Supercharged Satay Chicken

Hands down my favourite recipe from book 5 – I even cooked this one live on the Today Show ?

Submitted by Paulene Christie

Supercharged Satay Chicken

Hands down my favourite recipe from book 5 – I even cooked this one live on the Today Show ?
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Serving: 4
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours 30 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 50 minutes
Servings 5


  • 1.25kg chicken thigh fillets, sliced into strips
  • 1 medium brown onion, diced
  • 1 heaped tsp minced garlic
  • 1 x 270g can full fat coconut cream
  • 1 cup crunchy peanut butter
  • 2 tsp cornflour
  • 1 small red chilli deseeded and fine diced
  • 80ml kecap manis (sweet soy sauce)
  • 2 tsp soy sauce
  • 1Tbsp brown sugar
  • 1tsp fish sauce


  • Add chicken, onion and garlic to a searing slow cooker (or fry pan) and sear/seal for 5-10mins. No need to brown chicken, just seal it and soften onion.
  • Combine all other listed ingredients in a jug and mix with a stick mixer or blender to thoroughly combine peanut butter through the coconut milk mix.
  • Pour over chicken and onion and garlic and turn back to slow cooking setting. (If used fry pan move to slow cooker now)
  • Cook on low with tea towel trick in place for 2.5hrs
  • Serve on brown rice


  • This produces a lovely thick strong satay sauce. You can reduce the peanut butter to ½ cup if you don’t like a strong peanut taste but we loved it exactly as it was in our family.
  • You can also swap crunchy peanut butter for smooth if you prefer and add 1/3 crushed peanuts before serving if you rather.
  • The 1 small chilli (without seeds) wasn’t spicy and our 5yr old happily ate this with no concerns

196 thoughts on “Supercharged Satay Chicken”

  1. Absolutely delicious. My family of four loved it and there was enough left over for my lunch the next day. I used smooth peanut butter and added crushed peanuts as per the recipe suggestion. I will definitely be making this one again.

  2. This one is amazing! I followed the recipe exact. It is so delicious and no heat even with a large chilli. The whole family raved. It is rich but with fluffy rice and lots of steamed veg on the side I can tell this will be on regular rotation

  3. This was amazing! So delicious and the whole family loved it. Ithe leftovers were even better the next day. Will definately be a family favourite.

  4. My husband and I really like this recipe. It is very rich so I make it with coconut milk instead of the cream which makes it a little less rich and always add vegetables.

  5. Loved it. Devoured in one sitting at my house. Even my fussy 11yr old ate it. Will definitely go on the “make again” list

  6. Love this recipe. Will become part of our rotation. I live it as my daughters do lots of activities and this seems to keep them full

  7. I made this kast night and it was delicious. The only thing was that it was very oily. Did I do something wrong ?

  8. Jennifer Edwards

    I loved this recipe…will do it regularly…I just cut the peanut butter down a bit. I also didn’t bother too much about chicken”strips” ..I used chicken thighs and cut them up.

  9. Made this dish tonight, delicious! Added 2 teaspoons of curry powder. Served with the Slowcooker fried rice from this site which was also delicious. Will definitely be making theses dishes again

  10. Absolute hit! I couldn’t get the kecap manis and substituted with oyster sauce, was still gorgeous, could have been hotter in my option but that’s just my taste. My husband wouldn’t have changed a thing.

  11. My whole family loved this Paulene-thank you.
    My alterations were
    I had a cheap log of scotch fillet beef that I diced up and did not brown first.
    I used Salam ombeck (crushed chillies in a jar) instead of fresh chilli. I cooked for the same cooking time as directed. I made 1.5 times the sauce as I was lazy and wanted to use the whole 440gram can of coconut cream and whole 375gram container of peanut butter.
    I did seperately fry the onion and garlic and added them at the end but that’s only because my daughter has IBS and can’t eat them..
    I added green beans and carrots at the 2 hour mark then snow peas and red capsicim on top as i served into bowls on top of rice which we microwaved the next night. The satay sauce was thick and tasty , meat was tender and veges perfect.
    There is no need to change paulenes revipe at all as it is perfect.
    I’ve just mentioned my changes in case anyone wanted to use beef instead.
    My favourite!

