Westinghouse Black Stainless 3.5L Slow Cooker


This beautiful new slow cooker is from Westinghouse Small Appliances
I say beautiful because it is … quite simply … stunning!


A shiny black stainless finish makes it the feature of any kitchen bench when in use.
So shiny in fact, photographing these cookers was quite the challenge 😉
I say these because this beauty comes in two sizes!
Her sister model is HERE … the 6.5L version … the same – just bigger!
You could even purchase the pair and have double the convenience of two meals/two courses at once 🙂



For this review though we are going to concentrate on the smallest of the two
The 3.5L capacity 🙂

This smaller than average size is great for smaller families, side dishes, desserts or smaller meals in general.
An emptier cooker cooks hotter, which isn’t always ideal, so matching the size of the slow cooker to your individual household needs is always the best way to slow cook.

Let’s look at some FEATURES first …

  • 3.5L removable ceramic cooking pot to maintain and distribute heat evenly.  This pot is for use in the slow cooker unit only, not for stove or oven use.  Hand wash with non abrasive clothes/brushes and cleaning agents.
  • Stainless steel outer unit with stunning black stainless finish
  • Tempered glass lid to allow monitoring of cooking without need to always remove lid
  • Oval shape cooking bowl
  • Cool touch handles and knobs.  Note: only handle actual cooking pot with oven mitts as it does get hot.  And always carry a full pot of food by this inner cooking pot, not by the handles on the external slow cooker casing.
  • 3 cooking settings HIGH, LOW, WARM


Cooking Settings

  1. HIGH – High heat for faster cooking times.
  2. LOW – Lower heat to allow longer cooking, ideal for best results
  3. WARM – Keep cooked food warm until serving.  My personal recommendation is 2hrs max for food/taste quality

Manual dial, so you always know easily at a glance what setting you’ve chosen – no confusion sometimes found with digital control panels

This unit generally retails for around $49.95

Stockists include:
Harvey Norman, Retravision, Good Guys, Costco, Betta Electrical, Joyce Mayne, Kitchen Warehouse and other appliance stores
Online retailers including Catch of the Day, KOGAN and Appliances Online may also have this item
If your store is out of stock ask them to order it in for you.  See full list of stockists here.

You can explore more of the Westinghouse Small Appliances range on their website or Facebook page also.


To coincide with our new review  Westinghouse Small Appliances and Slow Cooker Central are giving ONE lucky reader the chance to WIN one of these great units
(Visit the 6.5L review page for your chance to win one of those too!)

Competition open to Australian residents only

1 winner will receive 1 x Westinghouse 3.5L Black Stainless Slow Cooker

Competition Dates:  
Competition open from Monday 4th May 2020 to midnight Monday 18th May 2020 AEST
Winners will be notified on this blog, and on a post in our Facebook Group prior to May 23rd 2020.
Prizes will be dispatched direct from Westinghouse Small Appliances.

To enter this great competition simply
–  Be a liker of the Westinghouse Small appliances page and the Slow Cooker Central page on Facebook
– Comment in the comment box below including your name, state you live in, and your answer to the following simple question:

Tell us what’s the first recipe you will cook in this slow cooker if you win?

It’s that easy to win ?

Note:  Entries won’t show right away as all comments need to be approved so don’t panic if your answer doesn’t show immediately, it will later ?
Good luck!



449 thoughts on “Westinghouse Black Stainless 3.5L Slow Cooker”

  1. The first thing I would make in the new slow cooker would have to be Mexican shredded chicken tacos. Its a family recipe but a classic hit. Always leftovers but the smell lingers in our house for days. So yummy and easy.

    1. Corine Clibbon

      I would love to cook bread and butter
      pudding with saltanas like my Mum used
      to cook every alternate Sunday.

    2. Kerrin Kilmartin

      Kerrin Kilmartin, Queensland.
      My first dish would be Silverside in Ginger Ale, a family favourite!

  2. I’m thinking Satay beef would be one of the first things I would cook in the Westinghouse 3.5 litre slow cooker

  3. Would love a 3.5 – i have a 5 and a 1.5 at the moment however sometimes 1 too big and the other is too small for what i’m making. It would be a statement piece in my kitchen which has black & red accessories.

  4. The first thing I’d make in this little beauty is chocolate pudding. My current cooker is too big for a pudding and is in too much use usually so I could now have dessert cooking away no problem

  5. Renee O’Neill

    I would cook a caramello fudge which I’ve been wanting to try for ages but my 6L is a bit big and cooks very hot.

