in especially with the added bonus of the searing pot.
    Narelle Singh SA

  24. You cook big meals for your family for so long
    And when you kids grow up and have there
    Own family they need the big one so I gave
    Them the big one and for now I cannot afford
    To replace it yet. But if I could I would get a
    Smaller one ..

  25. I would love to win this nice little slow cooker as I live on my own so it will make for me some great meals for one with leftovers to freeze. I love the sear feature as I do like to sear some meats off for the rich nicer flavour. So just one dish to do all.

  26. Would lovw the 3.5l. No more kids at home just the two of us. Have a 7l slow cooker love it but just too big for two people. Ita great for when the family are home. Love.slow cooking allows.more time to spend with family when visiting.

  27. Pretty Please Pauline , Being a widow, I would be so grateful to have one of these 3.5 litre cookers. It would not be so heavy to lift, and a perfect size for my cooking requirements now, with thanks for this opportunity, and your wonderful recipes & hints. regards Beryl.

  28. Lorelie Whitmore

    I would love a 3.5 l searing slow cooker, to complement my large ceramic insert slow cooker, which has very little rest all year through ??

  29. Sandra Gilleland

    I would love to win the 3.5L as my hubby loves rice pudding and this would be just the right size for him

  30. Joanne Esposito

    Small one would be great for two of us.
    I have a big one but don’t use it often enough as it’s too big.
    Thankyou and good luck everyone.

  31. The 3.5 sounds amazing! Everything can be done in the one pot without using frypans and other utensils to start with – love it!

    If there’s any liquid at the end I always make a sauce but the fact that I can put this on the stove top – it’s a winner!

  32. Ive only ever had a cheap slow cooker and am interested in the searing function in this model. The 3.5lt would be an excellent addition to my kitchen as there is only myself and my daughter to cook for.

  33. Paige, QLD.
    Would love to win the 3.5L as I do not have a searing SC and cook for just myself so it is the perfect size without having to dirty up fry pans 🙂

  34. would love to win the 3.5L to use while travellling in our van . space and weight are our biggest issues with slow cookers and this would solve both as well as making other campers jealous with the glorious smells coming from our van .

  35. Hi Kim Hanmer, Victoria. The 3.5l woukd be ideal as i am now only cooking for hubby and i. My children are all grown up. I have for 20 years been using a 6.5l ronson this has been a life saver with meals during busy times with the chikdren. I use my slow cooker for just about everything making stocks ,soups,cakes,desserts,roasts and many meals from the website. When i want to cook something i browse the website for inspiration. Doesn’t take me long to find an amazing recipe. I have everything crossed in anticipation of winning this amazing slow cooker.

  36. The 3.5L would be a perfect fit in our caravan!! Easy cooking while on holidays especially when I can seat and sc in one pot. I deserve a break too ?

    Elisa Webb

  37. Well the kids have flown the nest, so it’s just the two of us now, so the small size 3.5 is perfect for this lonely Mum to get her cooking groove back again & the fact that it sears well it’s just perfect!!

  38. I guess this competition has closed now but many thanks for all the info about the smaller slow cooker. I’m going to buy on anyway, and give my large one to a bigger family whom I know have one. It will be a blessing for them and more sensible for us to have a smaller one now. Thanks so much for all the info as I would’ent have just gone and bought one not knowing anything about it. I love all your recipes and info etc and have put a lot of people onto this site.

  39. Ild love a new slow cooker, the one I have is starting to die on me and I use it for pretty much everything, I hsve a family of 5 myself partner and our 3 children and the slow cooker is like another part of our family

  40. Fiona MacKenzie

    I would love to win this would be perfect for my friend she is a grandmother who now has her 3 grandchildren aged 1 to 10 living with her so time is limited in the kitchen but people need to eat good food.

  41. Thank you for review, thank you for opportunity to win 3.5lt.
    Currently in 4th lockdown,
    Would love to win this for my son, who is looking at boarding with some friends, During this time we are going through, he has lost work, this would help him and friends tremendously to assist with meal planning,

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