  12. My husband and I recently made this! Used a whole tub of smooth peanut butter 375g and 400ml coconut cream, last 20 minutes added 1/2 cup peanuts. This has been the nicest meal we’ve ever made in a slow cooker, has been added to our favourite list, would highly recommend this meal

  13. Totally loved this recipe. So easy to to prepare. Took my slow cooker to the beach and made a double batch for 10 people. Had no complaints at all. For myself when I make it again I will be adding a little extra chili for a bit of a bite.

  14. Absolutely beautiful!!! So easy and convenient – Fed the hordes. I made double the recipe and it tasted divine. Looked just like the piccie! This ones going on the favourites list!!!

  15. i liked it even better the next night
    i didnt measure as i was going on night shift but turned out great
    threw some capsicum and cauilflour in as well to
    bulk it out
    we dont eat much
    rice in this house
    even my
    housemate didnt complain about eating it two days running

  16. Made this tonight. Lovely. Made some changes though.
    1. Didn’t dice onion but rather cut into 8ths.
    2. Sliced up a large red capsicum into 1cm x 2cm pieces and seared it up with the onion and chicken
    3. Added 1 heaped tsp of grated ginger to the sauce
    4. Doubled the fish sauce (we like it)
    5. Reduced the amount of brown sugar down to 3/4 tbs
    6. I used Bega Simply Nuts crunchy peanut butter. 100% nuts so no added vegetable oil . Does have salt added though
    6. Served with chopped coriander.
    7. When making again (and I will) I will double up on the chilli – we felt that was the only thing lacking.

    BTW the 2.5 hour cooking time was perfect. Chicken was so tender.

  17. Made this this week. Really delicious! Didn‘t have fish sauce, so I didn‘t use it. And only had 800 g chicken breast. The smell… hmmmmm… not the mention the taste! It‘s a keeper for sure!

  18. We absolutely loved this, best satay chicken I’ve made. I didn’t have a chilli so I used a tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce. It’ll be a regular in our house.

  19. Delicious, new family favourite.
    I use a 400ml can of coconut cream and I think it doesn’t need thickening with cornflour at all. 🙂

  20. I made this the other day. Incredible! I didn’t add cornflour, chili or sugar and used smooth (have a 7 month old). I added 1tbsp lemongrass, and a tsp each of ground coriander and tumeric. Incredible everyone! It was super sweet from the kecap and coconut cream so for our tastes I didn’t need to add extra sugar. I added extra fish sauce to my individual plate and served with hot Jasmine rice, steamed vegetables and Asian greens. Will be making this again! Thanks for the share ?.

  21. Shannon Anderson

    10/10 my family love this. Most satay recipes we find a bit bland but this one is awesome. I add an extra heaped spoonful of peanut butter, an extra chilli ? and double the Kecap manis ( did this by accident the first time but loved it so continue to do it)

  22. I cooked this up with the thighs still whole and it tasted delisious. I used a 400ml can of coconut cream,added a few carrots with 30 min left, but did find it looked a bit oily at the end product.
    My slow cooker didn’t allow me to put it on for 2.5 hrs on low so I manually turned it off at the given time. If I was to double the recipe I would then cook it for 3-4hrs..
    Family enjoyed the flavour and like that it is quick and easy. Thanks ??

  23. Love this recipe thank you! I use it on full chicken breasts, then fork shred them when cooked and stir in frozen stirfry veg and hoikkien noodles. Easiest dinner ever!

  24. We love the satay recipe, it’s my go to for satay . Never buy the jar stuff again … love it. Think it might be on menu again very soon

  25. This was lovely. We did vary it with normal normal thickened cream as we didn’t have coconut on hand, with some cornflour to thicken and avoid splitting it was quite rich so would try withcocnut cream next but family with 6 kids did enjoy. Thanks again for awesome recipes at this time.

  26. This was amazing. Absolutely loved it. I only used 3/4 cup crunchy peanut butter and this was enough for my liking. Will definitely make this one again.

  27. This was really yum. My son said, “This chicken is really good!” I used 1kg of chicken thigh fillets, but next time I will use 500g and add some more vegetables to the satay. I was feeding four, 2 adults and 2 teenagers, and my kids ate it all but not hubby and me. It tasted fantastic, but was too much as a serve even with 1kg of chicken thighs. I also didn’t have kecap manis, so I added 2 Tblspns of curry powder and 1tsp of paprika as a substitute. Just to give it a kick of flavour and colour. I added 1/2 tsp of chilli powder instead of a whole chilli as that’s all I had. I also used a whole can of coconut milk 400 ml, but I added water twice as the mix thickened up considerably.