  6. Rebecca Reed, Victoria.
    The first thing I would cook in this slow cooker is Spaghetti Bolognaise… bolognaise sauce is so much yummier and tastier when cooked in a slow cooker.

  7. Just viewed a recipe on line for fruitcake made with Baileys in the Slow Cooker, so will have my Friut mix soaked and ready and this will be my first attempt in this wonderful Slow Cooker, thanks for the chance

  8. Renae Brogden

    I would try a self-saucing pudding first (let’s be honest, it would be a chocolate one!!). My current slow-cooker is just too big to attempt this type of dessert so a smaller one would be perfect ?

  9. Kirstie Wright

    I would love to make lamb shanks. I’ve never cooked them before and would love to try them in a slow cooker . Kirstie Wright NSW

  10. Joanne Peterson

    I’m Joanne Peterson & i live in western Australia. The first recipe i would be trying would be the Molten Lava Cake

  11. I’m in Goondiwindi, QLD and the first thing I’d cook in this amazing slow cooker would be sombrero chicken! Serve on wraps with salad fixings ?

  12. First thing I would make is my creamy vegetarian chickpea curry served with coconut ginger rice and papadums. I’ve made it on the stove top but haven’t had the chance to make it in the slow cooker as I gave mine to my mum when her oven broke.

  13. Kirsty prosser

    Fudge! My kids are nagging me for five but I won’t
    Cook it in my big slow cooker as it’s to heavy to
    Get all the fudge out.

  14. Christina Vogt

    Just my husband and I now and I love making his favorite beef stew with parmesan and parsley dumplings. Now the weather is getting colder, this would be number 1 with this beautiful looking slow cooker. Great work Westinghouse.

  15. Renee O’Neill

    I would cook a caramello fudge which I’ve been wanting to try for ages but my 6L is a bit big and cooks very hot.

    Renee O’Neill, Vic

  16. Glenda Shannon, Victoria.

    I would love to win this. I would cook Chilli Con Carne followed by Minestrone Soup.

  17. Michelle Monaghan. Victoria

    I would definitely be making the Caramel Dumplings. My 6 Litre is just to big for all the beautiful deserts everyone has been posting.?

  18. I would like to try Nan’s braised steak in the new Westinghouse 3.5 as it’s the perfect size for smaller households Stephen Lord , Kingsford NSW Good luck everyone

  19. Ellen Polomka

    There are so many that i would cook but my most favourite would be Nannies Braised Steak. We just love it. Then Lamb Obsession. I so miss not having one to use at the moment ?? . Thank you for the chance to win.??

    1. Thank you so very much for picking me and as I said I will be cooking Nannies Braised Steak and Onions and then Lamb Obsession when it arrives. ?❤?❤?❤?❤

  20. Leeanne Ferguson

    The first thing I would cook is the full Sunday breakfast for my family,. The sausages, bacon, mushrooms and eggs…..yum I can taste it now

  21. I would cook a batch of porcupines. My slow cooker is over 14 years old so this little piece of awesomeness would be a great addition to our kitchen.

  22. The first thing I would cook is Slow Cooked Banana Cake. I don’t have a small slow cooker and the cake tends to spread too much in the big ones.

  23. After squeeling with delight, the first thing I would make is GRANDMA’S MAGIC CUSTARD CAKE ?, because what better way to celebrate ? winning such a magical prize, than with cake ?!?

    Karen Weir
    Brisbane Qld

  24. Elise Thompson

    Chunky bacon, and steak pie- but a gluten free option of course for my family 🙂 Elise from Queensland

  25. I love this little one! The first thing I’d cook is creamy garlic king prawns to go on a wagyu steak. Surf n Turf, Reef n Beef, whatever you call it, I want to make it! Slow cooking has definitely opened my eyes! ??

  26. Queensland
    I would cook lambs fry and bacon one of my favourite dishes have yet to try in the slow cooker, then it would be carbonara for my daughter as one of her favourites

  27. Donna Bogaard

    Donna Bogaard NSW ,
    First thing I would cook would be a potato bake, a small slow cooker would be the perfect size for the two of us.

  28. Tanya Garside

    I live in NSW,
    I would cook the lemonade silverside with sugar free lemonade, garlic and mixed herbs.

  29. Hi there, my name is Donna and I’m a slow cooking tragic. Lol. I live on the beautiful South Coast of N.S.W. With the colder weather beginning to settle in, the first thing I would cook in this wonderful prize (should I be lucky enough to win) would be Curried Stew. Yummmmm. Good luck everyone.

  30. Victoria

    I would cook caramel dumplings. I only have the large slow cooker so end up making too much. And end up wasting the food.