  28. First time making this WOW! I loved it. I keep going past the fridge and snacking on the leftovers. I’ll be making this again for sure.
    I used a whole jar of crunchy peanut butter with a full can of coconut cream. So saucy.

  29. We love this recipe, it’s a regular in our house. I use crunchy peanut butter and probably a bit extra than the recipe asks for. My husband loves it and has had many work colleagues jealous when he takes leftovers to work!

  30. After all the amazing reviews, I decided to try it. WOW. So easy to cook. My brother loved it and said add this to the meal planner list.
    I used smooth peanut butter as that’s what I had and didn’t use fish sauce or chilli as didn’t have any.
    Can’t wait to make it again!!

  31. Amazing! Accidentally added a whole 400ml can of coconut cream and found that this made for a perfect satay for my family. Thanks for a great recipe!

  32. Charlotte Kenna

    Absolutely love this recipe. It’s a weekly favourite in our house.
    I usually do it with a pork fillet and the shred it at the end.
    So it makes pulled pork satay instead but I still love it with chicken as well.

  33. Yum! By far, my favourite dish yet! I kept the thighs whole, and cooked for 5hrs as my SL does not get as hot as some and it came out falling apart. So good!

  34. The taste is amazing!

    In future I’ll cut my thigh meat smaller just for personal preference. I needed longer than 2.5 hours but feel 2.5 hours will be adequate with smaller cuts.

    I used 375g of peanut butter and 400g coconut cream as I’d read on other reviews that it made extra sauce. I’m so pleased I made extra sauce. Today’s lunch is rice, veggies and loads of satay sauce. YUMMMM.

    Served it with basmatti rice, steamed green beans, steamed sweet potato and pataks pappadums!!!

    The entire family loved this one!!!

  35. We absolutely love this recipe!!!
    Both of my young children love it! And my partner keeps asking me to make it.
    We dont use chilli but instead use sweet chilli sauce it is perfect to cut through the peanut butter!
    We’ve also put our left overs into pies which are amazing!!

  36. This is a go-to recipe. Our family love it and it is so easy to make. I used a can of lite Carnation Milk with some coconut oil instead of coconut cream as we didn’t have any the last time – this worked a treat and provided some extra yummy sauce.

  37. Absolutely a big yes. Thanks Paulene for another delicious recipe. I did 1 and a half times all ingredients apart from the chicken. I also used chilli oil instead of fresh chilli as I didn’t have any. 10 out of 10.

  38. This is delicious. Used chicken breast & shredded it at the end! Absolutely scrummy. Will defo be making this again & again!

  39. Just….WOW! Loved it, added steamed green beans, carrots and parsley at the last minute and served on jasmine rice…….

  40. Had a crack at this, very easy to prepare, followed all the instructions. I tasted the sauce before I put it in the sc, thought it tasted to much like coconut cream… added another tsp of soy.
    Was worried about the peanut flavour due to whinging family members, but they liked it and even commented it wasn’t too peanuty (if that’s even a word)
    Very filling and certainly will be doing again.

  41. Very filling!
    Served with jasmine rice instead of brown rice. Added 3 small carrots thinly sliced, 1 red capsicum and spinach. Added a splash more of soy.

  42. Absolutely delicious! Way better than bottle stuff… I made skewers as my kids only like satay with sticks…. lots of sauce, not too much spice either… saved some left over sauce to dip prawn crackers in for a arvo iso homeschool snack too …..

  43. This recipe is super easy and taste better than any bought Satay, ?? Husband had seconds and left enough for his lunch the next day!, So would say was an instant fav in our house ?

  44. Cooked this evening, was delicious. Hubby would like it again ???? Little more spice for me would be great. Will add more next time. Generous portion sizes, plenty of leftovers ??

  45. Really great quick easy recipe!
    I halved the chilli as I have bad pregnancy heart burn, dinner still had a nice little kick. I served with coconut rice & broccoli, YUM!