    This would be perfect.

  31. The first thing I would make is Tuna Mornay, but then maybe French Chicken!

    What a beautiful slow cooker!

  32. Janelle miatke

    Janelle miatke , SA ,
    I would cook the ever popular lamb obsession in one of thee. It’s just hubby nd I so would be a perfect size.
    Good luck to everyone and thanks Pauline and Westinghouse for the opportunity

  33. Would love to try the Mongolian Beef recipe and the Fried Rice recipe,
    In current times, it’s our own kitchens delivering the
    family favourites. No take away.

    Enid Chapman,

  34. I would cook Nanny’s Braised Steak. This size would be perfect for the 2 if us. It’s also so nice looking I would be able to leave it on the bench top permanently.

  35. I don’t know what the first recipe cooked in this will be, as I would love to give this to a friend in need of a slow cooker – #thekindnesspandemic

  36. Michelle Stasiakowski

    Michelle Stasiakowski from Qld. I’d cook garlic potatoe bake in it as my first meal. Thank you

  37. The first thing I’ll cook is rice pudding! This would be the perfect size for a family serving of it

  38. Janelle Gainge

    I’d love to make the sticky honey chicken. I’ve heard amazing things about that recipe and yet to try it. This sounds like the perfect size to try this recipe.
    Thank you for the review too! NSW ?

  39. Kerry Butterworth

    I would whip out the old trusted always to be a winner sticky honey chicken. It is so hard to please everyone in the house but this is my go to when I am in need of a quiet night at the dinner table

    Kerry , Bendigo Vic

  40. Claire Weissenfeld, Melbourne Victoria

    Would love to cook anything I can but first would be a traditional slow cooked lazy lamb roast mmmm thanks

  41. Hi
    I’m from Melbourne Victoria and I will probably make Curried Sausages as it’s my kids favourite it the slow cooker

  42. Colleen Howland

    I would make pea and ham soup in the Westinghouse 3.5ltr as it’s got quite cold at the moment.

  43. My name is Andrea and I live in Docklands Victoria. The first thing I would make in it is chow mein. Everyone loves it and perfect for these colder days

  44. Susan from Queensland. If I am lucky enough to win the 3.5L Westinghouse slow cooker, the first recipe I would love to make is a hearty Pumpkin Soup served with fresh, crusty French stick.

  45. Jasmine Britten

    Hey, my name is Jasmine Britten and I live in Cobar, NSW.
    If I were to win the Westinghouse Slow Cooker, I would have to make Lamb Obsession – or – Nanny’s Braised Steak, they’re hearty and delicious meals that are just so perfect for this weather!

  46. I would love to make some more lemon butter, as I clearly didn’t make enough over the weekend cause there is none left! Nicola from NSW

  47. Courtney M - NSW

    Sticky honey chicken!! With added pineapple chunks and cashews as it is the best way my family loves it ??

  48. Corrinne Koellner

    Corrinne, WA
    First thing I would cook is an extra big serve of the golden syrup dumplings. Can never have enough of those!! ?
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  49. Some delicious pumpkin soup for the cold days, followed by some golden syrup dumplings.

    Tasmania, Australia.

  50. Victoria Carrum Downs
    Sausage obsession is what I would like to cook in it first.
    served on the top of rice xx

  51. Nicole Lovell

    Nicole Lovell. Victoria.
    The first thing I would cook in this little slow cooker is the cauliflower bake for my husband as he absolutely loves the look of this dish and can’t wait to try it.

  52. Julie Dennien

    As the nights get cooler here in Queensland this would be perfect for some creamed rice, served with a blob of strawberry jam, just like my Mum used to make ?

  53. I’m from QLD and things are finally starting to cool down here, so the first thing I would make would be chunky steak pie.. nothing better on a cool night than a nice hot pie!!

  54. Amanda roberts

    Amanda roberts

    I would cook a lovely stew for those cold days &nights after a long day at work my partner could come home and have a bowl and warm right up.

  55. The first recipe I would cook in this is pomegranate chicken (crushed walnuts, finely chopped onion anda cup of pomegranate juice used as cooking liquid for chicken pieces). It’s a fabulous combination of sweet sour and bitter flavours, and my husband’s favourite dish of all time! If the pomegranate season is over I’ll do Greek lemon and olive chicken (chicken dusted with seasoned flour, super thin slices of preserved lemon and pitted black olives, cooked with a small splash of white wine).

    Thank you for the opportunity to try for a small volume slow cooker!