  46. Margaret Anne Goodger

    This is probably the most complicated recipe I have made in the slow cooker. A: Paulene. You prep twice as fast as me. I will say I am not a great chef. Venturing out in slow cooker recipes is an adventure. B: I have never diced a fresh chilli before. I have cheated and bought chilli in a tube. C: One cup of peanut paste is a lot when you put it in the jug. D: When you use a stick mixer hold onto the bowl. Some sauce ended up on the floor. Eventually I made this to your recipe,. It was superb. Absolutely delicious. This recipe stays in my special folder for sure.

  47. Absolutely delicious and so easy to make. My 13 yr old ADHD/ODD grandson made this for tea Monday night. I cut up onions, chicken, onions and garlic. (because I can do it quicker and the onions finer. ) He did the rest. So easy and a wonderful tasting recipe. He put a pinch of chilli flakes in as I didn’t have fresh chilli. He loves to cook, so we involve him wherever possible.

  48. stephanie pollock

    Tried with thigh and breast and definitely prefer breast as I don’t like thigh much.
    Also tried without the tea towel trick and that works fine too.

  49. I don’t normally leave reviews but this recipe warranted a review for sure . I have eaten satay in 4 different countries to trial all the different versions. As a personal favourite , Indonesia (Bali specifically ) is a winner due to the awesome peanut flavour in my own opinion. This recipe is as close, if not better, than their version. I have also attempted to make my own satay sauce on more occasions than I care to count and cannot EVER make it good enough. If you love satay – this recipe is for you. I made a couple of small changes – I warmed all the sauce ingredients in a small saucepan instead of whisking with a stick blender . Please do this if you are just after a gorgeous satay sauce to dunk stuff in. I also added chunky chopped red onion, red capsicum, a couple of carrots and some fresh beans to the slow cooker for a fuller dinner. That’s it – the recipe is perfect as it is and my oh my the house smells amazing! Do yourselves a favour and make this recipe. The taste is out of the world YUMMY! Only wish I could leave more stars

  50. Wow I have been wanting to try this recipe for ages finally made this yesterday, Omg this dish was absolutely delicious and sooo yummy, will become a regular meals for us, this will go to one of my favorites, also served with coconut rice, if you have been thinking about trying this do it you wont regret it 🙂

  51. Love love love this one. by far my fav satay chicken. Used Bega peanut crunchy peanut butter and lite coconut cream. Served with micro Uncle Bens fried rice. Just need to add some greens on the side next time. defs a keeper

  52. I so want to try this after reading the reviews. Do you think i could leave out the fish sauce ? I’m allergic to fish (but fine with peanuts go figure). Or is there a substitute for the fish sauce?

  53. Paulene this recipe is delicious. We felt like we were in Malaya again. Thankyou for your generosity in sharing your recipes.

  54. Louise Devlin UK

    100% the best slow cooker meal I have made (the family agreed too). Zero leftovers for the freezer. The only “tweeks” I made – I only had a 170g tin of coconut cream – so I made a 2/3rds recipe. I added a wee bit of lemon grass & only 1 splash of fish sauce (the husband isn’t a fan). I only had smooth peanut butter, so added a handful of peanuts (washed off salt) to the hand blender.
    Does this freeze well? I’d like to batch & freeze.

  55. Excellent recipe. Great flavours. I like to amp it up doing a tablespoon each of minced garlic and ginger, upping the soy and fish sauce to a tablespoon each. Also adding a teaspoon of ground cumin. Used a tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce instead of fresh chilli. Have used chicken breast and it does not dry out. Love how thick and lush the sauce turns out.

  56. Literally THE BEST satay I’ve EVER tasted

    Easy to make and outstanding flavours

    Served with Jasmine rice and naan bread

  57. This recipe was easy and delicious!! I made way too much sauce for the chicken that I had for dinner. So the next day I used the sauce with the beef that I had – did the same thing and sealed the beef and onion in a pan before transferring it to the Slow Cooker. Amazing flavour!!!

  58. Second time I have made think I will add some ginger and garlic, maybe red capsicum as others have done and carrot n beans to up the vegetables

  59. I made this last night, the chicken was lovely and tender and the sauce was super thick. We like a bit more kick to our satay so I would probably add some more chilli next time.

  60. Carolin Giles

    Absolutely love this dish…Family always requesting it, just has so much flavour…A regular in our place

  61. Made this with “wow butter” as my son is allergic to peanuts, it was really good, I think next time I will add some more soy, garlic and chilli as the “peanut butter” over powered all the other flavours. There wasn’t much left after we all went back for seconds. My son absolutely loved it!