  56. Louisa Downie

    Louisa Downie, NSW.
    I would gift this to my mum, but I would take a silverside and bottle of ginger ale with me to cook her favourite childhood foods, but with ginger ale as she hasn’t tried it yet.
    It’s amazing and I leant it from the Facebook page, thanks Paulene!

  57. Patty Patterson

    Lamb obsession – oldie but goodie.. and my personal favourite.

    Patty Patterson
    Geelong , VIC

  58. Tammy Shorten

    One of my favourite things to cook especially with the cooler weather coming would be pea and ham soup, so very yummy. Could make a big batch and eat it for days with this size cooker. And creamed rice, yum.

  59. Julianne Barclay

    Julianne Barclay.
    Vic 3215

    I will be cooking lamb shanks with a sweet potato & rosemary mash accompanied by some steam greens!

  60. Cassie Wyndham

    I’d love to cook a dessert in this one while cooking dinner in my bigger one, I’m thinking a pudding of some sort… I live In NSW

  61. Hello, Megan Clavey ,Western Australia ,
    .i would like to try make the Mongolian beef .
    Thank you

  62. I rarely eat sausages but I would make Devilled sausages, I do enjoy them with mashed sweet potatoes

  63. Danielle Morrisson

    I’d really love to try orange and maple chicken, my mum used to make it but I haven’t it in years, as soon as I seen the recipe I wanted to make it.

    Danielle NSW

  64. My name is Portia, I live in sunny QLD. I the first thing I would cook, would have to be Baileys fudge!!! Easy, delicious, and requested by my friends!!! Would love to spread some love around!!!

  65. Alicia Francis

    If I won the 3.5l Westinghouse Slow cooker, the first meal i would cook would be – yummy Golden syrup dumplings this size would be perfect for desserts and side dishes

  66. Catherine Raven

    I am from Clyde North in Victoria

    I don’t have a lot of slow cooker experience and would probably end up on the Facebook group asking people for their favourite slow cooked desert

  67. I would have to cook some yummy bad desserty type of thing, maybe a self sauce pudding or a rice pudding!
    I soooo need this! I have a 6.5 (too big for me and my 2 children) and a baby SC (which I use 4+ times a week) but have been saying for ages I need a medium sc.

    South Australian

  68. My first recipe would be the redskin fudge that everyone raves about. Can’t wait to try it. Renee Brown Nsw

  69. The first thing I would cook is the caramel dumplings ! Yummy ?
    Then nanny’s braised steak and onions ?

    Sarah Brown. Perth Wa.

  70. Lisa NSW
    The first thing I would cook in this beautiful slow cooker would be honey chicken. One of my dads favourites & always requested when he stays for dinner.

  71. Madonna Nelson-Bamford

    Madonna Nelson-Bamford, QLD.
    I would cook steak and kidney casserole with herb and parmesan dumplings.

  72. I’d love to try a potato bake for my first cook in this one. Looks the perfect size for sides for our family of 7. ?

  73. I’d cook the honey mustard potatoes. Have never tried them but think they’d make a great accompaniment to one of our favourite mains that could cook along side it in my big 7 litre cooker.

  74. Peta Robinson

    I live in Western Australia the first thing I would make would be the rice pudding as we are getting into winter and it’s cold so we can have a nice warm desert before we go to bed

    Peta 🙂

  75. Jennifer barnes

    The first thing I’d make would be loaded baked potato as it’s my sons favourite and needing a small slow cooker for just him and myself

  76. Christine mirchef

    If I win the first recipe I would make is Loaded cauliflower Bake ! Thanks for the opportunity. Christine WA

  77. Sharon Barrett

    I would definitely cook the hassleback chicken from the slow cooker website site, it looks divine and everyone says it’s easy and delicious

  78. I’d love to win this! With 5 kids I’m always using my slow cooker. A second one would be so handy ?

  79. Yvette Anderson

    My name is Yvette and I live in tasmania.
    The first thing I would cook in this would either be fudge or Italian chicken.

  80. Paige McDonald

    i would like try a fried rice recipe in it Or try my first attempt of a dessert.

    Paige McDonald
    From Wodonga Victoria

  81. Cassie Ireland

    I would love a slow cooker of this size for desserts. The first dessert I would make are golden syrup dumplings. I can just taste them now ??

    We live in NSW

  82. I would love this so much.
    The first meal I would cook would be Carbonara Chicken Meatballs from your Slow Cooker Central Kids cook book.
    Thank you
    Louise, Maryborough QLD

  83. Marie Donaldson

    I would make Potato Gem Casserole as my granddaughters love to help me cook. It is one of their favourite meals.