  62. AWESOME!!!!

    We used half a cup of peanut butter but could easily use the full cup and still be fantastic!
    Will male again!

  63. Really good! Sauce is really thick! One thing though I think it must really depend on the brand of peanut butter you use. I added a large red chilli and still didn’t have any heat. Also mine needed more ‘saltiness’ so I added more kecap manis and soy sauce. Next time maybe I’ll try only 1/2 cup peanut butter. Either way it is delicious! Served with basmati rice (all I had) and I added some green beans 30 mins before being ready just to add some vegetables.

  64. I don’t have any coconut cream but after reading all these amazing reviews, I must have this tonight. Is there any substitute? Or should I wake a sleeping baby to go to the shops.. lol

  65. We are a house of satay lovers…..and this is one saucy satay. You have to get this in to you, hands down our favourite and is now one of our regular menu items for the week, month and year. Make it one of yours too, if you love satay, you won’t be disappointed .

  66. Absolutely delicious!! First time made, and it was a massive hit with the family. I used crunchy peanut butter and it was a really nutty flavour. The best Satay I have ever made!!

    1. This recipe only needs 2.5hrs as it’s not a lot of chicken, it fillet strips and seared first 🙂

      Also 6-8hr is far too long for many chicken recipes. As a general guide fillets need around 3hrs, wings around 4hrs, larger bone in pieces around 4-5hrs and whole chickens 6hrs (all low)

  67. Oh my gosh! This is so good! I made exactly to the recipe but I estimated the coconut cream. Next time I will add a bit more chilli as it wasn’t quite hot enough for us.

  68. First go at making this but had to substitute a few things as I didn’t have all the ingredients eg sweet chilli sauce instead of chilli, reduced cream instead of coconut cream, caster sugar, garlic powder, added mushrooms as we had some to use, and I diced the chicken instead – but it was still delicious! Served with white rice and cucumber slices. If you dice the chicken, it was done in just over 2 hrs in a 5.7 ltr SC. Hubby went back for seconds ??

  69. Yum yum! Had this tonight and both my boys cleaned their bowls (my youngest can be a bit fussy). so easy and delicious. My 2 goals with a SC meal. Will definitely be making again

  70. Made this tonight. I loved it. Kids enjoyed it. But it was a bit rich for hubby. I used breast because thats all I buy. It was still nice and tender. This creates a lot of sauce so could probably use more meat aswell.

  71. All I can say is I am addicted to this, so delicious and freezes well . Definitely on my favourites list.

    I used 4 average size chicken breast slices and didn’t add chilli as husband can’t eat it.

  72. This was perfection on a plate! The entire family loved it and licked their plates clean. I would love to try it with a more chilli heavy kick too, but it was yummy as is! So easy to throw together with minimal effort or stress. Winner Winner!

  73. I have been debating whether to try this for a while but I am not really that fussed on Satay . I had 2/3 of a jar of peanut butter left and thought why not. OMG!! The reason I didn’t really like Satay is because I had not tried this one. We absolutely loved it. I used chicken breasts and didn’t use chilli or fish sauce as I didn’t have them on hand. This has now gone on to our monthly menu.

  74. I make this on a fortnightly basis and freeze. I don’t add onion and I double the chili. A hit with the hubby, who loves taking this to work.

  75. Made this for the first time and we loved it. Tasted yummo.. I only had coconut milk so used it and worked out fine. I also used chicken breasts. Did not add chilli ( I forgot) Also added onion powder instead of onion as my kids will not eat it if they see onion in it. I served mine with thin egg noodles and Hubby had his with Mash and greens. Will be making this again. Oh I didn’t use tea towel trick as I have a multi cooker and lid locks shut and it was fine as chicken breasts soak up the liquid so was fine.

  76. Liane Lindroos

    Outstandingly delicious. Best thing I’ve ever cooked. I’ll be making it again this weekend.

  77. This is my absolute favourite, love it (I’m not a good cook so if I can make this, any one could) enjoy, ???

  78. This dish is definitely the best satay chicken ever!! It’s my family’s favourite meal now. Highly recommend.

  79. And it’s supercharged satay chicken for the win tonight. So delicious and easy as. I didn’t have fish sauce so I just skipped that and instead of chillies I used a medium chilli sauce. Definitely will be a regular feature of our meals.

  80. My family loves this recipe and it’s so easy to make!!! We skip the chilli and add cut up carrots, beans and capsicum .

  81. Found this recipe in the slow cooker book. So tasty even my fussy 3 year old ate it and has requested it all the time. I actually cooked this in a pan as it was too late for the slow cooker and halved the sauce as I only had a small amount of chicken still perfect tho. Next time will be more organised and make sure to pop it in the slow cooker.

  82. My husband and I loved this the first time we made it, and I’m now looking to make it for guests. If I double the ingredients, would I need to increase the cooking time? Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

  83. So delicious and full of flavour! Didn’t add the chilli because of my little ones taste preferences. Never using premade Satay sauce again!

  84. Made this today and it was so yummy. Had enough for five more meals as it’s just me, had to make my own sweet soy sauce as I didn’t have any. Will be adding this to my list of meals to make.

  85. This one is delicious. I added the cup of crunchy peanut butter and the corn flour. Towards the end of the cooking time I found the satay to be very thick, so as Paulene suggested I added cooking cream about 150-200ml. Which gave it a creamy finish and hubby loved it.
    Now I have leftovers for another night of satay chicken with rice and more for some satay ?

  86. 5 stars
    I made this tonight ???? put it in wraps with lettuce onion, tomato and cheese
    Made it in to a parcel and put it in the sandwich press

  87. 5 stars
    Absolutely love this recipe! So easy and delicious- definitely a family favourite. We all love peanut butter and there’s no such thing as too much? plate- licking-worthy.
    Thanks for a great recipe Paulene.

  88. 5 stars
    Satay H E A V E N ! Made this one as per the recipe using crunchy PB. Served with steamed rice & leftovers for work lunches Loved every bite!!

  89. 4 stars
    Love this recipe
    But due to fish/seafood and corn allergies. I had to change a few things. I leave out the fish sauce and replace the cornflour with arrowroot flour.
    It taste great and everyone’s happy.

  90. 5 stars
    I have made this many times, and it is always amazing. The only change I make is I use a large tin of coconut milk and towards the end I add red capsicum and zucchini or broccoli.

  91. Have made this recipe a few times now, wouldn’t make it any other way or change anything. Hubby has asked a few times for that yummy satay chicken.

  92. 5 stars
    Make this all the time. Make it with beef instead of chicken sometimes. Have never bothered with the tea towel as I fit it’s thick enough for us.

  93. 5 stars
    This was really yummy. I added a bit of lemon juice and a small amount of water as I didn’t want it too thick. It was delicious, we all enjoyed it.

  94. 5 stars
    Yum yum yum! I love how simple this recipe is, I absolutely love it! My husband is not a fan of chicken so I will make it again but with beef and more chilli next time. As for me – I’m sorted for work lunches this week!

  95. Made it for the first time today! We all liked it! I think it needs some veggies to go with that rich sauce so next time I’ll serve with a big pile of green veggies on the side. Thanks!

  96. This is the absolute best!! I made a “quick” version of satay chicken with a bottle of pre-made sauce that I’d used many times before and my son was like “that one wasn’t as nice as the last one can you do the other again”.

  97. I’ve made the supercharged satay chicken quite a few times but I made it again tonight and changed it up a bit. I have to say that tonight’s was the best batch I’ve ever made. I bought a 400ml can of coconut cream so instead of weighing it I just added the whole can as well as a tablespoon of curry powder. I never add the fish sauce because I just don’t like it. It was soooo good. Served with white rice.

  98. Tried this today for the first time. It is a “straight to the pool room” recipe. Absolutely delicious and will be going onto my recipe book as soon as I finish this review. The sauce is amazing and was lucky to even make it into the slow cooker. Waiting for it to cook was the hardest bit. I will be making this again. Thanks Pauline!

  99. 5 stars
    Make this at least once a week. Super simple and so yum. I do add a tad more chilli sometimes though and usually use the bigger can of coconut cream. Even if I have less chicken I make the same amount of sauce and it’s perfect. Absolute fave

  100. Michelle Pollard

    5 stars
    Absolutely loved it. Family said peanut flavour was a bit strong so will try it next time with less peanut butter. I used only a small sprinkle of chilli flakes as we’re not chilli eaters. Definitely recommend and will be a regular in our house.