  84. Jeanette Pukallus QLD

    Mmnnn decisions decisions what would I make in a new Westinghouse slow cooker ???Maybe a nice minestrone soup so I can freeze some then crank it up again and do lamb shanks ?

  85. Marie Donaldson

    I would make Potato Gem Casserole as my granddaughters love to help me cook. It is one of their favourite meals from our cook book Grandma and (Name’s) Recipe book and these girls can cook it alone with little supervision.

  86. Ann Haywood, Narromine NSW, I would cook Mild Mango Curry as it would be a new recipe in a new slow cooker. Plus after not having a slow cooker for 2 years, I cant wait to make something super nice.

  87. As there are only three of us living here, I think I’d make a lovely rice pudding. They are always a favourite. I’d love a new cooker. My three bowl one from Aldi is wearing out, I use it so much. I also have a Multi-Wave 5 slow cooker, pressure cooker, soup etc. but it only has a high setting for Slow Cook. You can sear in it, but then it only high cooks. We live in Mansfield, Victoria – the high country.

  88. Rebecca, Qld
    First thing I will cook is my favourite Mussaman Curry. Something that my family and I really enjoy.

  89. Tami Gwilym, WA.
    I would love to try cooking a taco stack 🙂
    Having my eldest son move out of home has changed our portion needs dramatically!

  90. Karen Frankel

    First thing I would cook in this little beauty would be lamb shanks it would be an ideal size for hubby and I.

  91. I’d cook my very favourite pork & peanut green curry. Because it would look so gorgeous in the black slow cooker. I’m in NSW & the weather is certainly getting cooler.

  92. Eliza ramskill

    probably the good old supercharged satay because preschooler baby and husband will ALL eat it, which is unheard of in our house. Hence for my sanity, its a firm one on rotation. ?

    Eliza, Victoria

  93. Fiona Mitchell

    The first thing I would make up is a nice big serving of Lamb Obsession as we haven’t had that in so long. My three boys lick their plates when when have lamb obsession ?

    Thank you
    Fiona, Bligh Park NSW.

  94. Jennifer Wilson

    I’d first cook either a Butterscotch or Caramel Self Saucing Pudding. My one & only slow cooker is way to big to cook any desserts, side dishes or smaller meals in.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a great product.
    Jennifer, NSW.

  95. Nadine Bourchier, Hervey Bay, QLD.

    This breastfeeding mumma would make sticky date self saucing pudding!!

  96. I would love to try the loaded baked potatoes and also the potato bake. I like making the cheesy bacon bread in the slow cooker xxx

  97. Kobie Clements

    Kobie Clements
    Self saucing pudding but can’t decide between butterscotch or chocolate

  98. As I have just moved back from Hervey Bay to Melbourne, VIC, I would have to cook something wintery and hearty, like lamb shanks in a red wine sauce. Mmmm.

  99. Jodie C asiles

    The first thing I would make is a vegetable curry. As there are only 2 of us, it would be the perfect size.

  100. Hi, I would cook lamb obsession, all posts are positive, I have haemochromotosis, so not meant to eat much red meat but what the heck if I won this I would be in heaven as I have not worked for awhile due to our situation

  101. The first thing I would make is a vegetable curry. As there are only 2 of us, it would be the perfect size.
    Jodie Cailes. Peterborough, South Australia

  102. Nicole, South Australia.

    The first thing I’d cook in this pretty baby would be Mars Bar Lava Cake. I’m salivating just thinking about it!

  103. The first meal I would make in this slow cooker is a big hearty Minestrone Soup to feed my hungry family.

    Wynn Vale, SA 5127

  104. I’d make the supercharged satay chicken. Just made it this week for the first time And OH MY!! That is so yummy. Im hooked. I’m in WA.

  105. Janelle Comerford

    Janelle Comerford, Queensland
    The first thing I’ll be cooking is boneless lamb shanks.

  106. Pumpkin soup would be really yummy
    And on a cold day would warm the tummy.
    Served with crusty bread and cream
    Would be a slow cooking dream 🙂

    Tanya, NSW

  107. In this little cutie I think I’d do a beautiful potato cake, or a yummy dessert, not sure what one. I’m a sweet tooth and decisions are hard.


  108. Nataya Preston. Western Australia.
    First thing I would cook in this is a self-saicing chocolate pudding!

  109. Roast lamb ?would be by first meal in my new slow cooker.
    Roast lamb? always cooks so well in a slow cooker. ?

  110. Dianne Roseworne

    My name is Dianne, I live in NSW…
    Hmmmm.. ? I think would would try the fried rice……. Or maybe the red skin fudge thingy. Or maybe Spaghetti Bolognese which is my all time favourite meal. I’ve been to scared to cook it in slow cooker as I looooove it so much and worried it won’t be the same. Too many choices! ✌️

  111. Melanie Harrington

    Melanie and Victoria.

    I would slow cook rhubarb and strawberry crumble.

    Love all your books and I am very jealous of all your slow cookers.


  112. Donna-Lee Jones

    winner, winner chicken ? dinner….CHICKEN ? CARBONARA ? ?
    Donna-Lee Jones, Claremont, Tasmania ?

  113. Rachel Oliver

    Rachel. Victoria. And the first recipe i would make is so hard to decide, there are just so many yummy recipes on this page!! Im thinking chunky meat pie filling, or the 3 ingredient banana bread. So hard to choose! Love this site, it gave me my zest to cook back! Thank you ????

  114. Jodie Craze
    This would be the perfect size for just myself and husband. The larger ones seem to big for just two.

  115. Teagan Jones, Western Australia

    Pasta carbonara, absolute family favourite!

    Good luck all ?

  116. Gabrielle Franklin

    First thing i would cook would definitely be a nice chicken noodle soup. Coming into winter we need nice hearty healthy foods.

  117. Michelle Gibson

    Michelle W.A.

    I would love to win this for my 73 year old Dad – he loves to slow cook and the 3.5L would be perfect for him.

    He would cook his favourite slow cook meal – Silverside.

  118. Lei-an Ireland

    Lei-an from WA

    I would cook the Supercharged satay chicken if I was lucky enough to win the Westinghouse 3.5 litre slow cooker.

  119. I’d make a self saucing pudding. My slow cooker is too big and I’d love a smaller one for side dishes and desserts

  120. Kylie NSW

    My daughter absolutely loves the Sticky Honey Chicken so I will cook that for her.

  121. Jodylee Newman, WA

    I have not had a working slow cooker for over a year now so lots if recipes come to mind…. bulk cooking to restock my freezer. I think first I will try a skow cooked lasagna as I haven’t tried it before.

  122. Adele- Brisbane QLD

    I would make chilli-bean stew for my hungry teenage boys, to keep them topped-up between meals!

  123. In this little beauty I would make some bread, or a load for the kids 🙂
    These slow cookers are so pretty! ??

  124. Carolyn Ellis

    Carolyn Ellis
    South Australia.

    The first recipe I would cook would be a dessert – sticky date pudding!! Yum!

  125. Emma from NSW
    I would make lamb obsession. I’ve never made it but it must be good, because everyone seems a little…. obsessed…. by it

  126. Jennifer Devos

    Jennifer Devos NSW
    The first thing I would cook in this slow cooker is the Mongolian Beef. Been wanting to try it for some time now.

  127. I have wanted a smaller slow cooker for ever. Only have a 6 and desserts although work are always thin. I would love to make a self sauce pudding or the lava cake.

  128. Colleen Hayes

    I would cook braised steak & onion with 9 people in the house -6of them kids this is the only meal I can get the whole house in a food coma

  129. I think the 1st dish I’ll cook would be Lamb obsession, it’s been ages since I’ve made it.
    Melinda – Kilcoy Queensland

  130. Now that there is just two of us to cook for, the smaller slow cooker would be amazing. For my first cook, creamy bacon and spinach chicken ?

  131. The first thing that I would cook would be a pickled pork. Due to living in temporary accommodation with limited cooking facilities as all my stuff is back in WA this would be absolutely amazing to win.

  132. Amanda Borrell

    Queenslander ?

    Our family are fans of self saucing puddings…. 4 out of 5 of us are mad keen on Nutella or anything chocolate, but Hubby’s favourite , which everyone loves too, is Butterscotch. So we’d try that one first I reckon! Then any dessert that sounds amazing!!!

  133. Heather Reeves

    Heather, Gladstone QLD.

    First thing I would make will be my family’s favorite. French onion soup and sausage casserole, it’s always the dish that my girls always goes back for seconds, I never have leftovers ?

  134. Have been looking at all the sc recepies and would love to try the silverside one with ginger, bay leaves, onions and cloves. Have only ever done on stove top but you need to be at home for this, plus it makes a bit if a mess on the stove top, so would DEARLY love to win your competition. Many thanks for the opportunity.

  135. Courtney- Barossa Valley SA
    I would make pea n ham soup and use up last years Christmas ham bone, then apple fudge for dessert.