  101. 5 stars
    Forgot to take a pic last night but wish I’d made a double batch!
    So delicious!
    Thanks for the recipe!

  102. 5 stars
    This is a great recipe. So easy to throw on while I’m working from home as long as I’ve chopped up the chicken the night before. We use about 2/3 of the peanut butter because we like to taste a bit more of the other flavours in the sauce. Previously we’ve served it with fresh green beans, but yesterday I just got a bag of frozen green beans, let them defrost on the bench for the day, and mixed them in for the last half hour. So easy. Fresh does taste better but this was a great quick way to get some greens in. No chopping, just open the bag and stir them in.

  103. 5 stars
    Third time I have made this and been a success every time. I’m no cook so this is a good thing. Daughter and partner went back for seconds. I served it on special fried rice. Didn’t use the tea towel as I wanted extra sauce for the rice. And it didn’t water it down in any way 10/10 ?

  104. Our favourite meal. The sauce is totally the best. It will work with any meat at all. Even just to pour over noodles with some veg is delicious ?

  105. 5 stars
    Love this recipe!
    I swap out the chilli and brown sugar for sweet chilli sauce and it works a treat.
    I often also chuck the leftovers into a stir fry! So good

  106. 5 stars
    We never have kecap manis or brown sugar in the house so to increase the sweetness and that rich flavour, I add sugar free maple syrup and about half a cup of pepsi max ?

  107. Marilyn Macdonald

    5 stars
    I have made this a few times. Its so tasty. Easy to make. Thank you Paulene for such a wonderful recipe . My hubby just loves it saying it’s so yummy more than once. ?

  108. Fantastic with beef substituted for chicken- miss 6 – granddaughter – helped with the prep and loved it too- thanks for easy , tasty , slow cooked goodness!

  109. 5 stars
    This is incredible absolutely delicious!! My ASD son who struggles with chewing meat and well trying new things loved this! He actually ate 2 bowls full- this is unheard of for him! So thank you for this amazing recipe!! I made it exactly as stated except I used beef chuck roast cut into 2-3cm pieces and cooked on low for 7 hours. Used the tea towel trick as I had no cornflour. Thank you again this will be a regular in my household- just delicious!!

  110. 5 stars
    I followed this recipe apart from
    # I used 1.2kl Bolar blade roast
    # I didn’t add cornflour or sugar
    # I added the coconut milk after 8 hrs on slow.
    Then I shredded the beef whilst in the sc , (it just fell apart) into the coconut milk.
    Was amazing. WOW!!

  111. 5 stars
    This is a favourite in our house. My 16 year old daughter declared that it’s her favourite slow cooker recipe. I changed it up a bit:
    * Added around 400 g peanut butter (love the extra peanut taste)
    * Added 3 teaspoons of diced chilli from the jar – added a bit of zing but not blow your head off.
    * Added frozen veges 45 minutes before the end to bulk it out and make it a bit more healthy.
    * Didn’t use the tea towel method (because I forgot!) but I don’t think it actually didn’t affect it at all. We like our dish saucy for the rice.
    * Served it with boiled rice

  112. I made this last night and it is absolutely fabulous. I tweaked the recipe a little (I didn’t sear anything beforehand but basically followed the recipe fully. I didn’t have coconut cream so used light coconut milk.
    I also didn’t have the thigh fillets. We had a very large pack of chicken pieces in the freezer purchased for the bargain price of $4 so I used that.
    The sauce is thick, dark and delicious. I generally avoid sauces in jars because some are often next to tasteless. This made/concocted sauce is amazing and definitely does not fall into the category of tasteless.
    I can’t wait to serve it up. Some with rice and some with coconut Dahl (from a packet).
    A fabulous recipe.

  113. 5 stars
    Cooked this tonight and hubby was so pleased and as the cook, I am delighted that he enjoyed it. Taste was great. I used smooth peanut butter as it’s what available. I also put 400ml coconut cream and didn’t thicken it as we love the sauce. As we are finishing dinner, hubby asked me why I never cooked it before. Definitely be in my list. Thank you Ms. Pauline for this beautiful recipe.

  114. 5 stars
    So delicious and easy to make. I added some veg (sliced carrot, celery, bok choy about 15 minutes before serving so they still had some crunch. Will definitely make it again.

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