  136. My name is Bernice from Townsville North Queensland . I already have 3 slow cookers. But I would give this to my daughter as she just burnt her marinated wings in hers and we tried everything to get the stubborn stains off it, sadly nothing worked. Plus I would buy her Oven bags so she can use in her new SC. My granddaughter loves the Marinated Wings from the supermarket.

  137. Amanda Sharp NSW
    I would love to win this size slow cooker. My oldest 2 kids have just moved out of home, so it leaves me with myself, my husband and 1 of our children at home, so my big slow cooker is too big for us now. I still use it if everyone is home for tea, but need a smaller one for just the three of us. I don’t know which recipe I’d try first, there are so many great recipes in the Slow Cooker Central books, I’d probably work my way through them ?

  138. I would make my Salsa Chicken. I love Mexican food and this recipe is packed with flavor! I love to serve it over rice. So yummy!!

  139. Chenice – Kooweerup, Victoria .

    Stuck in isolation on this crappy day I would definatelly cook pumpkin soup or a homemade chunky beef pie ?

  140. Christy kooyman

    Soo many dishes to choose from that i would make first. Maybe a roast, simple yet fab for us.
    We love westinghouse in our kitchen, we have mostley westinghouse appliances. I have the 3 slow cooker but would love a single like this to add to our family of 5.

  141. I’m Lisa Cooper from NSW (rural)
    And Slow cooked lamb shanks would be the first meal to cook in this beauty. Fall off the bone meat ?
    Coming home from work to dinner cooked for you is like no other feeling ?

  142. Patsy McFarlane

    Oooh first recipe would be the butterscotch ss pudding. Yum! Oooh with cream and icecream.
    I’m in SA.

  143. I will cook beef American Smokey bbq style brisket to make beef brisket and coleslaw rolls. It’s a huge hit in this family and absolutely delicious.

  144. Clare Day – WA

    I would be making beef stew! Our current slow cooker hasn’t been performing properly and has been over cooking everything ?

  145. Tricia Patsalou

    Tricia Patsalou, Darwin NT
    I’d most likely cook the French cream chicken, it’s a regular here and gets demolished every time.
    This beautiful 3.5lt would get used so much, the chicken recipes I tend to prefer are the ones that need searing first.

  146. Nolene Norsworthy NSW

    I would cook out of one of the slow cooker central cook books as I love them and I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

  147. Julianna Wright

    Julianna Wright, Queensland
    Mmmmm. I think creamy garlic prawns would be in order for first use ?

  148. Susan Evans

    I would cook roast beef for the family, (when we’re allowed), because I can never get it as tender, cooking it in the oven.

  149. Halina Durski from Victoria

    Would be wonderful, to win something, and if lucky enough I would make Bailey’s Chocolate Fudge first. Just thinking about, is making me want some, right now.

  150. I would make pea and ham soup, we have a take a soup day to work one day a week to share and your need to take it in a slow cooker. I miss my ceramic bowl slow cooker.

  151. This slow cooker looks amazing . I would definitely be cooking some vegetable side dishes in this beauty – perhaps the whole cauliflower with Moroccan butter seasoning , or the Asian shredded veggies ? My SC is a big 6L , and is just too big for smaller recipes . I would like to be able to cook a whole dinner using two machines at once , without mucking about with my oven or microwave . Thanks Paulene , and good luck to everyone!! ??

    Kristen NSW 2229

  152. I would cook a pulled chicken! My friend doesn’t like Pork so when we have everyone over I have to borrow a smaller slow cooker so I can do a chicken for her.

  153. Being so cold the first thing I would make is a big batch of Lamb, barley and vegetable soup! Great for lunch or dinner! I’m located in Victoria!

  154. The slow cooker lasagna ? I can’t wait to try it. The posts on the slow cooker central website look amazing. I can just imagine the aromas in our home whilst it’s cooking. ?

  155. Sarah applebee

    From Tasmania. If I won I would make beef goulash in my new cooker for my little ones to enjoy as my slow cooker has died and I can’t afford a new one.

  156. This is the prefect size for hubby and myself . I’d make him his favourite curry ….. well there’s many favourites out there …. he’ll be in his element ?

  157. All McDonald. QLD
    I’d definitely cook shredded beef chili con carne for the best tacos & nachos ever!!

  158. Larainne Greco

    The first thing I would cook in this slow cooker would be lamb obsession because it’s just Devine!

  159. I would keep it simple to start with whilst still winning Mother of the Year points by making a self saucing chocolate pudding.

  160. Melissa shelley

    Mel Shelley from Queensland and we currently have an abundance of pumpkins growing in the garden so I think a hearty pumpkin soup would be a good first recipe to try :).

  161. Marg Marshall

    Definitely golden syrup dumplings! My crew love them but they spread out too much in my 6 litre. Thanks for the opportunity ❤️ and congratulations on all you do here!

  162. Well seeing as though my hubby is the cook in our household, I intend on learning to cook with a slow cooker so if I won I’d love to learn to cook roast pork, roast lamb, roast chicken, spaghetti bog, pumpkin scones, quiche, corned meat, potato bake – and more I’ve been slowly saving your receipes & have to find my 2 slow cooker cookbooks as I bought 2 of yours but Kmart didn’t have any other ones at that time as the other one’s had sold out. Maybe first I’ll try the spag bog oh my gosh this is making me so hungry. So yes I’d love to be able to help my husband out when he works so that he doesn’t have to do his shifts and then come home and cook dinner on those days he works. Plus I’d also like to learn to cook some doggy dishes in this slow cooker for our beautiful doggy babies which I also have been saving receipes from your facebook page that people have been putting up. Plus Dan loves curries so even though I’m not a curry person I’d love to surprise him with something like that. Can’t wait to get cooking (now I’ll have to eat something because I’ve made myself hungry talking about all those meals haha. Thanks so much for listening and doing this competition and sharing your knowledge with the world congrates gain on your latest book. What an achievement. Love & hugs always from our end to yours xoxo

  163. Derylie Wickens

    I’d cook my mother’s favourite chocolate self saucing pudding. It would be great to have dessert in one slow cooker and the main meal in my other.self

  164. The first thing I would cook if I won this Super dooper prize is Butterscotch Dumplings.. We LOOOOOVE dumplings in this house ?

  165. The first thing I would cook if I won this Super dooper prize is Butterscotch Dumplings..We LOOOOOVE dumplings in this house ??

  166. Amanda – Bellbird Park
    If I was lucky enough to win this baby cooker I would firstly cook in it a side dish to go with a main that would be cooking in my other slow cooker. So I’m thinking potato bake because it has to be the best comfort food!

  167. Patsy McFarlane

    I’m renowned for my brownies so I’d love to try a slow cooker version. Love the thought I could pop them on and not have to stand over them and watch by the minute… could slow cooker brownies give me more time to prep the toppings … ?

  168. The Lamb Obsession recipe looks Devine. I’ve been wanting a slow cooker just to try this mouth watering dish. As it’s being drawn on my birthday I feel I’m in with a chance. Thank you

  169. Leah Milliner from Queensland and I would cook Lasagna!! Always been my favourite food and the slow cooker recipe is perfection!

  170. Ellen Challinger

    Ellen Challinger, SouthAustralia
    Would love to win this beautiful easy to use slow cooker.
    Lamb Obsession is what I would christen in it first!
    Thanks and good luck everyone!

  171. Petrina Kirmond

    This would be amazing. Im thinking with the cooler weather coming a nice stew would be delish!
    Our slow cooker was killed by our removalists 🙁

  172. Ashley Pratt- NSW
    The first thing I would cook is a good old spaghetti Bolognese. My 13 month old daughter has been unwell and she loves pasta so what better way to cheer her up ❤️

  173. First thing I will cook in it is chicken stroganoff. Lovely on cold winter evenings, and the perfect comfort food.

  174. Melissa Broomfield QLD
    My first meal would be pumpkin soup togo with this cool weather. Live the brand.

  175. I would make my slow cooked Lasagna.
    With my home-made meat and chesse sauces.
    Love Lasagna in the slow-cooker.

  176. Chicken carbonara just cooked on stove as my old kmart SC is to big for the 2 of us and not regulate heat very well , would love a small one . in our 70 s need any thing that is easy Sue nsw mid north coast

  177. Michelle Stokes

    Michelle, Queensland

    Woud be estatic to win. I would love to cook butter chicken as everyone in our house loves it.

  178. Samantha browning

    Samantha Browning

    I would make my vegetable ratatouille in this one and that way I could have my main meal in a larger one.

  179. Jennifer Wilson

    OMG I just saw the Nutella dumplings and Nanna’s Apple Cake recipes on Slow Cooker Central. They would be DEVINE to try in the 3.5L Black Westinghouse. My current slow cooker is way to big to cook those recipes.
    Jennifer Wilson, NSW.

  180. Kelleigh Hall – Brisbane QLD
    First meal would be curried sausages yum ?
    Now I’m hungry for curried sausages

  181. Fay Howard
    Brisbane, Qld 4115

    I think I would like to try a nice Chicken or beef satay in this cute little cooker

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